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Barn Finders — look for valuables hidden in abandoned sheds, ranging from old watches, musical instruments, antiques, gold, weapons to vintage cars and motorbikes, and sell them for a profit. Manage your family business. Look for valuables and sell them at your pawnshop. Each item has its own value, so collect everything and search everywhere. Place bids at auctions and sales to gain access to closed properties. Who knows what dusty treasures there can be found. Visit 12 original locations and unearth their secrets in the land of Ammerica, much like real America, but not quite. Barns are just the beginning. How about visiting the old military base or the moon.

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The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante upd.14.09.2020 (demo)

The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante Game Free Download Torrent
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The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante — is a dark action RPG set in an alternate medieval age. Playing as an ordinary commoner, you will face oppression from the rich and noble people. In a world where status and well-being is determined by the importance of your family, commoners are doomed to suffer. A difficult life awaits you from birth to death. Your fate and the fate of your loved ones depend only on your actions. Every decision has consequences and don’t assume that as the main character you will definitely find a happy ending.

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Kubifaktorium upd.14.09.2020

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Kubifaktorium is a great gift game for all fans of voxel graphics, as well as those who miss unusual strategies. This time, the events transfer players to the endless expanses of a new, bizarre world where they have to build their own thriving colony. Learn how to correctly manage the capabilities of your subordinates, develop the infrastructure, study new horizons, challenge dozens of cunning opponents, get a huge arsenal of weapons and of course, do not forget to improve your own knowledge, because they are the key to building new buildings and more modern equipment. Amazing voxel world — waiting for you.

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Ruinarch v0.33.13 (upd.14.09.2020)

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Ruinarch — is a real-time strategy game in which you have to destroy the kingdoms of humans, elves and many other fantasy creatures in procedurally generated worlds. You will be able to subjugate region after region to your will, and 7 demons and various hellish constructions that wreak havoc among the defenders, as well as various spells will help you in this. A strategy that offers to feel like an evil overlord, you can see many ways to spoil vile people — from causing devastating disasters to more sophisticated ways, such as telling one of the residents that his wife made love with a saber. Ruinarch is a fun real-time strategy game in the evil simulation genre in which you have to destroy procedurally generated fantasy worlds. Imagine playing Rimworld, but instead of the settlers, you manage random events and get Ruinarch.

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Fates of Ort v1.1.1 (upd.14.09.2020)

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Fates of Ort — is a rather unusual game that sends you on a role-playing adventure to the expanses of a fantasy world. A special mission is assigned to your shoulders, requiring a certain approach, ingenuity and fearlessness. The world of magic has prepared quite a few tests, but you will definitely be able to cope with them with the proper approach. Dark forces have captured everything around and only you will be able to find hope for a brighter future. Events send you straight to the expanses of a small settlement, which is faced with terrible circumstances.

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Venture Journey to Carpathia v2.2.1 (upd.14.09.2020)

Venture Journey to Carpathia Game Free Download Torrent
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Venture Journey to Carpathia — is a turn-based strategy game in which you compete for resources, points and territory. Carpathia is a new blooming land that is ripe for the creation of a new civilization. The only problem is that your enemies have just arrived in these lands. Whose strategy will be stronger to lay claim to these lands. And in Venture Journey to Carpathia, there was a place for magic. All over the Carpathia, some strange obelisks have appeared, and they are able to give power that no one had ever dreamed of. Use them to learn the power of magic and learn how to create spells. A plus. Various factions and guilds with different perks, advantages, disadvantages, and more are waiting for you here. Choose a guild and start conquering these new fertile lands.

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Factory Town v0.164b

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Factory Town — a game in the genre of construction simulator, where you kill to recreate your own settlement from scratch, taking control of all aspects of its activities. Before you open the desert, which in the future will be located multifunctional city. Create your own business as you please — there are no limitations in this, but always take into account the comfort and tranquility of your people. You will be engaged in the automation and optimization of any kind of activity, including infrastructure and the supply of useful materials through railways, or by water.

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Tamarin v1.8.0.0 Update 1 (upd.14.09.2020)

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Tamarin — is a 3D action game in which the events unfold in a beautiful rainforest with colorful fauna and flora. The cutest monkey from the ancient family of tamarins lives there. After all, it was he who decided to protect his family from insects that storm his house and destroy the family. Due to the constant raids and attacks of an ever-growing army of insects, the world of his ancestors is polluted and collapsed. To protect your family, and to protect the offended and oppressed inhabitants of your world. You need to focus as much as possible on expelling aggressive insects from your world, jump like tamarins, use the delights of the 3D world, let your enemies fight.

This game has been updated 14-09-2020, 12:15 to the latest version v1.8.0.0 Update 1 (upd.14.09.2020).

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Death Stranding v1.03

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Death Stranding — is a fantasy adventure action game with a view in the open world, in which you have to go on a long and dangerous journey through the unusual world of an alternative future. And in the distant future, there was a cataclysm that led to the apocalypse. The earth has changed beyond recognition, the cities are empty, people are destroyed by ghostly creatures that have come from nowhere, and the rains of time that change everything around are constantly erupted to the surface of the planet. In other words, civilization is in decline. But there is still hope, and you in the role of Sam Porter-Bridges will have to do everything possible to restore the world to its former state and save people. But it will be very, very difficult to do this.

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Dreamscaper Build 5532408 (upd.14.09.2020)

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Dreamscaper — is a bagel adventure. Every time you fall asleep, you go to the wonderful world. It is very difficult to stay alive, to be saved, to overcome all your fears. The next dream means a new struggle. Amazing abilities are available to you in these dives. In battles you have to confront powerful enemies. It is worth using all the available techniques, mixing different techniques. A dream leads. Progress helps to become stronger. The better you play, the more strength and opportunity you can use. Try it and you will like it.

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