ITTA Build 5111143 (upd.15.09.2020)

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ITTA — is an adventure top-down scrolling shooter in a post-apocalypse setting. The game tells the story of a little girl Itta, who one day find their family dead. Her only assistant is a strange spirit that has taken the form of a family cat, and which gives her a luminous revolver for protection. As you progress through, you have to look for powerful creatures trapped in this seemingly peaceful world and fight them in hardcore battles.

This game has been updated 15-09-2020, 13:10 to the latest version Build 5111143 (upd.15.09.2020).

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The Old House Build 5528488 (upd.15.09.2020) - Goldberg

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The Old House — is an interesting casual quest that will appeal to all lovers of quality puzzles and hidden objects. You need to complete all tasks in a small and cozy house to complete the level. The number of tasks is many and they are very diverse starting from ordinary actions and uploading to cunning riddles. But the main thing for you will be to find the keys to all the locked doors and restore electricity. It will not be very easy, as you have to strain your brains and apply logic to solve local puzzles, open combination locks and much more.

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Liege Dragon Build 5486716 (upd.15.09.2020) - Goldberg

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Liege Dragon — the most incredible adventures await you, while you will have to somehow find the tools of the Dragon of the Three Heroes, as well as resist the most powerful evil on the continent. Our main characters are a young guy and a princess, whose father was killed by the force of evil. The guy also suffered and lost his memory, now they will have to go on an exciting journey to find the tools of the Three Heroes. They will be needed in order to resist real evil and destroy it in a variety of ways. You have every opportunity to cope with hordes of enemies, take part in turn-based battles and solve more serious tasks.

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Dicey Dungeons v1.5 - PLAZA

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Dicey Dungeons is a fun and atmospheric bagel in which players are invited to experience the unusual adventure of a real cube. You are waiting for adventure, battle, a sea of good luck and fun. The plot of the game tells about a very unusual hero, in the role of which is a real cube. It is with him that you can go on a long and very dangerous journey. But you will not have to travel on the surface of the earth. And in dungeons overflowing with various dangers in the form of monsters and trials. And don’t think it will be easy.

This game has been updated 9-11-2020, 04:08 to the latest version v1.5.

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Dungeons of Edera Build 5532960 (upd.15.09.2020)

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Dungeons of Edera — invites all brave RPG lovers to descend into the dungeons and beyond. All levels are randomly generated, so that anything can be waiting for you here. There are many options for pumping the hero and this makes it possible to create your own, unique style of play. A specific setting, hordes of monsters, at any moment you can fall victim to the enemy, if you do not take care of weapons and protection. The arsenal is quite extensive, everyone will find everything they need. Return Edera to her former glory.

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Ion Fury v1.1 (upd.15.09.2020)

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Ion Fury is an excellent shooter for all lovers of such classics and active action with a large number of enemies, the complete absence of friends with their dull dialogues. Do we chat we come to the game? Of course not. We want to blow everything up, destroy everything and just relax. The game is very similar to the good old Duke Nukem 3D, so you will definitely like it. This time it’s time to play for a girl whose beauty is difficult to appreciate, because for the most part she is just a collection of square pixels, but the cover of the game looks good. In this game you will encounter random generation of levels, with different types of enemies.

This game has been updated 15-09-2020, 03:57 to the latest version v1.1 (upd.15.09.2020).

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