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An innovative look at the modern military era, which is a combination of deep strategy and action from a third party. In Call to Arms, you can suppress the enemy with your tactical skills, as well as the direct ability to fight, if, of course, the actions and actions of your units are not suitable for you. Modern warfare passes through rural areas, factories, railway stations and even entire cities. If you want, almost everything can be smashed into «nuts and dust» which sometimes can play into your hands. Really simulated equipment and weapons can be customized for yourself, so that the army is fully consistent with your views on the style of combat. And remember: tuned weapons can be thoroughly tested, just by gaining control over the unit of interest you are interested in.

This game has been updated 29-12-2022, 12:22 to the latest version v1.228.0 (upd.01.11.2021) Ultimate Edition.

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  • Vigil The Longest Night Build 7242083 (upd.01.11.2021) - PLAZA

    Vigil The Longest Night Game Free Download Torrent
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    Vigil The Longest Night — game invites you to set off during the Middle Ages, when Europe was struck by a deadly plague. The disease spreads at a catastrophic rate in the district, and there is very little time left to search for drugs or a means to stop the development of the infection. You have to play the role of a brave girl Leila, who decides to go on a dangerous journey to save her native village. She believes that a curse looms over the world, which caused the appearance of the disease.

    This game has been updated 1-11-2021, 17:48 to the latest version Build 7242083 (upd.01.11.2021).

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  • Football Manager 2022 v22.0.1.0 (upd.01.11.2021)

    Football Manager 2022 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Football Manager 2022 — is the next annual release of the most realistic football manager of our time. The game is carefully honing the mechanics laid down in the previous parts of the series, while introducing many new improvements, elements and features. For example, the engine will be updated in the game, and first of all this will affect the speed of the game itself, as well as the graphics and physics will be improved. 3D broadcasts of matches will become even better thanks to improved lighting, animation, physics. The behavior of the ball and the players on the field has undergone changes, which brings a tangible effect of randomness in the broadcast of matches.
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  • Black Widow Recharged v1.0 (upd.01.11.2021) - P2P

    Black Widow Recharged Game Free Download Torrent
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    Black Widow Recharged — is a mixture of twin-stick shooter Phantom Beasts Redemption, arcade and action game, supplemented with 2D graphics and pixel stylistics. Do everything to protect your home, located on the cobweb, which the dastardly beetles intend to capture. Enjoy the return of a cult classic, this time accompanied by lively scores from the talented composer Megan McDuffie. Overcome all difficulties alone or invite your friends with you to go through all thirty unique challenges with them, or try your hand at endless arcade mode.
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  • Distorted world v1.0 (upd.01.11.2021) - PLAZA

    Distorted world Game Free Download Torrent
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    Distorted World — is a first-person indie shooter with elements of horror. The action in this game takes place in a parallel reality. The main character Oleg Antonov is an employee of the secret department for the study of anomalous phenomena under the President of the Russian Federation. Together with his partner Eva, he is sent to study the nature of the energy surge in the mountains of the Caucasus, recorded by space exploration. Upon arrival, they discover many oddities and an abandoned temple of unknown origin. Entering this temple, they discovered an interstellar portal. Eve is ordered to go through this portal in another dimension.
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  • Portal Dungeon Goblin Escape v1.0 (upd.01.11.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Portal Dungeon Goblin Escape Game Free Download Torrent
    Portal Dungeon Goblin Escape — is an action game set in a fantasy medieval setting. The main character was sent to a kingdom invaded by monsters to activate the portals and kill the creatures that inhabit it. Having moved to the dungeon with a single pickaxe, the central character sets himself the task of staying alive by any means. He is a slave and was sent without his consent. The user can take a partner with him, but both characters will be bound by collars, which will not allow them to run away or move far from the friend.
    1.44 GB
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  • Treasure of Cutuma 3rd Build 7637297 (upd.01.11.2021) + Call of GURU - PLAZA

    Treasure of Cutuma 3rd Game Free Download Torrent
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    Treasure of Cutuma 3rd — if you have not spent your time in games where you need to search for treasures. Here you need to reincarnate in the role of a very brave girl who is not afraid of any dangers. One day, news comes to her that ancient treasures may be stored on one distant and unexplored planet. Without thinking twice, the heroine, of course, goes there to take possession of these expensive items. But be on the alert, because the news about these jewels reached not only you, but also other adventurers, and local residents should not be discounted. Therefore, you should tune in to active opposition on the way to your goal.
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  • Women of Xal v1.0 (upd.01.11.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Women of Xal Game Free Download Torrent
    Women of Xal — follow Xena as she begins her ascent by a dangerous political ladder against other women who see the Matriarch as equally powerful. Help those in need, or focus on the future and potentially help a wider range of people. Your way. Or throw her into a tragic deadly race. The players will play. Join Xena in a 10-hour story with countless branches and ways to end each day. No two passages are the same, and your friends may have a completely different experience of communicating with characters than you do. The choice is not binary, and one good deed does not wash away the bad, and the bad good. The world and its characters will not revolve around Siena or her schedule. Participation in life depends on the player.
    2.15 GB
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  • Felix The Toy v1.0 (upd.01.11.2021) - PLAZA

    Felix The Toy Game Free Download Torrent
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    Felix The Toy — this is a new adventure game that has a special atmosphere and can be safely attributed to a small toy with a big heart. Help Felix find his master after a mysterious event that caused everyone on the planet to dissolve in the air. Enjoy these features inspired by classic games like ToyStation 2 for PlayStation. Ten major thematic levels. The plot mode that follows Felix on his journey. Authentic retro feeling without remorse. The credits screen see those responsible for the magic. Full story, nice music, and keyboard support. Lower or rotate the camera to avoid cropping in high common areas. Felix The Toy supports keyboard and mouse.
    702 MB
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  • Project Runner v1.0 (upd.01.11.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Project Runner Game Free Download Torrent
    Project Runner — is a survival game in which the main character gets into a maze, the main purpose of which is to overcome the maze. The story of the game is told through short animations, and their secrets are revealed in a maze. Inside the maze, the player must create and find their own weapons to fight monsters, which was designed specifically for the maze. Several platforms that a player can park, and several collection resources that a player can find. The survival game was designed to allow players to use all their abilities to find a way out.
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