Cube Escape Collection v1.0 (upd.09.01.2021) - GOG

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Cube Escape Collection — is an addicting puzzle game developed in the find and click genre. The protagonist is a detective who works in the homicide investigation department. You have been given the next task. Under unexplained circumstances, a woman dies, who at first glance did not have a single enemy. Who became her killer? This is what you are about to find out. At first it seemed like a standard investigation procedure awaited you. But the evidence leads you to a place that is becoming a real trap. You are chained in a huge cube.

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Dungeon Munchies v0.2.11.14 (upd.09.01.2021)

Dungeon Munchies Game Free Download Torrent
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Dungeon Munchies is a unique 2D role-playing game, with an emphasis on hunting creatures, cooking them and eating food to get certain abilities. The combination of dishes that you choose to eat will affect your entire playing style. Bizarre creatures thirsting for human flesh, roam this vast underground city. Cooperate with professional chef Simmer and learn the art of cooking create powerful dishes of flesh and organs. Sharpen your knives and light these ovens, start hunting for your food. You have been reborn in a massive underground complex, and you must leave this quaint object. With the help of the undead Necro-chef, your goal is to survive.

This game has been updated 9-01-2021, 13:51 to the latest version v0.2.11.14 (upd.09.01.2021).

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AI War 2 v2.713 - GOG

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AI War 2 is a unique in its performance game project, which was presented to users in the genre of space strategy, where all actions will take place in real time. The uniqueness of the game lies in the fact that you have to take part in truly large-scale battles, where the development of events depends on your actions and strategic decisions. At your disposal will be an army of brave warriors, as well as tens of thousands of combat units that will help you more effectively cope with the goal. Of the main features, first of all, it is necessary to note the presence of artificial intelligence in both your army and the enemy’s army, so you definitely will not be bored.

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Lennas Inception v1.1.5 Build 210109

Lennas Inception Game Free Download Torrent
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Lennas Inception — the legendary hero is dead, and a strange bug spreads throughout the kingdom. Explore dangerous dungeons and defeat eight archangels to clear the kingdom of glitches and restore the former order. In this game you need to help a hero named Lenna explore dark dungeons, simultaneously destroying monsters and search for divine artifacts, download Lenna’s Inception below. In general, this is a good role-playing adventure game in which the main character Lenna is an adventurer, he decided to dive into dungeons with monsters to search for artifacts. The game has many puzzles, generated maps, a battle system, initially you only have a sword, see how to fight and use objects in the lower left corner.

This game has been updated 9-01-2021, 13:34 to the latest version v1.1.5 Build 210109.

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Ooblets v0.5.4 (upd.09.01.2021)

Ooblets Game Free Download Torrent
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Ooblets — is a new farm simulator with cartoon graphics in which you will develop your own farm, make friends, have parties and just explore the world around you. Grow your crop and sell it in the city. Use the money you earn to equip your home and farm, and buy fashionable clothes to participate in dance competitions. Is an adventure game that is combined with an addicting farming simulator. Events unfold in a colorful world. Where not only people live, but also a variety of interesting animals and fabulous creatures. They are cute and kind and the main characters have a desire to collect them all in their farm.

This game has been updated 9-01-2021, 13:27 to the latest version v0.5.4 (upd.09.01.2021).

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Golden Light upd.09.01.2021

Golden Light Game Free Download Torrent
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Golden Light — huge halls of a gloomy office, long dark corridors, gloomy rooms crammed with traps and dangers, creepy monsters, from whose appearance sometimes starts to turn back, the eternal lack of ammunition and weapons — all this creates a simply indescribable atmosphere. And what’s even cooler is that here you have to be constantly on the alert. Just one wrong move or a little inattention, and that’s it, the next monster is already killing you. There are more than enough enemies here, and each is unique in its own way.

This game has been updated 9-01-2021, 13:18 to the latest version upd.09.01.2021.

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Buoyancy v3.1.0107 (upd.09.01.2021)

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Buoyancy — game projects are unique in that they provide an opportunity to carefully consider certain situations. Today we offer you to take the role of the manager of a small settlement, which is forced to drift in the expanses of the water and survive only thanks to the garbage and resources that you will encounter while swimming. But first you need to Buoyancy download torrent and only after that start doing everything to achieve success.

This game has been updated 9-01-2021, 13:16 to the latest version v3.1.0107 (upd.09.01.2021).

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Escape Planet 17 v1.0 (upd.09.01.2021) - DARKSiDERS

Escape Planet 17 Game Free Download Torrent

In Escape Planet 17, you are under the skin of Nathan, a detective from the Drug Enforcement Administration. While investigating a new drug circulating on the streets, Nathan sees his partner being killed, and both are accused of involvement in human trafficking among other crimes. Nathan is unjustly accused, convicted, sent to prison and removed from the family. During his stay on planet 17, Nathan develops an escape plan, but a series of horrific crimes initiate a security protocol and thwart his plans. Participate in a little-known conspiracy involving violent gangs, synthetic drugs and a company of symbiotic experiments. Surrender is not an option, escape from the planet is your mission, even if you have to contaminate your hands with blood.

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Airmen v1.19.20 (upd.09.01.2021)

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Airmen is a game in the sandbox genre with design elements that offers you to go to the world of steampunk. The game gives you a specific task, which will not be so easy to complete. Here you have to first design, and then properly build a certain type of airship. Once the deal is done, your ship will go to insane regrets with other opponents, which must be destroyed once and for all. There are five people in your team, each of whom has his own duties and purposes in work. Here there is a professional repairman who is ready to solve any emerging problem, and a pilot who intends to conduct the battle at the exact rate.

This game has been updated 9-01-2021, 13:43 to the latest version v1.19.20 (upd.09.01.2021).

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Domina v1.2.82 (upd.09.01.2021)

Domina Game Free Download Torrent
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Domina is not just an arena, but a real simulator of gladiator fights, in which you will not be a gladiator, but the head of one of the noble families, a slave owner who earns money on gladiator fights. The most interesting feature of this game is that for the time being you yourself will not be able to take part in the battles. Your task is different: you have to buy slaves, evaluate their capabilities, train everything you need and send them to the gladiatorial arena, where they will have to, either fall from the hands of the enemy, or win.

This game has been updated 9-01-2021, 13:32 to the latest version v1.2.82 (upd.09.01.2021).

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