Skeletal Avenger v0.9.1 (upd.11.07.2021)

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Skeletal Avenger — is a roguelike action adventure in which you play the role of a skeleton. Your ward rose from the dead to find his killer and destroy him in revenge for his own death. Take a sword in your hands and start chasing the one who dared to cross your path. Go to explore unexplored locations in dark dungeons and other not the best places in search of your offenders. You will have to face many different creatures, not in the most friendly way towards you. Use any available weapon against your enemies and keep moving forward.

This game has been updated 11-07-2021, 15:31 to the latest version v0.9.1 (upd.11.07.2021).

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  • Rising Hell v1.1.2 (upd.11.07.2021)

    Rising Hell Game Free Download Torrent
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    Rising Hell — present to your attention a killer and dizzying platformer that will delight you with the highest dynamics of the game, as well as a huge variety of game control mechanics. Separately, it is worth noting the unique graphics of the game, made in pixel style, similar to projects from the era of the nineties. Here you will take on the role of a powerful creature, which is very much like a person, but at the same time has the body and abilities of a demon. You will go to hell itself to defeat the minions of Satan, and then the most insidious King of Purgatory. The game will delight you with a huge variety of gaming locations, each of which will hide a lot of secrets and unique features. It is also worth mentioning separately a wide variety of bosses in the game, the sizes of which, as well as their strength, can simply amaze.

    This game has been updated 11-07-2021, 15:28 to the latest version v1.1.2 (upd.11.07.2021).

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  • Hyper 5 v3 (upd.11.07.2021)

    Hyper 5 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Hyper 5 — is a cinematic shmap inspired by the classics of the golden era of the 90s. Responding to the distress signal, the reconnaissance spacecraft Hyper 5 is involved in a terrible battle with an unknown enemy. Will Hyper-5 survive the meeting on the planet 4GDT. Each of the five levels has its own environment and its own problems. Fight the enemy in the air, over land and under water. In total, you will meet more than forty different types of enemies, including five unique bosses. Task-based progress system. Complete game tests to unlock more than twenty weapon systems, as well as improve ship records in the gallery. Hyper 5 is suitable for all skill levels, offering both progressive and accurate game styles. Immerse yourself in the cinematic plot and learn the fate of Hyper 5. Test yourself in arcade mode and earn your place in the global online leaderboard.

    860 MB
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  • Sun Haven v0.1.2a (upd.11.07.2021)

    Sun Haven Game Free Download Torrent
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    Sun Haven — is an exciting adventure RPG simulator with sandbox elements and many possibilities, where you will find yourself in the small town of Sun Haven, where you can build and equip your farm, or just go on adventures filled with magic, monsters and dragons. You have just arrived in San Haven, a medieval city full of people from all walks of life who are doing their best to make their favorite city prosper as ever. As a farmer, miner, fisherman, warrior, craftsman and even a magician, you will find that adventures await you here. Your hard work will allow you to modernize your farm, renovate shops and even attract new neighbors. As you return to the city of life, the experience you earn for each task will help you improve your level and move along the main chain of tasks.

    This game has been updated 11-07-2021, 15:26 to the latest version v0.1.2a (upd.11.07.2021).

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  • The Invisible Hand v1.0.9 (upd.11.07.2021)

    The Invisible Hand Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Invisible Hand — is a strategic simulation game where the player will plunge into the financial sphere and play a responsible role the role of a broker. Whether you become a rich man or a complete bankrupt depends on you and your actions. Distribute your responsibilities, make the right decisions, follow the global market and do everything to achieve the desired result. The main task is to learn all the intricacies of your profession and learn how to sell and buy the necessary shares on time.

    This game has been updated 11-07-2021, 05:06 to the latest version v1.0.9 (upd.11.07.2021).

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  • Shiro v1.1 (upd.11.07.2021)

    Shiro Game Free Download Torrent
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    The main task of the main character of the game Shiro — is to find the missing sister. Holo and Shiro are twin sisters who have always been together. They together explored the wonderful world until they met the evil witch Satella. She kidnapped Shira and now you need to help Hola get your sister back. To do this, you have to go through many extremely dangerous locations over 25 levels with puzzles and monsters. Holo and Shiro are twin sisters who have traveled the world since childhood in search of adventure.

    101 MB
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  • POLE v0.1.10 (upd.11.07.2021)

    POLE Game Free Download Torrent
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    POLE — is a sophisticated NES-style platformer in which a villain has turned a beautiful pixel 2D world into a disgusting 3D, and now you have to return the pixels to the screen. In this game you will find 22 levels, from 2 to 12 hours to complete. Collectibles will make the gameplay much fun and interesting. Cheerful characters, vent your frustration with the fury button.

    483.10 MB
  • Automobilista 2 v1.2 (upd.05.06.2021) - CODEX

    Automobilista 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Automobilista 2 game is a continuation of the eponymous series of racing simulators, where you have to take part in exciting competitions on the most difficult tracks of Brazil. You will find an updated list of cars of famous manufacturers and dozens of new tracks with steep turns, sharp ascents and descents. The powerful MADNESS engine used in the new project will demonstrate completely unforgettable graphic quality. Changing weather conditions, the dynamics of the race itself and real tracks will allow you to enjoy the true realism of the game.

    This game has been updated 13-07-2021, 11:05 to the latest version v1.2 (upd.05.06.2021).

    38.0 GB
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  • Fates of Ort v1.3.0 (upd.11.07.2021)

    Fates of Ort Game Free Download Torrent
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    Fates of Ort — is a rather unusual game that sends you on a role-playing adventure to the expanses of a fantasy world. A special mission is assigned to your shoulders, requiring a certain approach, ingenuity and fearlessness. The world of magic has prepared quite a few tests, but you will definitely be able to cope with them with the proper approach. Dark forces have captured everything around and only you will be able to find hope for a brighter future. Events send you straight to the expanses of a small settlement, which is faced with terrible circumstances.

    This game has been updated 11-07-2021, 15:37 to the latest version v1.3.0 (upd.11.07.2021).

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  • Metal Unit Build 010004 (upd.11.07.2021)

    Metal Unit Game Free Download Torrent
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    Metal Unit is a spectacular action-platformer with bagel elements and random generation of levels, where in the role of a girl soldier named Joanna you have to save the Earth from space aliens and ancient monsters. The scene of the game is our Earth, which on the one hand is attacked by aliens from outer space, and on the other, ancient monsters that have appeared from underground. The player will have to take on the role of Joanna, a girl soldier dressed in a special combat suit «M-Unit». Together with her you have to save the Earth from the invaders, as well as to take revenge on your sister, who sided with the aliens.

    This game has been updated 11-07-2021, 15:34 to the latest version Build 010004 (upd.11.07.2021).

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