Venture Journey to Carpathia v2.2.1 (upd.14.09.2020)

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Venture Journey to Carpathia — is a turn-based strategy game in which you compete for resources, points and territory. Carpathia is a new blooming land that is ripe for the creation of a new civilization. The only problem is that your enemies have just arrived in these lands. Whose strategy will be stronger to lay claim to these lands. And in Venture Journey to Carpathia, there was a place for magic. All over the Carpathia, some strange obelisks have appeared, and they are able to give power that no one had ever dreamed of. Use them to learn the power of magic and learn how to create spells. A plus. Various factions and guilds with different perks, advantages, disadvantages, and more are waiting for you here. Choose a guild and start conquering these new fertile lands.

This game has been updated 14-09-2020, 12:31 to the latest version v2.2.1 (upd.14.09.2020).

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    Inkulinati — tactical strategies have always attracted a lot of attention, especially in the absence of any new products. Go to the vastness of the Middle Ages, where the feudal lords are preparing for a large-scale civil war for the opportunity to own certain lands. All that remains is to think about hiring an army and try to realize your potential. After all, this is the only way to discover the further scope of the game, which will delight you with original ideas and other fascinating details. We just want to warn you right away that the game is extremely difficult and you can adapt to it for a long time. Would like to note an unusual visual style that crosses various representatives.

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    Pass through realities to save yourself in PC game The Rewinder. The plot of the game tells us about a lost village. The secret past of the settlement haunts the locals, and the curse associated with its history cannot rest the souls who lived there. Only one person remained to live in this place. And the main character of the game will have to figure out what happened. The protagonist of The Rewinder has a special gift. He can travel between our reality and the abode of spirits. He was hired by emissaries to deal with the events in the village, and to find out why the spirits cannot leave this world. As you explore the village, you will find many ritual sites, sealing symbols.

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    7 Bones and 7 Stones The Ritual — takes place in the medieval world of Vayandor. The Portal of Darkness has awakened from a thousand-year sleep and now monsters are attacking the cities. In multiplayer mode, 4 participants will take control over the locals, and 1 over a powerful sorcerer. They begin their match at night, and the task of the side of darkness is to complete the ancient ritual before the sun rises. Residents must find ritual stones, thanks to which they will close the dark portal. While 4 users are running around the map and looking for monoliths, the fifth person controls a huge monster. Powerful sorcerer turns into a flock of bats, slows down and damages opponents. Civilians looking for stones have to run from the main opponent and inflict retaliatory damage.

    1.40 GB
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    Estranged Act II is a grandiose sequel to the first part of the game. In the adventure indie horror, the user has to try on the role of a lone sailor whose ship wrecked near a mysterious island. To return home, the player will need to carefully explore the locations and get to know many of the inhabitants of this mysterious place. At first it may seem that life is simple and ordinary, but in fact, everything is exactly the opposite. On the island, a lone traveler will face many dangers and intrigues. During the passage of the gameplay, the gamer will receive a message from a certain Jonathan Jerryl, who will beg for help. A mysterious stranger captured some creatures. Very soon the user will get to know this man in person.

    This game has been updated 14-09-2020, 09:43 to the latest version Act II Build 20200913.

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