Space Gladiators v1.0 (upd.11.03.2021)

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Space Gladiators — is an addicting and fun 2D platformer in which you have to play the role of an intergalactic, space gladiator. Bloody battles, adventures, bloody battles and glory that even the heroes of our Earth did not dream of await you. In the story, you will play the role of an ordinary soldier who was captured and sent to a prison planet called Tartarus. But this does not mean that you have to serve your entire sentence and survive in prison conditions. You also have another way. You can become a real space gladiator, go to the arena, defeat a large number of opponents, and earn as much money and fame as you need to buy freedom as such. But don’t think it will be easy the battles are going to be epic and very dangerous.

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Trigon Space Story v0.3.0.4570 (upd.11.03.2021)

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Trigon Space Story — players will be able to try themselves as a ship captain, take part in tactical space battles and unravel the mysteries of the galaxy. studio presented its new project to the gaming community, a space adventure in the rougelike genre Trigon Space Story. The plot of the game will take users into space, where they have to manage the crew as the captain of the ship, fight, explore the galaxy and try to unravel the mystery of the incomprehensible star Trigon. The game resembles the Corsairs, but only in a space setting. Players will be able to buy different ships, work for a variety of factions, be pirates or respectable captains. It will be possible to hire a team, as well as monitor the parameters of the wards.

This game has been updated 11-03-2021, 14:52 to the latest version v0.3.0.4570 (upd.11.03.2021).

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Cyanide and Happiness Freakpocalypse v1.0 (upd.11.03.2021) - SKIDROW

Cyanide and Happiness Freakpocalypse Game Free Download Torrent

Cyanide and Happiness Freakpocalypse — a humorous adventure game inspired by the point’n'click games The Secret of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. The events take place in the rich universe of the Cyanide and Happiness webcomic, where you can meet all your favorite characters. The main character is a schoolboy Cooper McCarthy, who tries not to flash in order to successfully finish school. He is accompanied by ambitious journalist Sawyer Allen and YouTube commentator Hugo Malone.

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Zack 2 Celestines Map v1.0 (upd.11.03.2021) - DARKSiDERS

Zack 2 Celestines Map Game Free Download Torrent

Zack 2 Celestines Map — a world full of magic, secrets and supernatural creatures invites you to play three different characters. Zack, Maggie and Amis as you travel to save your brother from the hand of the evil wizard Celestine. Complete your biggest quest and fight many evil forces, each of which has its own unique abilities. Choose carefully how you interact with the world, because each choice has its huge consequences for your journey.

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Plebby Quest The Crusades v1.61 (upd.11.03.2021)

Plebby Quest The Crusades Game Free Download Torrent
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Plebby Quest The Crusades — a turn-based, strategic game project that sends you to the vastness of the medieval world. The game will teach you the art of negotiating, and also allow you to have a great free time. Events will tell you about the Crusades taking place in Europe in the Middle East. You will take control of the whole kingdom and try to achieve success in agreements with your neighbors. The main task is to create your own powerful and invincible state, which will allow you to leave your mark on the pages of history. To cope with such a mission will not be so simple, you need to prove yourself as a strategist, think through logical actions, and also be able to connect the trick in time. Build the most solid empire that will not be afraid to face the test of time. It will not do without numerous opponents who strive to destroy you.

This game has been updated 11-03-2021, 10:18 to the latest version v1.61 (upd.11.03.2021).

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The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening v1.0.1 (Update v65536)

The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening Game Free Download Torrent
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The adventure game The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening — is a remake of the famous project The Legend of Zelda. In it, the player will have to go on an exciting and exciting adventure as the protagonist Link. The gameplay is a beautiful, detailed miniature diorama. New game locations have been worked out and improved in some detail. Many new additional details and effects allowed the game to sparkle with new colors. The main characters task is to explore 8 sanctuaries to find the necessary musical instruments in them.

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Stoneshard v0.

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Stoneshard is a serious RPG with an interesting pumping system for true connoisseurs. You have to fight in turn-based battles, and this is not easy. Experience skills and mastery. It’s never too late to learn. Develop characters in the chosen direction, without restrictions. All of the above, stimulates the creation of a unique style of play. Stoneshard is a few hundred abilities, features and skills. Try to combine them — creativity in its purest form. There are many opponents and everyone is strong. Risen dead, orcs and others. Think over your actions, the one who chooses the right tactics wins. The game has a health system. Learn to heal your wounds, recognize ailments, to continue to move forward.

This game has been updated 11-03-2021, 06:05 to the latest version v0.

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Beach Buggy Racing 2 v2021.3.10 - DARKZER0

Beach Buggy Racing 2 Game Free Download Torrent

Beach Buggy Racing 2 — Play the newest chapter in the number 1 karting series. Beach Buggy Racing is back with more bonuses, more racers, more exciting race tracks and more fun. Join the Beach Buggy Racing league and compete against drivers and cars from all over the world. Race through Egyptian pyramids, dragon-infested castles, pirate ship wrecks and experimental alien biological laboratories. Collect and upgrade an arsenal of funny and wacky bonuses. Hire new drivers, collect a garage full of cars, and race to the top of the League. From the game we have increased the bet on new tons of new content, updated bonuses, new game modes and for the first time you can compete with other players in online competitions and tournaments.

This game has been updated 11-03-2021, 05:31 to the latest version v2021.3.10.

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Isolationist Nightclub Simulator v1.0 (upd.11.03.2021) - DARKSiDERS

Isolationist Nightclub Simulator Game Free Download Torrent

Isolationist Nightclub Simulator — create your own electronic music, play mini-games, or simply explore the different rooms of your nightclub in the relaxing sandbox. If isolation drives you crazy, escape to your own nightclub in the Isolationist Nightclub Simulator, coming to Steam next month. In a relaxing sandbox atmosphere and multimedia art, you can create, explore, or simply relax in the luxurious atmosphere of this vast virtual space. The Isolationist Nightclub Simulator is supported by a grant from Creative Victoria’s Sustaining Creative Workers and aims to provide a relaxing creative experience that offers something for everyone, no matter what mood you are in.

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Skid Cities v0.74c (upd.11.03.2021)

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Skid Cities — is a cyberpunk city building game. A kind of sandbox, the mechanics and dynamics of which correspond to a dark, distorted and frightening future. Build slums, incredible skyscrapers, cyborg hideouts, secret intelligence black holes, factories, and more. Develop your underground city or build it up until you reach the clouds. Realize your utopian and dystopian dreams. All in your hands. Skid Cities allows you to build multi-level high-rise cities from skyscrapers, or go underground and build up to 100 floors there. As the city grows, various corporations can settle in it and even build their headquarters there, which will definitely have an impact on the city.

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