Library Of Ruina v1.0.3.10b (upd.18.01.2021)

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Library Of Ruina — you can go on an amazing adventure, which promises to be not only interesting, but at least unusual. The fact is that the story in this game will be directly related to the library. But you definitely won’t have to read books here, since the library is not so ordinary, but magical and designed to keep secrets together with the souls of carriers. In simple terms, you have to play for hunters who collect souls. And the victims are those who dare to encroach on your treasure or just think about the bad in your presence. The time has come to strike back and simply send in conclusion such negative personalities.

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Souwester Winds v0.39 (upd.18.01.2021)

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Souwester Winds — offers the option to take a ship and travel. There are adventure and exploration lovers among gamers. Treat the boat like a home. Here you can arrange everything at your discretion. There is a great set of tools and capabilities for this. A perfect sandbox for the curious. The possibilities are constantly expanding and functions are being added. The gameplay combines the features of different genres, which makes the passage more interesting and more exciting, diverse. The developers are trying to create a huge and vast world, it will be filled with interesting stories and adventures. Build a sailboat from scratch, travel.

This game has been updated 18-01-2021, 05:19 to the latest version v0.39 (upd.18.01.2021).

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