Shadow Gangs v3.01 (upd.02.05.2021) - SKIDROW

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Shadow Gangs — a new game in the style of old games as a console, which is made in the classic version. Here you need to choose a character and go to the street to fight with opponents. All the graphics in the game have HD quality and were completely drawn by hand. All soundtracks in the game were also written specifically by one guitarist for five years. The main player and character is a guy named Dan, who is a master of martial arts ninja. One well-known criminal organization, Shadow Force, captured the family of the main character in captivity and now, your main task is to dismantle the race of people.

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Keezeh The Spector of Time v1.0 (upd.02.05.2021) - TiNYiSO

Keezeh The Spector of Time Game Free Download Torrent

Keezeh The Spector of Time — is an adventure indie game for the PC, set in a fantasy universe where the player takes on the role of an adventurer wandering through lost and unknown islands, trying to get to the only means to escape the player’s spaceship. Defeat warriors who have trained all their lives, and fight dangerous animals to stay alive. Be careful with every step you take, you can’t be sure where traps may lie in wait. Explore the island and the village of warriors. Fight bosses and tribal warriors. Protect yourself from tigers, warriors and other creatures. Find your spaceship to return home.

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Vagrus The Riven Realms v0.5.30

Vagrus The Riven Realms Game Free Download Torrent
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Vagrus The Riven Realms is a fantasy in a post-apocalyptic entourage. The gamer leads a detachment of surviving warriors who move around the scorched world to find a better place. Forgotten by the gods and practically destroyed by a magical cataclysm, it is filled with living dead, frightening monsters and mystical anomalies. Battles are carried out step by step, requiring the gamer to think strategically and correctly position the fighters, to use the leadership qualities and characteristics of each satellite.

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SCUM Build 6614478 (upd.02.05.2021)

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SCUM — a game that is an excellent representative of the genre of survival, where you have to go to both an interesting and dangerous adventure. Here, you will take on the role of a criminal, who has a unique opportunity to reduce his arrest to a minimal prison sentence. One day you get a tempting offer, where you have to become a member of someone. The winner is rewarded with a prize in the form of freedom, but for this it is necessary to pass a number of cruel tests. Here then begins your struggle for life. A certain number of criminals will be released to the so-called battlefield, where everyone will have their own story, but everyone has one single goal — to reach the final line in any possible way.

The version of the game Build 6614478 was download on 02.05.2021, completely identical to the activated licensed copy of the game on Steam.

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Old World v0.1.49981

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Old World — is a turn-based global strategy that will allow you to create the greatest dynasties in world history. Mohawk Games Studios is led by gaming industry veterans Soren Johnson and Dorian Newcomb, who have been involved in the development of Civilization 4 and Civilization 5. Old World takes place in a historic time period that will be familiar to many players in the Civilization series. Passing in the pseudo-historical period of classical antiquity, Old World confronts Egypt, Rome, Greece and Asiairia, as well as other nations, against each other in a 4X game using some unique and even innovative game mechanics.

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The Sims 4 v1.73.57.1030

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The long-awaited The SIMS 4 finally came out, and you can download them to your computer. There is no linearity or some plot in the game. You get a whole world in which you are free to do whatever you want. Make all your dreams in the best simulator of the life of The SIMS 4. Sims games are also famous for their unique capabilities in terms of construction, and the fourth part will please even more realistic and detailed graphics. Now building the house of your dreams and furnishing it with furniture, you will get previously unprecedented realism.

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while True learn() v1.2.95.5144b

while True learn() Game Free Download Torrent
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Machine learning is one of the most promising areas. Want to test your skills in this area? While True learn () is a machine learning simulator game. Earn money by completing orders. You use visual programming, but do not think that this will make the game easier. You are waiting for a fairly simple task, and incredibly complex. Who knows, maybe you will be able to get closer to creating advanced artificial intelligence. In any case, if you like games in which you need to move your brains, while True: learn () is for you. And if you still think, download or not, then just know — your main assistant will be a cat!

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Magical Otoge Iris v1.0 (upd.02.05.2021) - DARKSiDERS

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Magical Otoge Iris — Iris works as a Purifier, a person who helps spirits move to the afterlife. It’s a story with comedy, romance and a heart hope. At least it has a lot of puns and jokes. Iris is the main character of this game. A gentle, clumsy and surprisingly brave girl who tries her best. Reef is a very kind but detached childhood friend of Iris, who is always worried about her. Lannes is a strict character and a sarcastic man who watches and adjusts his glasses too often. Requier was formerly a teacher of Iris.

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Speed Limit v1.2.2 (upd.02.05.2021)

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Speed Limit — is a fast-paced side-scrolling arcade shooter in which the daily train ride has gone awry. As you progress you will run, steer, fly and die many, many times. Hurricane gameplay, minimalistic visual style, a lot of interesting content and game events await you. Another advantage of this game is the constant change of gameplay. At the very beginning, you will run along the train in side scrolling mode, shooting enemies, and after a while you will have to drive a fast car in top view mode. And so it is constantly. As soon as you get used to one thing, suddenly the game offers something new. Otherwise, Speed Limit is a typical 2D action game, with gunfights, many deaths, chases, insane murders.

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GTFO Build 29042021 (upd.02.05.2021)

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The desire to conquer the universe and face unpredictable moments — perhaps for this it is worth trying your luck in the legendary and exciting game of GTFO. It is here that the player, together with his friends, will try to demonstrate real feelings, face new and unpredictable moments, break into a fight with historical secrets, which means that no one will find any correct sequence.

This game has been updated 2-05-2021, 06:21 to the latest version Build 29042021 (upd.02.05.2021).

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