Littlewood v1.026 (upd.04.09.2020)

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Littlewood is a cool game, atmospheric pixel role-playing sandbox in which you can build the village of your dreams, put together different characters, create a society and just live the life of an ordinary hero. And the first thing you should do is to say that in this game you will get such freedom that no sandbox has offered before. Here you can build houses, engage in various agricultural activities, communicate with various characters, make objects, trade, and do many, many other things. Moreover, there are no useless cases — your every action will definitely benefit. Explore a vast world called «Celebration» and travel around the outskirts of your village.

This game has been updated 4-09-2020, 10:21 to the latest version v1.026 (upd.04.09.2020).

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Cat Quest 2 v1.5.40.2 (upd.04.09.2020)

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In some cases, even the most ardent enemies are able to humble their ambitions in order to jointly try to achieve a common goal. However, this does not apply to eternal enemies who are unable to bear even the spirit of each other — cats and dogs. The game Cat Quest 2 will send you to a fairy kingdom, divided in two between the two most irreconcilable rivals. Representatives of the cat family own one part of the kingdom, and dogs exclusively live on the other half. The animals agreed in no case to cross the borders of their territories, but an unexpected danger came to these lands. Now the rulers of the kingdoms faced a difficult choice: to try to combine the efforts of cats and dogs against a common enemy or to be destroyed.

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DEEMO Reborn Build 5481261 (Complete Edition)

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DEEMO Reborn — is a music game reminiscent of the once famous Guitar Hero and Rock Band series. In the original version of Deemo, the game is based on tapping the screen with our fingers at the right moments so that we can play the selected song. At the top of the screen are notes that can be found when they reach the bottom line. Of course, in the case of these products, we do not touch the tablet or phone, because we are completely immersed in the virtual world. However, the general assumptions are similar playing requires a sense of rhythm.

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NBA 2K21

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NBA 2K21 — sport also does not stand still and annually pleases fans with new releases. Therefore, we are very pleased to follow this direction and immediately offer you new and interesting games. Today we decided to introduce the field of basketball, which has proven to be extremely popular among players. As you may have noticed in the name, this time everything will be updated, from the competition system to the graphics. A new stage in the development of this series will definitely allow you to experience all the splendor of technology and will give you the opportunity to enjoy every moment of the game.

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Neither Day nor Nigh v1.1.1 (upd.04.09.2020)

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Neither Day nor Night — is a dynamic mixture of a number of popular genres where you will plunge into the atmosphere of adventure, a confusing quest, a dynamic action and an unpredictable platform game. The world has prepared quite a few puzzles, puzzles, and it won’t leave you without bloody battles with dangerous opponents. The storyline tells you about the existence of a certain girl who faced horrific life circumstances. Life went on as usual and nothing seemed to portend trouble when one of the usual nights you discover the loss of a younger sister. Where did she go and who is behind all this. You have yet to give answers to these and many other questions, but it will be very difficult to find the loss. Having gathered your thoughts and strengths, you go on a long journey, where a mysterious sphere that has arisen from nowhere leads you.

This game has been updated 4-09-2020, 08:09 to the latest version v1.1.1 (upd.04.09.2020).

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Wounded v2.0 (upd.04.09.2020) The Beginning

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Wounded — a game project, which was presented in the horror genre, and is ready to plunge into you in a cruel, creepy, insane world. Here you are in a death trap. The game includes a dynamic gaming environment, as well as well-executed graphics. Moreover, there is a tangled story, and it may seem at first glance. You are waiting for frightening events, trials and unpredictability. The main task: to find a way out of this unfortunate place before. The storyline, when after a family dinner, decided to spend the night in one of the roadside hotels. Understand that we are in the real trap. Our hero dreams to behave badly. Lies in response.​

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The Colonists v1.5.3

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The Colonists is an adventure dynamic game that was developed based on the popular board game. Here you have to take on the role of a professional colonizer, who in the future will create a multifunctional empire from scratch. You will face a number of problems, challenges and difficult tasks, the correct solution of which will lead you to success. You will become part of an incredible urban planning adventure, where you need to take control of a group of robots. It is your charges that will help you recreate your plans many times faster.

This game has been updated 4-09-2020, 08:56 to the latest version v1.5.3.

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Hotshot Racing Build 5412478 (upd.04.09.2020) - Goldberg

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This gaming adventure Hotshot Racing — is a prime example of the fact that a share of nostalgia and old school can still bring a whole charge of emotions. The fact is that this game has the most simple design, offers sophisticated controls and simple conditions for victory. It does not require a lot of skills, it is enough to be attentive and smoothly enter the turns. Yes, we haven’t seen such a simple gameplay for a long time. Either way, you will have the opportunity to showcase your skills and be successful, so you can sit back and enjoy the adventure available. By the way, the game has a large selection of cars with a unique look and graphic elements of graffiti.

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Good Company v0.7.7 (upd.04.09.2020)

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Good Company — probably each of you wants to create your own business, but not everyone has the opportunity to do so. Therefore, we want to introduce you to the Good Company game in the genre of business simulation, where gamers need to manage a personal company, starting from the first steps and a startup, and ending with large corporations and a world-class monopoly. In a game project, you need to take on the role of an ordinary manager and promote robotic products around the world in order not only to make a profit and develop.

This game has been updated 4-09-2020, 09:01 to the latest version v0.7.7 (upd.04.09.2020).

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