Hello Puppets Midnight Show v0.1 (upd.19.11.2021)

Hello Puppets Midnight Show Game Free Download Torrent
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Hello Puppets Midnight Show — is a prequel to the horror adventure of the same name, developed using virtual reality technology. You are going to travel to the distant 80s to look at the world through the eyes of a talented puppeteer. Owen Gabberson knows how not only to craft stunning figures, but also to endow them with life energy using magic spells. Something clearly went wrong, and the revived creations turned into real puppet sadists. They begin to persecute you with not the most benevolent goals.

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  • Alien Horizon v21.07.30 (upd.19.11.2021)

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    Alien Horizon — is a science fiction designer of cities where you survive on an inhospitable alien planet. Faced with the inevitable destruction of the Earth, humanity has pooled its resources and sent sleeping ships to the nearest potentially viable planet. But this planet turned out to be much less suitable for life than expected. The game provides comprehensive resource management, lack of contact with the Earth, the study of a large randomly generated map, research, public transport management, the system of laws in the future it will be significantly expanded and much more.

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  • World War Z Aftermath v2.04 - CODEX

    World War Z Aftermath Game Free Download Torrent
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    World War Z Aftermath — is a cooperative first-person shooter with horror elements, based on the movie World War Z. The co-op campaign is designed for four players and tells unique stories of survival around the world after the zombie apocalypse. You need to act tactically wisely, using traps, barriers and environments to stay alive. There are several types of weapons to choose from, which will help to cope with entire hordes of undead. Co-op shooter based on the license for the movie of the same name. Players enter a world overrun by a zombie pandemic and fight for survival in Moscow, New York and Jerusalem.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2021, 13:28 to the latest version v2.04.

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  • Roguebook v1.8.2 (upd.19.11.2021) - CODEX

    Roguebook Game Free Download Torrent
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    Roguebook — travel a magical dimension using the intelligence and skills of 2 characters. Each of them has unique abilities, so you will have to puzzle over how to correctly build a battle strategy. This is very important, since along the way you will come across dangerous enemies, against which you need to use not only open cards, but also the superpowers of the heroes. And in the most critical situations, they are ready to unite and expand the range of opportunities, trying to win even an obviously hopeless battle. The beloved card roguelike, in which all the features of the genre are observed a dynamic and unpredictable world, interesting stories and puzzles.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2021, 13:22 to the latest version v1.8.2 (upd.19.11.2021).

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  • Drakkar Crew v0.1.7993 (upd.19.11.2021)

    Drakkar Crew Game Free Download Torrent
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    Drakkar Crew — a group of Vikings sail to conquer settlements on drakkars. Adventure gamers are invited to create their own team and take part in battles in ancient Scandinavia. The user can purchase ships belonging to different classes and equip them according to his preference in the course of completing storyline and secondary missions. The game features a large open world, made in the mythological setting of the Scandinavian and Slavic peoples. After choosing a ward, the user pumps his skills, which opens up new quests. During the battle, a variety of weapons and equipment are used. The map shows the mass of settlements that are to be visited.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2021, 14:45 to the latest version v0.1.7993 (upd.19.11.2021).

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  • Pronty Fishy Adventure v1.0 (upd.19.11.2021) - CODEX

    Pronty Fishy Adventure Game Free Download Torrent
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    Pronty Fishy Adventure — is a PC adventure and action game. The plot takes place under water in the city of the future, where the player will have to visit the explorer of these dangerous underwater depths. To have fun with friends or by yourself, we advise you to download Pronty Fishy Adventure torrent on your pc. Humanity, in the near future, has found a way to live in a new way, namely under water, turning the seabed into modern Atlantis. But at the present time cities are in danger, and it will be you who will be given the opportunity to defend it.

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  • The Mortuary Assistant v1.1.7 (upd.19.11.2021)

    The Mortuary Assistant Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Mortuary Assistant — after graduating from the morgue, you enrolled in the River Fields morgue. Over the past few months, you have spent many hours helping Mortikov to perform daily tasks, as well as learning all the intricacies of the embalming process, as well as how to properly treat and care for the deceased. During your stay in River Fields, you heard rumors of families bringing their deceased loved ones who were believed to be possessed or otherwise related to paranormal phenomena to this particular morgue to bury them.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2021, 05:03 to the latest version v1.1.7 (upd.19.11.2021).

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  • Exanima v0.8.2.7d (upd.19.11.2021)

    Exanima Game Free Download Torrent
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    Exanima — is a dark, but interesting role-playing action with an admixture of survival, in which you will have to go on an unusual journey through the catacombs inhabited by various undead in the role of the hero you created. The most interesting thing is that initially you will not know anything about the plot and what you are prepared for. No tips, no directions, not even elementary tasks. Create a character and appear in the catacombs, without anything. All you can do is start moving forward.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2021, 14:33 to the latest version v0.8.2.7d (upd.19.11.2021).

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  • Train Life A Railway Simulator v0.5.1 16121 (upd.19.11.2021)

    Train Life A Railway Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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    Train Life A Railway Simulator — is a realistic first-person train driver simulator. In the game you have to become a train driver and a director of a transport company at the same time. In the game, you will drive your own train and transport passengers and goods throughout Europe. A well-developed fleet of locomotives awaits you, each of them has its own unique features. And in order to achieve maximum efficiency, you need to properly study the controlled locomotive. The game offers realistic graphics, strategic elements, challenging gameplay and changing weather with time of day. In this railway simulator, you are given the opportunity to become a train driver and a company director at the same time. Choose your own name and logo for your company. Buy locomotives and hire drivers. Make contracts and master new paths. Repair locomotives in a timely manner to prevent breakdowns and accidents. Sign contracts or refuse them. Make the right decisions, make money and grow your company.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2021, 04:35 to the latest version v0.5.1 16121 (upd.19.11.2021).

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  • Gordian Quest Build 112 (upd.19.11.2021)

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    Gordian Quest is a roguelike adventure in which you will have to assemble a squad of powerful heroes, go on a journey through the world crumbling before our eyes, and try to defeat Evil. The once prosperous world began to crumble literally before our eyes, Evil began to absorb it from the inside. Robbers, bandits, representatives of different races and all kinds of villains began to destroy the world, and now it needs heroes. Well, you have to collect a detachment of those same heroes and go on a journey, during which your main task will be to destroy the root of Evil. Think manage, then go ahead. But remember, this adventure promises to be very, very challenging.

    This game has been updated Today, 04:32 to the latest version Build 112 (upd.19.11.2021).

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