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THIEF Definitive Edition — is a dark and dynamic game that tells you the story of a professional thief. Play the role of the main character named Charette, who has been involved in crime all his life. The thing is that the streets of the city have long been under an impenetrable gloomy veil, and hunger and fear flourish with terrible force. That is why you decide to take the path of breaking the law, because this is the only way you can save your own life. You will be given many missions to complete, but here you will need to use the stealth technique, which must be carefully worked out throughout the passage.

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  • The Persistence v2021.06.11 (Enhanced) - CODEX

    The Persistence Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Persistence — is a procedurally generated first-person shooter with horror elements for PlayStation VR devices. The game takes place on board the spacecraft «Persistence», which travels to a dying star to study it. The whole team is in hibernation, but due to the deviation of the course and approaching the Black Hole, the ship’s systems fail. Awakened crew begins to turn into monsters. And only the main character remains unconscious. He has to fix the damage to the ship and avoid death from members of his own team. Sci-Fi first-person horror in which you need to survive on board an abandoned colonial ship in deep space, crowded with terrible and dangerous creatures. Only you survived. Your task to repair the ship and return to Earth.

    This game has been updated 14-06-2021, 16:00 to the latest version v2021.06.11 (Enhanced).

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  • Warlike upd.14.06.2021

    Warlike Game Free Download Torrent
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    Warlike — is a tactical roguelike game with a nice graphic style. Your task is to gather your army to capture as much territory as possible. You will fight for territory and resources with clans of orcs, hordes of barbarians and legions of undead. Lead your army of mercenaries, in a procedurally created world, to complete domination! Equip your army with different types of soldiers. Pump over the skills they need and use them during the battle. In total, you will find 3 unique enemy factions. Each has its own boss leader.

    438 MB
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  • Mechajammer upd.14.06.2021 (demo)

    Mechajammer Game Free Download Torrent
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    Mechajammer — is a very fast paced tactical role-playing game with elements of horror, in which a team of deserters tries to escape from a gloomy cyberpunk colony in the jungle of a distant planet. In Mechajammer you can explore a large cyberpunk city with an open world, populated by occult syndicates and surrounded by jungles teeming with mutants. You are a deserter from the army, and after the crash in the enemy colony in the jungle you need to escape. Along the way, you will fight, bribe and recruit those you meet in a story where your choices have consequences. The passage of the current version of Mechajammer takes about 15 minutes, the game seems very linear and simple, you just fight hordes of mutants, making your way to the helicopter.

    167 MB
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  • Ooblets v0.8.9 (upd.14.06.2021)

    Ooblets Game Free Download Torrent
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    Ooblets — is a new farm simulator with cartoon graphics in which you will develop your own farm, make friends, have parties and just explore the world around you. Grow your crop and sell it in the city. Use the money you earn to equip your home and farm, and buy fashionable clothes to participate in dance competitions. Is an adventure game that is combined with an addicting farming simulator. Events unfold in a colorful world. Where not only people live, but also a variety of interesting animals and fabulous creatures. They are cute and kind and the main characters have a desire to collect them all in their farm.

    This game has been updated 14-06-2021, 03:33 to the latest version v0.8.9 (upd.14.06.2021).

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  • HopeLand Build 6625225 (upd.14.06.2021)

    HopeLand Game Free Download Torrent
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    HopeLand — is a multiplayer online survival game. Players will have to survive in a devastated world after an apocalyptic event. The earth is full of dangers, such as the hostile environment of the desert, which is also filled with many mutated creatures who are ready to end your life by taking just one wrong step. Your cunning and cleverness are the best weapons of all, players can create their own weapons, such as edge weapons or even firearms, from items you can find in the environment. Find your friend who will fight side by side to overcome a huge danger that is beyond the power of one person. And be careful, make your choice wisely. Any decision you make will affect the future, whether it is good or worse.

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  • Fossil Corner upd.14.06.2021

    Fossil Corner Game Free Download Torrent
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    Fossil Corner — you are a retired paleontologist, collecting fossils and solving evolutionary puzzles in your old garage. Grow a collection of fossils of your dreams. Countless species are possible. Solve cold, tactile, procedurally generated puzzles. Retirement was not easy. Use your old computer to write to friends via email. Maybe it will help. Look out the window. Watch the leaves sweep and hear the sounds of falling. Includes original soundtrack by Dylan Payne and Bobby Volpendest. Collect randomly generated fossils of snails and trilobites. Countless species are possible! Share the Fossil Species Code with your friends. Each puzzle is a box with procedurally generated fossils that form a complete family tree. Use your good old brain to decipher the tree.

    149 MB
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  • Interstellar Space Genesis v1.1.4 (upd.22.07.2020) - PLAZA

    Interstellar Space Genesis Game Free Download Torrent
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    Sometime in a few tens or hundreds of years, mankind will be able to conquer interstellar space and open the era of colonization of distant planets. In the process of traveling, the first researchers will have to face a number of problems, including extraterrestrial civilizations that are extremely hostile. The game Interstellar Space Genesis is a turn-based strategy that invites players to build a huge space empire. Get at your disposal a whole fleet of research ships and send them on a journey to distant planets. Study the whole stellar systems and determine those that are suitable for life. Expand human presence in space by establishing many thriving colonies.

    This game has been updated 14-06-2021, 15:34 to the latest version v1.1.4 (upd.22.07.2020).

    3.56 GB
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