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Adventure combines elements of survival and strategy. The Survivalists — find yourself on a mysterious uninhabited island alone or with friends. The game was released by the famous Team17 Corporation, which is familiar to fans of hits such as Worms and Alien Breed. The game takes place in one of the worlds of The Escapists cycle. You play the role of survivors who find themselves on a desert island. It is necessary to explore a two-dimensional environment, to collect and create buildings, objects, hunt animals real and mythical.

This game has been updated 25-06-2021, 04:14 to the latest version upd.24.06.2021 (Expeditions Update).

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  • Demon Skin v1.1005 (upd.24.06.2021) Crossroad of the Worlds - CODEX

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    Demon Skin — is action, RPG and indie at the same time. However, at the same time, a rather tough hack & slash can be traced here. So the project is designed for the widest possible range of gamers. A toy with its own unique style and aesthetics. What contributes to the harmonious fusion of graphics and soundtrack. It is noteworthy that Russian-speaking players will also be able to enjoy the game. After all, it is completely Russified. The main character Roy is a member of the Wanderer Order. He fights evil creatures from different hostile worlds.

    This game has been updated 24-06-2021, 16:59 to the latest version v1.1005 (upd.24.06.2021) Crossroad of the Worlds.

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  • Planetary Annihilation TITANS Build 115819 (Fusion) - CODEX

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    Planetary Annihilation TITANS — is an excellent global military strategy in which you have to go into deep space and begin to conquer a variety of planets, using the power of your faction. Unfortunately, there is no specific plot in this game the developers did not limit the players and simply allowed the players to independently think up the storyline. At the same time, there is another small «but» — the fact is that in this game there is no specific visual or military division into fractions. The fractions have the same technique, the same opportunities. On the one hand, this plays a negative role for diversity, but on the other hand, a balance has been created in this way, thanks to which in battles everything will depend only on your tactics, strategic thinking and abilities.

    This game has been updated 24-06-2021, 16:48 to the latest version Build 115819 (Fusion).

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  • Equestrian Training v1.0 (upd.24.06.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Equestrian Training Game Free Download Torrent

    Equestrian Training — discover a new way to learn more about horses and horseback riding alone or with friends. Based on the official FFE diplomas of the French Riding Federation, known as Galops, the game will help you improve your training mode, test your knowledge in exam mode and enjoy learning through various educational mini-games you will soon become an expert in riding. Multi-user mode for 4 players. Challenge your friends to riding knowledge and do practical exercises with them 2500 questions about horses and riding, written by riding professionals and based on official FFE diplomas. A large glossary of terms related to horses and horseback riding.

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  • Shipwreck Escape v1.0 (upd.24.06.2021) - CODEX

    Shipwreck Escape Game Free Download Torrent
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    Shipwreck Escape — is a 2.5-dimensional immersive game with puzzle elements. The crash happened when a cruise liner sailed from Athens to Dubai. The protagonist is a croupier in a ship’s casino, and he is stuck in this sinking hell. Solve puzzles, rescue other passengers, control two characters to go through all the levels to freedom and find out the cause of the disaster. The atmosphere of a sinking ship and panic around. Control two characters who have to help each other escape. Many passengers are trapped, but the time to escape is limited, and only you decide whether to stay and help or escape. Find your way through all obstacles fire, steam, electrical hazards.

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  • TAISHO x ALICE epilogue v1.0 (upd.24.06.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    TAISHO x ALICE epilogue Game Free Download Torrent

    TAISHO x ALICE epilogue — is a fabulous visual novel in which you must save your Beautiful Prince. As you go through the story you will be asked to make a choice at key points that will lead you to different endings. You will take on the role of a fairy-tale heroine to rehabilitate your chosen love interest and bring it to him long and happily. In the epilogue there is one love interest Alice. Before the game it is recommended to play TAISHO x ALICE, episodes 1-3. Note that this game focuses on mature topics, including mental illness, violence, blood work.

    2.85 GB
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  • Orange Cast Sci-Fi Space Action Game v2.0 (upd.24.06.2021) - CODEX

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    Orange Cast Sci-Fi Space Action Game — is a sci-fi third-person shooter that takes you on a dangerous adventure among the stars. The game takes place in 2046. You are one of the best space special forces soldiers, a brave warrior and defender of humanity. Explore planets, visit new dimensions, defend colonies, fight against a wide variety of enemies and become the first to meet the unknown on the far reaches of our galaxy.

    This game has been updated 24-06-2021, 11:43 to the latest version v2.0 (upd.24.06.2021).

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  • Real Farm Gold Edition v1.0.307 (upd.24.06.2021) - PLAZA

    Real Farm Gold Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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    Real Farm Gold Edition — who would have thought that the successful Farming Simulator franchise would have a themed rival in the form of Triangle Studios Real Farm Sim, backed by SOECESCO. This time, players will have the opportunity to once again go to the vastness of the farm in order to lift it from its knees and engage in active prosperity. In Real Farm Gold Edition, you once again have to manage the farm, manage the personnel structure, and manage the harvest and planting of crops. But nevertheless, the main bias of the gameplay will be on vehicles that you can personally control. Try to complete all the tasks and make your farm one of the leaders in comparison with competitors. You will not have any restrictions, only a wide range of options and a large open world for economic manipulation. Market your products profitably, achieve high profit margins and just try to be the best.

    2.16 GB
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  • Factory Town v0.192

    Factory Town Game Free Download Torrent
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    Factory Town — a game in the genre of construction simulator, where you kill to recreate your own settlement from scratch, taking control of all aspects of its activities. Before you open the desert, which in the future will be located multifunctional city. Create your own business as you please — there are no limitations in this, but always take into account the comfort and tranquility of your people. You will be engaged in the automation and optimization of any kind of activity, including infrastructure and the supply of useful materials through railways, or by water.

    This game has been updated 24-06-2021, 12:33 to the latest version v0.192.

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  • Setting Sun v0.37 (upd.24.06.2021)

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    Setting Sun — is a cooperative Action RPG with Roguelite elements. The action of the game takes place in the mystical universe during the Japanese period of Edo, where the world roams freely YOkai. The country is in turmoil because the shogun rules with an iron fist. A couple of mysterious travelers respond to the call to help humanity and try to fight together with the source of evil. The game consists of a randomly generated dungeon and a city. When you first start the game, the city is pretty much abandoned. But during your dungeon trips you have a chance to find new characters that you can hire for your city. In this way, you will be able to open new opportunities.

    305 MB
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