Port Royale 4 v1.1.0 (upd.04.10.2020) - Goldberg

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Port Royal is a famous city known for being the haven of all the pirate freemen of the Caribbean. In an amazing economic strategy called Port Royale 4, you will have a unique opportunity to try yourself as the governor of the island and, having taken control of a small colony, make it the most prosperous trading city in the Caribbean. Port Royale is advised to carefully examine the properties that are under your control. All of them are scattered across the numerous islands of the archipelago, so you need to carefully consider how you will develop the infrastructure in order to achieve the most efficient operation of all enterprises in your colony.

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Wingspan Build 5589257 (upd.04.10.2020) - Goldberg

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Wingspan — a pleasant and atmospheric card strategy in which you have to deal with the creation of a nature reserve and search for rare species of birds that live in different regions and in different conditions. In the story, you will play the role of an ornithologist, a person who studies birds, a collector and an observer, and you will have to start creating a real reserve. You can collect different birds in your reserve, learn more about how they behave, what they do, what they are special and stand out from other birds, and not only. Of course, everything sounds simple enough, but in reality you will have to face a bunch of different problems, each of which will make you nervous, think, and plunge into a series of tests. In general, it will be interesting.

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Derail Valley Build 87 (upd.04.10.2020)

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Take personal control of the train in the new game simulator Derail Valley. For the most hungry in train simulators, developers have jumped on their heels and implemented a VR helmet game mode. For owners of this tool will open up new gameplay features, but without it you can take part in the management of railway transport. If you are not yet dedicated to the driver’s work, then in the game at the initial stage you will have to undergo training. After that, you will need to select the appropriate task and start a career behind the wheel of the management team.

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Escape until Friday Build 5622620 (upd.04.10.2020)

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Escape until Friday — is a story of confrontation between a maniac and a victim. You have been kidnapped and you need to get out of captivity before the weekend. All methods are good here, the gameplay is designed in such a way that misdemeanors will be punished. It is worth noting that there is a choice of the ultimate goal. You can just try to escape, but there is an opportunity to try to restore history to find out more about what happened. Do you want to collect all the notes, memories and open the veil of secrets.

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Transport INC v1.1.2 (upd.04.10.2020)

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Business simulator has always been considered a complex and difficult to implement entertainment. And today, so that you can get useful management skills, Transport INC — is a game where you take the role of the chief manager in the company. True, you do not have to carefully monitor stock quotes, engage in sales and other familiar affairs. This time you have to manage a huge logistics system for the delivery and unloading of goods. You have to act in Europe and the USA, which immediately sets the framework for the high need for professionalism.

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Democracy 4 Build 5632054 (upd.04.10.2020)

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Democracy 4 — is another installment in the Democracy series of political simulations, which will test your ambitions as a politician. Most people think that politicians are useless and that they could do everything much better than they themselves, but is this really so? Democracy 4 will allow you to take on the role of president or prime minister of a country, and tackle its management and transformation as you see fit, trying to remain popular enough to be re-elected in the future. This is a simulation and strategy game developed by Positech Games for the PC platform. The style of the game is a political strategy, with moments of capitalism, turn-based strategy.

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Rover Mechanic Simulator v0. (upd.04.10.2020)

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Rover Mechanic Simulator is a simulator in which you need to immerse yourself in some of the harshest conditions. You will find yourself in a hitherto unexplored environment that may seem hostile to many. You have to temporarily become an engineer who went to conquer the vastness of Mars. Based on this, it becomes clear that you need to repair all the systems presented. Here you will have the opportunity to get to know the rovers closer, and also to learn what they consist of.

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Ruinarch v0.33.22 (upd.04.10.2020)

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Ruinarch — is a real-time strategy game in which you have to destroy the kingdoms of humans, elves and many other fantasy creatures in procedurally generated worlds. You will be able to subjugate region after region to your will, and 7 demons and various hellish constructions that wreak havoc among the defenders, as well as various spells will help you in this. A strategy that offers to feel like an evil overlord, you can see many ways to spoil vile people — from causing devastating disasters to more sophisticated ways, such as telling one of the residents that his wife made love with a saber. Ruinarch is a fun real-time strategy game in the evil simulation genre in which you have to destroy procedurally generated fantasy worlds. Imagine playing Rimworld, but instead of the settlers, you manage random events and get Ruinarch.

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Endzone A World Apart v0.7.7580 (upd.04.10.2020)

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Endzone A World Apart — is an exciting and most dynamic survival game where you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders, and it will be very difficult to achieve success in the mission. Events send you straight to 2021 and introduce you to bloodthirsty terrorists who intend to blow up all the power plants existing in the world, thereby destroying everything around them. They successfully manage to realize the insidious plan. Now real chaos and madness is happening everywhere, warriors began to take place, and humanity began to die rapidly.

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Old World v0.1.43070

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Old World — is a turn-based global strategy that will allow you to create the greatest dynasties in world history. Mohawk Games Studios is led by gaming industry veterans Soren Johnson and Dorian Newcomb, who have been involved in the development of Civilization 4 and Civilization 5. Old World takes place in a historic time period that will be familiar to many players in the Civilization series. Passing in the pseudo-historical period of classical antiquity, Old World confronts Egypt, Rome, Greece and Asiairia, as well as other nations, against each other in a 4X game using some unique and even innovative game mechanics.

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