I Dracula Genesis v0.76.0 (upd.19.10.2020)

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I Dracula Genesis — is a cool hardcore roguelike action game in which you have to take control of one of the mutants and go on a journey through a crazy world enslaved by terrible monsters. The events of the game take place in a terrible alternative future, in which four mutants, a hero who will now have to save the world, were created using biotechnology. And it will have to be saved from even more unusual enemies — these are monsters created through experiments, which have bred and started to destroy everything around.

This game has been updated 19-10-2020, 14:39 to the latest version v0.76.0 (upd.19.10.2020).

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UNDER the SAND a road trip game Build 5696022 (Update 15)

UNDER the SAND a road trip game Game Free Download Torrent
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UNDER the SAND a road trip — game is an adventure game in which you have to go on a long and exciting journey through the world of alternative reality, which survived a terrible cataclysm. The game takes place in an alternate reality of the 1980s, when the world began to go through far from the best times. The world was empty, a drought came such that everything in this world began to collapse, be destroyed and plunge into mountains of dust and sand. In other words, not so much remains of the former flourishing civilization.

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Hellish Quart upd.19.10.2020 (demo)

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Hellish Quart — is a 3D fighting game in which we fight using 17th century melee weapons, including sabers and rapiers. The game is focused on a realistic representation of such encounters, as well as the historical realities on which it is based. The Polish independent studio Kubold is responsible for the development and publication of this game. Hellish Quart we are transported to the 17th century, to the crown of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania also known as the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. This pc game is a rather unusual 3D fighting game that is closer in gameplay to the little-known Bushido Blade series than.

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Walking Girl Dead Parking Build 5489305 (upd.19.10.2020)

Walking Girl Dead Parking Game Free Download Torrent
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Walking Girl Dead Parking — third-person action games always evoke a storm of emotions and curiosity, as they offer really interesting gameplay and the opportunity to show your best skills. This time you have to go on an adventure, taking on the role of a charming girl who finds herself alone in the post-apocalypse. And instead of panicking and hiding, you need to use all your capabilities and try to move towards your goals. Do not worry, the girl is quite confident in her actions and will definitely not give herself offense, you just need to adjust to the whole situation and try to correctly navigate the terrain and try to destroy all enemies.

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Raji An Ancient Epic upd.19.10.2020 - CODEX

Raji An Ancient Epic Game Free Download Torrent
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Raji An Ancient Epic — is an action-adventure game set in ancient India. The protagonist of the game is a girl named Raji. She was chosen by the great gods to protect the world from the invasion of evil demons. During our adventure, we must not only meet with Mahabalasura, the king of all demons, but also find and rescue our beloved little brother Gola. The gameplay is very similar to Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. The game is an action-adventure game in which the three-dimensional world is presented in isometric projection. The gameplay is based on battles with various types of opponents, as well as on solving simple logic puzzles and avoiding traps.

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The Unfinished Swan upd.19.10.2020 - CODEX

The Unfinished Swan Game Free Download Torrent
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The Unfinished Swan — is an original project, the main character of which is a boy named Monroe. His task is rather trivial to catch up with the swan. But it was not without a catch, the agile bird fled into a surreal, unfinished world, where all objects are completely white. To find the way, the hero needs to paint the world around him by throwing paint balls. The gameplay is made from a first-person perspective. Your main character in this unique adventure is the 10-year-old boy Monroe, an orphan who was allowed to bring only one of his deceased mother’s large collection of paintings to the orphanage. It was a special picture for both of them, although it, unfortunately, was never completed.

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Tell Me Why upd.19.10.2020 - CODEX

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Tell Me Why — is an adventure from the creators of Life is Strange. The game takes place in a small town in Alaska, and the main characters are twins Tyler and Alison Ronan. Using their extraordinary connection, they will have to restore the memory of a troubled but loving childhood. In the course of the game, you can relive various memories of almost indistinguishable twins about key events from their past, choosing the option that seems more believable. Most interestingly, the decisions made affect the strength of the bond between Tyler and Alison, as well as leave an imprint on their future. A story about personal experiences, the main characters of which are the twins Tyler and Alison Ronan.

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Never Breakup Beta v3 (upd.19.10.2020)

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Never Breakup — is a fun 3D co-op platformer with a third-person perspective. In the game you have to play as cute little animals-balls, which are connected with each other and must work together. You will find many interesting tasks, challenges and puzzles. Together with a friend, you need to coordinate your actions in order to complete the levels and successfully cope with various situations, enjoying the plump animals. In story mode, you have to play with 1-2 people, the gameplay will be slightly different. In any case, the game involves two animals tied with a rope, and only in a bundle can you go through locations, collect coins and cups and solve puzzles. As in many games of this type, the passage is divided into separate chapters, which are divided into several locations and you can open the next one only by completing the previous one.

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Dark Fracture upd.17.10.2020 (demo)

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Dark Fracture — is a tense and disturbing psychological first-person horror game where you fall into insanity while working the night shift in a mysterious morgue. You play the role of Edward, a morgue employee who is addicted to antipsychotics. Loneliness and bizarre events can make his mind weaken, so working alone on a night shift in a place full of corpses may not be the best career choice. When you go on your shift, you suffer from dark visions that lead you to madness. You can avoid falling into complete madness by taking your pills or finding personal items that give you some comfort. There is also a mysterious pill that all employees should take once a day.

This game has been updated 19-10-2020, 09:13 to the latest version upd.17.10.2020 (demo).

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Grid Fight Mask of the Goddess v1.2.0 (upd.19.10.2020)

Grid Fight Mask of the Goddess Game Free Download Torrent
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The developers of Grid Fight Mask of the Goddess, while working on the look of their game, were inspired by posters from the 70s and original pop music from the 90s. All this allowed us to create a stylish project. Immerse yourself in a world ruled by 9 goddesses. Moreover, they rule extremely terribly and your task is to destroy them! Gather your team to fight various monsters in a small arena divided into sectors. Grid Fight — Mask of the Goddess is a stylish action strategy game with RPG elements.

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