Door Kickers 2 Task Force North v0.5 (upd.14.11.2020)

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Door Kickers 2 Task Force North — is a top-down tactical real-time strategy game. In the sequel, you will find the fight of special forces against terrorists in the Middle East. You can fully plan the landing of your squad, distinguish enemies from civilians, and also meet new units, including suicide bombers and grenade launchers. The sequel to the tactical game that takes the action to the Middle East and gives the player control over military special operations teams battling an elusive terrorist network. Door Kickers 2 uses the player as the leader of an eponymous task force that manages units such as American Rangers and assets like drones to respond to threats, resolve crises, and hunt down the enemy on their own territory.

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In Silence v0.51 (upd.09.11.2020)

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In Silence — is a new horror game that has its own unique abilities and features. Many similar games have been produced in the gaming industry, but this one will allow players to play for one of the parties, it will be evil or good. So there are two characters, this is Rake, a bloodthirsty predator, playing for which you can start hunting for those who survived, and using your super abilities to look for people. The second character, these are people who survived, playing for them, you need to try to hide and escape from Rake, using an interactive chat, between all the topic, who can survive.

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Sands of Salzaar v0.8.0.7 (upd.09.11.2020)

Sands of Salzaar Game Free Download Torrent
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Sands of Salzaar — is a massive RPG with strategy elements from Chinese developers set in a fantastic desert. Take control of various characters and determine the future of this world in an exciting project. The world plunged into darkness after the battle at the bloody moon and now people are trying to survive in the chaos. The rules of the world are constantly changing. New adventures await you every time. Solve various puzzles while fighting difficult enemies and bosses. Uncover hidden events and stories that will shape your ending. Hire and train troops to fight enemies in massive battles. And with a massive mod editor, everyone can contribute to the game.

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Transport INC v1.2.6 (upd.09.11.2020)

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Business simulator has always been considered a complex and difficult to implement entertainment. And today, so that you can get useful management skills, Transport INC — is a game where you take the role of the chief manager in the company. True, you do not have to carefully monitor stock quotes, engage in sales and other familiar affairs. This time you have to manage a huge logistics system for the delivery and unloading of goods. You have to act in Europe and the USA, which immediately sets the framework for the high need for professionalism.

This game has been updated 9-11-2020, 15:56 to the latest version v1.2.6 (upd.09.11.2020).

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Gray Zone v1.5.0 (upd.09.11.2020)

Gray Zone Game Free Download Torrent
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Gray Zone — is a strategic game project with an admixture of a dynamic shooter and an entertaining bagel, where all actions will take place with a third-person perspective. First you need to get acquainted with the main character as an ordinary person, whose fate was not the best, because he was a slave for his entire conscious life. Quite a lot of time passed, he gained strength and patience in an instant to stop slavery.

This game has been updated 9-11-2020, 15:58 to the latest version v1.5.0 (upd.09.11.2020).

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Airships Conquer the Skies v1.0.18.5

Airships Conquer the Skies Game Free Download Torrent
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Airships Conquer the Skies — a pixel game in the genre of the designer, where you have to create various aircraft, on which you will go into enchanting battles, facing numerous rivals face to face. You have to fight for supremacy, where all the battles will take place in heavenly space. Create large flying fortresses, and try to strengthen them as much as possible, as well as provide you with various kinds of weapons that will help you to further crush the enemy. The game will be held with a side view, where all your buildings will look in section, and all departments are visible. Each team member must execute your orders, so try to take everyone under your control. Go to battle with other players, where you can have a great time with your friends.

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The Dungeon Beneath v1.0.3 (upd.09.11.2020)

The Dungeon Beneath Game Free Download Torrent
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The Dungeon Beneath — is a tactical roguelike game in which you have to plunge headlong into the world of battles and unpredictable challenges. To begin with, start assembling your own team, in the bark there will be the most courageous and fearless warriors who can destroy any, even the most insidious enemy. Events send us to the vastness of the dungeons, where you will find a lot of unique, varying degrees of difficulty levels, on each of which you need to prove yourself as a professional strategist, because it is a carefully thought-out action plan that will allow you to succeed and exterminate everyone who dares to get in the way.

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla v1.02 (upd.09.11.2020) - Uplay-Rip

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Game Free Download Torrent
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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla — project represents a completely new chapter in the legendary series of action RPG games. Get ready to plunge into a new journey, which this time will devote you to all the details of the confrontation between the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons for the lands of the British island. Here you are assigned the role of a mighty Viking named Eivor, who from the cradle was preparing to become the strongest and fearless warrior. Gaining combat experience and wisdom, you have to lead your own clan, which must be led from the devastated and desolate Norway to the prosperous and fertile lands of England in the 9th century.

This game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will soon be available for torrent download on Skidrow Game Reloaded website. This is only the announcement of the game, where you can see the screenshots, watch the trailer and read the description.

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Castle Constructor Alpha v2.4 (upd.09.11.2020)

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Castle Constructor — is a mix of a strategy card game and a tower defense game where you have to build castles, fend off attacks from all kinds of enemies, and save your kingdom. This is inherently a typical strategy simulation game in which you will need to deal with kingdom building, construction, battles, exploration, and much, much more. The game does not offer anything fundamentally new, and nothing is really known about its plot at the moment. But then it immediately becomes clear that the emphasis is on two areas construction and defense.

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Mashinky v0.60.62 (upd.09.11.2020) - ALI213

Mashinky Game Free Download Torrent
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Mashinky is a brand new transport strategy game from Czech developer Jan Zeleny. Zooming through gorgeous landscapes, utilising a traditional isometric construction mode and mastering a unique board game-like gameplay, you'll find yourself immersed in the task of building your own transport empire. The goal is to create your own transport empire on a procedurally generated map. The game is a unique blend of realistic graphics combined with an isometric construction mode and boardgame-like rules. Players start the game in control of a transport company. They must lay tracks on difficult terrain, research and buy new vehicles, manage routes and compete against economic rules to make as much profit as possible by transporting passengers and various cargos. This makes for a challenging simulation game requiring the player to consider all elements of business to be successful.

This game has been updated 9-11-2020, 05:25 to the latest version v0.60.62 (upd.09.11.2020).

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