AeternoBlade upd.26.11.2020 - CODEX

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Warrior Freya is about to take revenge and is armed with the mysterious blade AeternoBlade. Her goal is to get even with the Lord of Mist, who razed her village to the ground and killed all the inhabitants. Vernia will help her in this, she taught Freya to control the power of the blade of AeternoBlade. Now the heroine has to cross many dimensions to learn how to destroy her main enemy. The story of AeternoBlade tells players about the kingdom of Avelsia, which was cursed by the ancient Mist Lord Beladim. A small village called Ridgeroad became one of the major victims and was almost completely cut out. Only one girl survived, Freya. Waking up among the blazing ruins of her native village, she vowed to take revenge and personally destroy Beladim. Taking in her hands her mysterious magic sword capable of manipulating time, she set off on a journey full of dangers and battles.

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Bright Memory Update 3 (upd.26.11.2020) - CODEX

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Bright Memory is an adventure game in the genre of first-person shooter with various elements of solving puzzles and constant battles with several opponents at the same time. In this game you have to take on the role of a girl named Shelia, who is an agent of a large research corporation called SRO. The fact is that quite recently valuable artifacts were discovered that can not only give the owner enormous power, but even give them the ability to resurrect the dead, and this has already become an interesting object for the military from the SAI corporation.

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Dreamscaper v0.12.0.9 (upd.26.11.2020)

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Dreamscaper — is a bagel adventure. Every time you fall asleep, you go to the wonderful world. It is very difficult to stay alive, to be saved, to overcome all your fears. The next dream means a new struggle. Amazing abilities are available to you in these dives. In battles you have to confront powerful enemies. It is worth using all the available techniques, mixing different techniques. A dream leads. Progress helps to become stronger. The better you play, the more strength and opportunity you can use. Try it and you will like it.

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There Was A Dream v0.9.17 (upd.26.11.2020)

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There Was A Dream — is a potentially more advanced version of the fantasy simulator My Life at Portia, which immerses you in the colorful world of dreams, which endlessly confronts a nightmare. Here you will be engaged in farming, crafting, fighting monsters, solving puzzles and exploring a large sandbox world. Embark on an adventure at your own pace, where your actions shape the world. Take part in an epic clash between sleep and nightmare in a world shaped by your decisions. That it will be balance or chaos. The game takes place in a lucid dream. You have been chosen by the Essence, a dark force that travels between the dimensions of dreams. It gave you the ability to manipulate dreams. The entity seeks to increase its army of nightmares, and the enormous power that it has given you can draw you to its gloomy side.

This game has been updated 26-11-2020, 16:31 to the latest version v0.9.17 (upd.26.11.2020).

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Highway Blossoms v2.5.4 (Next Exit) - Razor1911

Highway Blossoms Game Free Download Torrent
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Highway Blossoms — is a visual novel that tells about the emergence of the second gold rush in the Southwest of America, which you and a girl named Amber will just plunge into. The events of the game begin to take place at the very moment when the diary of a gold digger is discovered, a prospector who many years ago tried to collect more gold. He hid all the gold he found in a cache and disappeared without a trace. Now the diary has been found, and all adventurers and treasure seekers are trying to find the hidden treasure, looking for clues, solving riddles, and traveling through Southwest New Mexico.

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Shaolin vs Wutang 2 Build 5546363 (upd.26.11.2020)

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Shaolin vs Wutang 2 — is a sequel to the arcade fighting game that will re-introduce you to classic kung fu techniques. You will get the opportunity to fight a variety of opponents to demonstrate your level of martial arts proficiency. Choose the color of the form to your liking and go out onto the carpet to fight your opponent. During the confrontation, you can use any suitable martial arts techniques. Each of the opponents has a health scale, the indicators of which decrease after a successful strike.

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Dead or Alive 6 v1.22a (upd.26.11.2020) + All DLC - CODEX

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Dead or Alive 6 is a continuation of the fight style game widely known in narrow circles of fans of arcade fighting games. The development of the sixth part of DoA, as well as the previous one, was taken up by Team Ninja. Japanese igrodely promise better visualization, realistic mimicry of characters and their movement, a new lighting system and the ability to play in 4K screen resolution. Developers plan to improve the detail of the particles through a new graphics engine, with which they intend to realize the wounds and sweat appearing on the character in real time. This, in turn, will make the picture more believable.

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AeternoBlade 2 Directors Rewind upd.26.11.2020 - CODEX

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AeternoBlade 2 Directors Rewind — action RPG platformer in a fantasy setting with three playable heroes in which players solve puzzles and battle opponents using time manipulation. After the total failure of the first part, the developers decide to release a sequel, called AeternoBlade 2. In their defense, they say that they will improve the combat component and the gameplay part, and will make a new time control mechanic. More mysteries and treasures are also expected on the horizon. In addition to Freya, the warrior from AeternoBlade, other heroes will be the laconic heavy knight Bernard, Princess Rosalyn and the skillful knight Felix childhood friend of the two previous heroes. Will be two more heroes from the first part, Zevil and Carol, who decided to help Freya again.

This game has been updated 26-11-2020, 13:50 to the latest version upd.26.11.2020.

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Grimtale Island - DARKSiDERS

Grimtale Island Game Free Download Torrent

Grimtale Island — is an adventure and survival game developed by Michael Schade for the PC platform. This is a modern survival game where there is an open world and the opportunity to explore the provided location. It implements many different functions and features, for example, you can collect and build and collected materials. In general, this is a classic implementation of a survival game. The style of the game, unfortunately, is not defined, but you can highlight the features of an adventure game, zombies, survival, mystery, a game against AI.

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Cooking Simulator Pizza v4.0.31 - CODEX

Cooking Simulator Pizza Game Free Download Torrent

Cooking Simulator Pizza — a new addition to the renowned cooking simulator, this add-on adds the unique ability to cook pizza. Is an excellent and almost one-of-a-kind truly realistic chef simulator in which you will have to become the head of the restaurant’s kitchen and learn how to cook delicious dishes that would make the restaurant really popular. So, go to the kitchen and start acting. Imagine in your free time and cook dishes that are not in the restaurant’s menu, experiment, create new masterpieces, please visitors of the restaurant with your masterpieces, cook as you would in your own restaurant. And remember, you are in charge here and only you can decide what ingredients to use in the process of cooking, how much and what to add, and what spices should be in priority in your kitchen.

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