Sweet Transit v0.1.69 upd.04.05.2022

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Gamers in Sweet Transit will have to take control of railway connections, locomotives and stations, which will have an impact on the development of settlements and towns. The game is made in the genre of urban strategy, where there are elements of resource management. Players will be engaged in the study and development of the map, laying rails and connecting distant towns with each other. It is necessary to transport goods, create production chains and develop trains. The main task in Sweet Transit is to improve and expand the business that appeared during the industrial revolution.

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  • Ninja Noboken v1.0 upd.04.05.2022 - SKIDROW

    Ninja Noboken Game Free Download Torrent

    Ninja Noboken — is a dynamic adventure inspired by the 8-bit games of the 80s. Wednesday Ninja Noboken is full of trials. Evil has risen from the ashes in another form and is again sowing terror in this universe. If it is not stopped, the world as we know it will be taken, which will make it unbearable for humanity. Betrayal and twists of history are what you will encounter in this adventure. As a player, you have to go to the roots of the castle and defeat this new enemy to protect the world from complete devastation.

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  • Blood West v1.1.1 upd.04.05.2022

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    Blood West — is a fast-paced, retro western-style shooter where you take on the role of a ghost. The soul of an untimely deceased cowboy is cursed and doomed to wander through the most nightmarish lands. Once in a small mining town, you find that all the demons of hell have moved here. You must deal with them in order to be able to move on and someday reach the final goal of this endless journey. An exciting shootout with all sorts of monsters, demons and other creatures awaits you. One of their appearance inspires fear.

    This game has been updated 4-05-2022, 05:50 to the latest version v1.1.1 upd.04.05.2022.

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  • Disharmonia v1.0 upd.04.05.2022 - DOGE

    Disharmonia Game Free Download Torrent
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    Disharmonia — is an adventure research game with several limbs. You will play Tony, you will have special places in your reality and beyond. You will explore different endings of the whole game, follow the story line or not follow the story line. your decision will change the history and development of the game. You will try to find the end in the endless game. But as you explore, the meaning and history of the whole game gradually begins to unfold.

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  • Oaken Build 8667991 upd.04.05.2022 - P2P

    Oaken Game Free Download Torrent
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    Oaken — is an interesting strategy game that combines elements of roguelike and card mechanics. You will find yourself in an unusual mythical place hidden from the eyes of people. The laws of space and time are not dominant here, but amazing spirits live inside this world. They settled in the crown of the Great Oak, from the trunk of which an enchanting song can be heard.

    This game has been updated 4-05-2022, 05:05 to the latest version Build 8667991 upd.04.05.2022.

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  • Age of Grit v1.0 upd.04.05.2022 - DOGE

    Age of Grit Game Free Download Torrent
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    Age of Grit — looks like a great example of a hybrid of science fiction and steam punk that may be of interest to those who are fans of Firefly or Cowboy Bebop. Age of Grit follows the struggles and adventures of a lone airship owned and operated by a player. He also seeks to create an unlikely mix of steampunk and cowboys, inspired mostly by science fiction smugglers and austere traders. Put on the dusty boots of Jebedai Rockwell, the gray captain of the shabby steam airship. You and the team of your ship will set off on a journey through the vast world of the Wild West in a story-rich role-playing game. Improve your airship with accurate rifles, Gatling’s formidable machine guns, destructive guns and many other steampunk-style items. Build your state with every job you do and with every illegal explosion dropped from the sky. Try your hand at head hunting, duels with criminals, smuggling and anything else to pay the bills and keep your ship in the sky.

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  • Bakery Simulator Build 8662798 upd.04.05.2022 - FLT

    Bakery Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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    Bakery Simulator project game which you will download torrent for free, is an exciting indie simulator with elements of a casual game, action, as well as realistic physics and a first-person camera view. Drop all your business and dive into this game as soon as possible, because here you have a real chance to feel like a real baker! You will master the technique of baking a wide variety of breads using the latest models of advanced bread machines. Deliver your products to various outlets, earn money, and then immediately invest it in your production.

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  • EchoBlade v1.0 upd.04.05.2022 - DOGE

    EchoBlade Game Free Download Torrent
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    EchoBlade — is a puzzle game in which you have to explore the dungeons. You are blind and locked in a large maze of towers. Wrapped in opaque darkness, you must walk your path to freedom, using only sound as a guide. Look at the world in ultrasound every step, every metal rattle of armor or the wave of a blade illuminates your path. Be careful to avoid pressure plates that throw different traps. Arm yourself with a sword or release crossbow bolts when you encounter the Knights Crusaders in armor hiding in the dark corridors of the dungeon. Examine the dangerous tower. Each level is built with different mechanics patrolling prison guards, discovering hidden switches that open secret doors, and solving puzzles with platformer elements.

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  • Loot River v1.0 upd.04.05.2022 - Razor1911

    Loot River Game Free Download Torrent
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    Loot River — is a fast-paced, top-down roguelike action set in a dark fantasy setting. The game offers hardcore battles against hordes of monsters, a gothic atmosphere and the ability to move elements of the levels. The main character possesses a certain mysterious Relic that allows you to move the ground under your feet. This ability will help solve some of the riddles to move forward. As you progress, you can also get hold of a considerable amount of weapons and the necessary equipment that can be improved.

    This game has been updated 4-05-2022, 04:41 to the latest version v1.0 upd.04.05.2022.

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  • Age of Darkness Final Stand v0.6.2.319 upd.04.05.2022

    Age of Darkness Final Stand Game Free Download Torrent
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    Age of Darkness Final Stand — is a real-time strategy game with strong survival elements in a dark fantasy world. Events take place in an eerie universe where humanity is threatened with complete destruction, after hordes of monsters escaped from the earth. These monsters appeared straight from the darkness, they want to destroy everyone in their path. There are few people left, and the player will have to lead their last major settlement in order to lead people to victory. The player needs to build his own settlement, where he needs to create various buildings, including industrial and residential buildings, as well as military structures.

    This game has been updated 4-05-2022, 05:57 to the latest version v0.6.2.319 upd.04.05.2022.

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