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Gray Zone — is a strategic game project with an admixture of a dynamic shooter and an entertaining bagel, where all actions will take place with a third-person perspective. First you need to get acquainted with the main character as an ordinary person, whose fate was not the best, because he was a slave for his entire conscious life. Quite a lot of time passed, he gained strength and patience in an instant to stop slavery.

This game has been updated 8-10-2021, 14:40 to the latest version Build 7016268 (upd.08.10.2021).

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  • Transport Fever 2 v34108 (upd.08.10.2021) - CODEX

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    Transport Fever 2 is an economic strategy game in which players create a diversified communications infrastructure. Developed by Swiss studio Urban Games also known as developer Train Fever. One of the tasks is to develop infrastructure and increase the stability of the operating system, including various types of transport — trains, buses, trucks, ships and even airplanes. In the game, players will find genuine logistic tasks based on real events, as well as several hundred cars from different eras.

    This game has been updated 9-10-2021, 02:42 to the latest version v34108 (upd.08.10.2021).

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  • Urban Tale v1.0 (upd.08.10.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Urban Tale Game Free Download Torrent

    Urban Tale — is an addicting RPG, life simulation game. Today you will have to take on the role of a common person and try to arrange your life. Not fighting huge armies of monsters and not saving the planet from aliens, but just living, but this is sometimes more difficult than fighting monsters. You can be anyone, try to imitate your life, or be someone completely different. You can spend your life working as an employee, when you gain enough experience and knowledge, you also become a manager or even a business owner and manage companies, people working in this field, and your own life at the same time. Get to know the urban world like never before, take a walk in Ljubljana, live your daily life trying to have fun.

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  • Scarenoid Build 1774240 (upd.08.10.2021)

    Scarenoid Game Free Download Torrent
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    Scarenoid — is a comically dark role-playing game. He tells the story of the unusual adventures of a vengeful little Coward, who must overcome his paranoid fear in order to save his ingenuous Companion from the dangers that await them in an alien environment. The game offers a single-player third-person game set in a story-rich 3D environment combined with a gripping storyline. Created for all fans of horror comedies with rich plots. This is the atmosphere of Courage the Cowardly Dog and Diablo mechanics.

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  • Space Yandere v1.0 (upd.08.10.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Space Yandere Game Free Download Torrent

    Space Yandere — is a sweet and dramatic story in which you play as a robot created by mad love Luna on her way to a heavenly planet. The game has wonderful art, cute characters and exciting music. Despite the fact that the game contains elements of horror, it is inherently cute. One playthrough can take about 45 minutes. In this game, there are several endings. Try to complete the gameplay to go through and perform differently.

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  • Schizm Mysterious Journey v1.0 (upd.08.10.2021) - PLAZA

    Schizm Mysterious Journey Game Free Download Torrent
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    Schizm Mysterious Journey — is a classic adventure created by the Polish development studio Detalion. The action of the game was established shortly. Several attempts to explore Argilus have failed to uncover the secrets of its mysterious abandoned state a developed planet without humans. Previous scouting teams reported unusual finds before mysteriously disappearing without a trace. Their distorted messages speak of a world containing large inhabited organic vessels floating aimlessly and abandoned. These messages are the only legacy of the missing race. You must now travel through the strange and exotic lands of Argilus. Here you will discover secrets and secrets that until now lay dormant, waiting to be revealed. Take on the challenge and let your instincts and ingenuity help uncover the ultimate mystery.

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  • Flappy Shooter v1.0 (upd.08.10.2021) - DOGE

    Flappy Shooter Game Free Download Torrent
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    Flappy Shooter — is an unusual combination of two previously incompatible genres. Play as a snide bird, for the flight of which you need to press the space bar. Fight insects from huge cannons using the same huge cannons. A unique race awaits you every time, because Flappy Shooter is a roguelike. Many weapons with different properties, countless upgrades to choose from. Even locations will change every time, and they have their own enemies and bosses. In the game, the simplest control is press the space bar to fly, and all the guns shoot themselves, so you just have to aim.

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  • ECO HOLE Build 7498373 (upd.08.10.2021)

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    ECO HOLE — is a survival game for one or two players with unique gameplay. Strange events began to occur in the world, and people began to turn into monsters. You are mysterious heroes who suddenly appear at the right moment, and you strive to stop the nightmare at any cost. Face difficulties and fears directly. One day everything went awry. People began to turn into terrible monsters. But out of nowhere, mysterious heroes have appeared, and they are ready to put an end to the very cause of the disaster.

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  • Rust v2318 (upd.07.10.2021)

    Rust Game Free Download Torrent
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    Rust is a multiplayer game, so it's more to fear not animals, but other players who are also trying to survive. Unfortunately for you, they can try to survive at your expense, find your shelter and try to kill you, while taking all your belongings. Fortunately for you, you can defend yourself and try to confront the bandits. It is best to make friends with other players and help each other survive. The world of RUST is teeming with dangers, so you better find your companions. The world in the game is extremely hostile. Bears and wolves will chase you and kill you if they catch up. Falling from a high altitude will not leave you a chance. Being exposed to radiation is also not recommended, you risk becoming a walking corpse. Fasting or hypothermia can also kill you pretty quickly.

    This game has been updated 8-10-2021, 07:13 to the latest version v2318 (upd.07.10.2021).

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  • Frozenheim v0.4.0 (upd.08.10.2021)

    Frozenheim Game Free Download Torrent
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    The project with the short name Frozenheim — is a real-time strategy game Legends of Ellaria with elements of a city-planning simulator, as well as with a fantasy style. Get ready to spend your time in serene Scandinavian construction fun that features thoughtful gameplay and tactical battles with deep tactical involvement. Lead the Viking clan and help them overcome the many difficulties that fill the chilling north. Build buildings, survive, swim to other regions and defeat numerous opponents.

    This game has been updated 8-10-2021, 06:57 to the latest version v0.4.0 (upd.08.10.2021).

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