Aurelia Stellar Arising v1.0 upd.16.05.2022 - DARKSiDERS

Aurelia Stellar Arising Game Free Download Torrent
Aurelia Stellar Arising is a turn-based 3D game Fleet vs. Fleet. Choose between two factions and fight for control of the Aurelia system in more than 77 missions for each faction. Control flotillas of up to 9 ships and give maneuvering and tactical commands to each ship. Complete 2 campaigns with 7 phases and 11 missions in each to earn maximum rewards and unlock new ships and new powerful improvements. More than 150 missions to test and master. A total of 20 ships, 10 per faction and 18 ship improvements. Supports three main game modes hybrid combat, turn-based, command. 5 levels of difficulty for missions and campaigns. Additional campaign and battle settings include support for Arcade, Balanced, and Simulation modes, as well as basic and advanced AI. Game modes include Player Vs II, Player Vs. Player and AI Vs II.
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  • Zerograve Build 8744001 upd.16.05.2022 - TiNYiSO

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    Zerograve — is a first-person tunnel shooter with six degrees of freedom and weightlessness. Pilot a motorized combat drone and break through the army of robots on the way to the central computer of the station. Survive in ambush in quarantine, benches and other dangers. Break into pieces of huge robot bosses, such as the long and dangerous Cybernoodle. Dual equipment: install two sets of weapons with two weapons in each and quickly switch between them on the fly. Secondary weapons have common ammunition, while primary weapons have infinite ammunition. Choose improvements to improve your style of play.
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  • 112 Operator Build 8640806 + 2nd Year Anniversary - SKIDROW

    112 Operator Game Free Download Torrent
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    112 Operator — a strategic simulator of military service, where you, going to any city in the world, will take on the performance of a very responsible role — the role of a rescuer. You do not have to travel to their destinations, because your task is to correctly build a telephone conversation. Become the best in your difficult task, helping the victims of cataclysms and all kinds of natural disasters get out of the circumstances. A feature of the game is that you can manage emergency response services from anywhere in the world.

    This game has been updated 7-12-2023, 16:15 to the latest version Build 8640806 + 2nd Year Anniversary.

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  • Orph The Lost Boy Build 8717740 upd.16.05.2022 - TiNYiSO

    Orph The Lost Boy Game Free Download Torrent
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    In Orph The Lost Boy you play the father whose wife died and the child was taken away by the state 8 years ago. Years pass and you decide to find your son, all the tracks lead you to the old shelter. The task seems simple, to find information about your son, but very soon everything will change, and you will be between worlds, between good and evil, between reality and nightmare. Exploring a huge shelter and dungeon, you will solve puzzles, collect items, reveal secrets. Use the items you find to get to new areas or learn more about history. Each decision will bring you closer to your son or deepen the darkness. Meet your deep fears and try to keep your mind to the end.
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  • Gone v1.0 upd.16.05.2022 - TiNYiSO

    Gone Game Free Download Torrent
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    Gone — in this horror of survival game you will get lost in the dark and spooky forest. Collect coins, ammunition and weapons to protect yourself from the monsters that filled the city, while keeping your mind from paranormal phenomena. This project was inspired by FPS games, including Resident Evil, Phasmophobia, The Forest and COD Zombies. Use coins to pay for items in the store system, various weapons to destroy monsters and first aid kits to survive. In your journey, you will come across diary entries of citizens that will help you complete important tasks. This linear study is a mixture of exciting and exciting outdoor fights with a hint of horrific scenes and plot development inside.
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  • Lost Alone Episode 2 Paparino v1.0 upd.16.05.2022 - TiNYiSO

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    Lost Alone Episode 2 Paparino — George is a man with a turbulent past. George, who grew up with his paternal grandmother, breaks out of the spiral of alcohol dependence, meeting his fiancée Hannah. But the child’s injuries will soon return to haunt him, pushing him into the abyss of despair. First-person psychological horror. Players take on the role of George Telselva and face a spiral of first-person nightmares. George, haunted by his past, becomes a lazy spectator of the tragedies he has tarnished. Explore George’s mind in three sections divided into three different games. A few hours of nightmares await you. Solve puzzles to help you understand Herod’s thoughts. Discover the traumas that led you to this spiral of fear and try to change the situation.
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