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Holomento — is an RPG adventure where death is absolute and the passage gradually becomes more difficult. The protagonist travels through the Evening Hollow, where it takes a long time to recover from the devastation. The player’s actions affect the environment, the life of local residents and other gameplay elements. It all happened on a day when a terrifying curse was placed on a small area, and Evening Hollow was in utter despair. Many adventurers are trying to find a way through the mysterious place, but a mysterious book is attached to each of them, and Holomento captures the souls of those who have any information.

This game has been updated 9-05-2022, 09:48 to the latest version v0.5.07 upd.09.05.2022.

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  • Phoenix Point Kaos Engines v1.14.3 upd.09.05.2022 - FLT

    Phoenix Point Kaos Engines Game Free Download Torrent

    Embark on a wild journey with DLC 5 Phoenix Point Kaos Engines. In this download vehicle add-on, a brand new Kaos Buggy is waiting for you, as well as many customization options for all your existing vehicles. Also, try Kaos Tech is new and unpredictable weapon great power, but also great risk. Of course, DLC 5 also includes new missions, new research and a whole new market for equipment and technology.

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  • Paths and Danger v1.0.1.0 upd.09.05.2022

    Paths and Danger Game Free Download Torrent
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    Paths and Danger — is a turn-based RPG with procedural generation and roguelike elements set in a dark fantasy world. Join an adventure in which you have to assemble a balanced group of heroes to complete a series of quests and uncover the great mystery surrounding the province of Westwall. To complete each quest, you must go through many challenges in which you will have to deal with random encounters and different situations and get the most out of it. After completing many quests, you must recruit new members for your group, each with different skills. You can also upgrade your characters equipment and equipment. Also, collect all kinds of potions, get gems and gold to help you on your adventure.

    This game has been updated 9-05-2022, 04:38 to the latest version v1.0.1.0 upd.09.05.2022.

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  • Dark Light v0.93 upd.09.05.2022 (The Lost Kingdom)

    Dark Light Game Free Download Torrent
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    Dark Light — is an action-platformer made in a sci-fi setting where you will be presented with an unusual and unique gameplay. Your hero embarks on an exciting and dangerous journey through the world of cyberpunk to face inexplicable phenomena and insidious monsters of post-apocalypse. Pick the right weapon and hit the road to demonstrate your valor and courage.

    This game has been updated 9-05-2022, 04:35 to the latest version v0.93 upd.09.05.2022 (The Lost Kingdom).

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  • MetaPhysical Build 8700554 upd.09.05.2022

    MetaPhysical Game Free Download Torrent
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    Above the natural, physical world we know lies the realm of metaphysics. In MetaPhysical you can go hunting for these creatures with 5 other friends to put an end to their sinister activities. Whether it’s an ordinary ghost or a demon, your task is to identify the grumbling creature and then finish it off. Before you go hunting, arm yourself with a set of useful items. In the catalog you will find everything you need for hunting from EMF equipment to the carpet to disguise the devil’s traps. Once you feel ready, you can find the next mission in the newspaper. You will find out what kind of creature it is, what level of difficulty it is, shy or aggressive, as soon as you get to the haunted house and get to work. As soon as you get to the haunted house, you can arm yourself with your equipment and start looking for ghost signs inside the house.

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  • Agent 01 Build 8496875 upd.09.05.2022 - Goldberg

    Agent 01 Game Free Download Torrent
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    In Agent 01 you will live a story with action, running Marx. The main character will be captured. The prisoner will be surrounded by criminals. Marx will be able to use several places to go unnoticed, which will allow him to pass the game unnoticed. You can play first person and you will have a medium range weapon and a pistol as working tools to help you in the main task. All this with a lot of actions that together with the strategy do everything perfectly. The game takes place in the countryside, where you can explore the whole area, and you need to complete several tasks to complete it. As a working tool you will have a medium-range weapon and a pistol.

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  • Sneak Thief v1.0 upd.09.05.2022 - Goldberg

    Sneak Thief Game Free Download Torrent
    Goldberg Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    Sneak Thief — is a thief simulator from the first person. You are waiting for a variety of objects. Gain experience, picking up poorly protected houses, and gradually move to the rich villas. Who knows, maybe you have enough experience and knowledge to rob a well-protected bank. Look for loopholes and weak spots, and if you cannot find them, then take a weapon and act with the help of brute force.

    This game has been updated 9-05-2022, 03:37 to the latest version v1.0 upd.09.05.2022.

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  • Magical Girl Celesphonia v1.0 upd.09.05.2022 - P2P

    Magical Girl Celesphonia Game Free Download Torrent
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    Magical Girl Celesphonia — Amane is an ordinary woman who lives in one of the largest cities in Japan, which is becoming more and more dangerous every day. People disappear, especially young women, and before she finds out, she discovers the reason they are being kidnapped by dangerous monsters called monsters. Monsters attack her one night on the way home, and as soon as she is about to end, her book begins to talk to her, offering her the final contract to become a magic warrior and fight monsters.

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  • Eternal Edge Plus v1.1.0033 (upd.09.05.2022) - SKIDROW

    Eternal Edge Plus Game Free Download Torrent
    SKIDROW Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Eternal Edge Plus — is an rpg and action game developed by Righteous Weasel Games for the PC platform. The environment in the game refers to the style of retro, action, adventure, role-playing game, indie, cell inventory, pixel graphics, fantasy, adventure action, open world, deep story and others. This is an adventure role-playing game where we have to play for a young hero named Cross. Embark on a journey and defeat the Skeleton King, called the lord of the dead. Players will find a huge world, many unique monsters and the opportunity to save the fantasy kingdom from the clutches of evil.

    This game has been updated 9-05-2022, 03:26 to the latest version v1.1.0033 (upd.09.05.2022).

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  • Diplomacy is Not an Option v0.9.47 upd.09.05.2022

    Diplomacy is Not an Option Game Free Download Torrent
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    Diplomacy is Not an Option — is an addicting military strategy game in which you have to take on the role of a powerful feudal lore. After many years of successful reign, the boring life ceased to please your hero, and ordinary tournaments and hunting for wild animals began to weigh on you. A surprise attack from enemies quickly solved the problem of boredom, and now you have to deal with numerous enemy armies and crowds of rebellious peasants. You must organize defensive lines to keep the approaches to your own castle.

    This game has been updated 9-05-2022, 04:36 to the latest version v0.9.47 upd.09.05.2022.

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