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Tell Me Why — is an adventure from the creators of Life is Strange. The game takes place in a small town in Alaska, and the main characters are twins Tyler and Alison Ronan. Using their extraordinary connection, they will have to restore the memory of a troubled but loving childhood. In the course of the game, you can relive various memories of almost indistinguishable twins about key events from their past, choosing the option that seems more believable. Most interestingly, the decisions made affect the strength of the bond between Tyler and Alison, as well as leave an imprint on their future. A story about personal experiences, the main characters of which are the twins Tyler and Alison Ronan.

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Heliborne v2.2.1 (upd.11.04.2021) Collection - PLAZA

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The full version of Heliborne is a representative of the not so popular setting, since this game on the computer embodies a multi-user virtual action, which includes two scenarios. The first is intended to demonstrate to the users who downloaded Heliborne the notorious events taking place in Vietnam. And the second will show the players all the hardships of the Afghan war. In this case, the project is able to brag to users of military equipment, which is more than two dozen, as well as multi-user mode, where up to 10 gamers can clash in battle.

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Empire of Sin v1.04 (upd.11.04.2021) + DLC Pack - CODEX

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Empire of Sin — is a strategy game set during Prohibition in the 1920s in the city of Chicago. The player takes on the role of the boss of a small criminal organization, and his goal is to turn it into a powerful mafia and take control of the entire underworld of the metropolis. We start with a small gang that is involved in, for example, extortion of money from unions, gambling or the illegal trade in alcohol. Over time, our organization will begin to grow. We will take over other gangs territories and expand our criminal activities into new businesses.

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Arons Adventure v1.05 (upd.11.04.2021) - CODEX

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Arons Adventure — is a stylish visual game that is representative of the RPG genre. All actions will take place with a third person view, where you will go to the fantasy world as the main character. The storyline tells you about the invasion of evil in this immense and once prosperous world, with which you will have to fight. Of the features, it is possible to point out not only the magnificent graphic design, but also the original combat system, which will allow your main character to develop.

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Planet Coaster upd.11.04.2021 Complete Edition - EMPRESS

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Planet Coaster — is a realistic simulator for building an amusement park. The game reveals almost limitless opportunities in front of the players. Each of your visitors is a separate person with their own tastes and interests. Your task is to create such a park, from which people will simply be crazy. Complete freedom of creativity create a park with a clean slate. Observe your visitors, watch their desires, because the animation of each AI is simply amazing. Undoubtedly, Planet Coaster this is a new round in the simulation of amusement parks. Change in your park all the smallest details and observe the behavior of visitors, surprise them, thereby attracting new visitors and getting more profit. Your profit is your opportunity. A good profit will create a breathtaking amusement park, a park that will not leave anyone indifferent.

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Jurassic World Evolution v1.12.4.52769 (upd.11.04.2021) Complete Edition - EMPRESS

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Jurassic World Evolution — Building simulator from developers Elite: Dangerous, which will allow you to build your own theme park of the Jurassic period. You will be able to control the inhabited dinosaurs by the island of Isla Nublas and the surrounding archipelago. As in the original films, you will have the opportunity to display new types of dinosaurs, place a variety of attractions for visitors and laboratories for genome research. A unique setting for the genre will set you unique tasks for managing the park. In particular, you have to take care of the safety of visitors to the park and protect them from possible dangers.

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Tremors 2 upd.11.04.2021

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Tremors 2 — is a funny horror game for PC based on the movie Earthquake, in which you fight a hornbeam and warrior beetles in the old town of Perfection. A horror game that allows you to visit the city of Perfection from the movies Trembling Earth, where you can kill Grabotids. There is also a bonus card on which you can fight hordes of warrior beetles from Star Paratroopers, and there is a promise from the author of the game that soon there will be another collection on which you can fight the Screamer. The actual gameplay in TREMORS is very simple you just very easily avoid or kill monsters, so it’s not a very good game, but it gives invaluable impressions to fans. The way the graboid breaks out of the ground is great, and the environment has lots of great little Easter eggs for movie fans. The bonus card is also pretty simple, but nonetheless, it’s a fun little pastime.

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Speedy Gun Savage upd.09.04.2021

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Speedy Gun Savage — is an action and shooter game developed by Gamitronics for the PC platform. A first-person shooter in which players act as an intergalactic bounty hunter who travels the planets and kills enemies for rewards. The game features a dynamic cover system, eleven types of enemies and three planets, each with several levels and with its own unique bosses. Each level can be replayed to improve your performance on the online leaderboards. The environment in the game belongs to the stylistics of science fiction.

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Safari Zone v1.0 (upd.11.04.2021) - DARKZER0

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Safari Zone — thousands of years ago, a catastrophic event destroyed cities and terraformed regions around the world, causing mutations in fauna and creatures. People travel from all over to learn about the Bowne Tree, and now it’s your turn to discover the new Safari Zone and catalog all the locals who live there. Find out about all the people who call the Safari Zone their home, make friends with all the creatures in the Rocky Tundra and be the first to catalog the mythical creature Solarin. Full controller support Whether you want to relax or just play like on a home console, Safari Zone supports full controller support.

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Istrolid v1.0.0 (upd.11.04.2021)

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Istrolid is a free space shooter with primitive graphics, but great features. The player gets the opportunity to create their own unique ship, and then go to hot battles against other players. Also for experience there is a single game that will teach you all the nuances of shipbuilding. You can create small and fast ships, and with the help of speed and good weapons to destroy the opponent. Or you can try to create bulky, indestructible flying fortresses.

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