Potion Permit v0.83b upd.18.06.2022

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Potion Permit — takes place in a small town called Moonbury. The life of the protagonist will be eventful constant meetings, alchemical experiments, the search for new solutions with an ax at hand. This is how the everyday life of the main city healer goes. He solves mysteries related to diseases and their treatment. Residents of any place will need a doctor from time to time. In this remote town, its inhabitants have long made do with the services of a shaman and traditional methods. But once the usual popular measures could not help the daughter of the mayor himself. Then the medical association sent a qualified pharmacist to help them.

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  • Trepang 2 v1596 upd.18.06.2022

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    The main character of Trepang 2 — is in an unfamiliar room. He has lost his memory, but he knows he must get to the helicopter to complete the mission. An unknown organization will help the character. The enemies will be special forces units advancing in waves. You can fight them off not only with guns, but also in hand-to-hand combat. The hero has various additional skills, for example, gains invisibility or slows down the enemy. To use the second ability, you need stamina points, which are periodically restored in a fight.

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  • Praey for the Gods v1.0.022 upd.18.06.2022

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    Praey for the Gods is an action-style game with elements of stealth as well. First of all, it is worth noting the magnificent performance of the graphic component, which will delight the player with colorful landscapes and vast expanses of the world that you can explore. The world of the game keeps in itself all sorts of artifacts, and also you will go on an adventure to solve thousands of secrets. There are special effects, change of day and night, changeable weather — all this is able to fascinate anyone who plunges into the world of adventure.

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  • Born Punk Build 8961904 upd.18.06.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Born Punk Game Free Download Torrent

    Born Punk — is a point-n-click cyberpunk adventure game. It was developed by the Australian studio Insert Disk 22. The game takes place in 2155 on the island of Bornholm. Thanks to the space elevator built there, this sleepy island has turned into a giant metropolis, able to compete on its own with the world’s largest powers. The game tells the story of three characters the hacker Evie, who is forced to earn a living as a bartender, Mariposa, the president of Bornholm’s largest corporation, and a malfunctioning android who introduces himself as Grandmaster Flashdrive. All three become temporarily possessed by mysterious creatures of unknown origin.

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  • The Harem Life of Peerless Swordsmen Build 8753051 upd.18.06.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    The Harem Life of Peerless Swordsmen Game Free Download Torrent

    The Harem Life of Peerless Swordsmen — Nick came to Knaby in search of the Golden Wings. When I first came, I got into trouble and met Leslie, the girl who helped me. He punished the bad guys and took first place in the arena. G-Josephine’s sword also fell in love with him. He also met Pandora, a casino owner, a woman with a particularly distinctive temperament. In the process of searching for props, conspiracies hidden in the city were revealed to each other. A girl with a sense of justice, looks a little serious, but very nice to a person she likes. A strong woman-girl with a sword, although she looks very strong, she also has a gentle side. Go on an adventure with the main character and win love along the way. Easy to use turn-based battle with rich strategies. Different professions and unique skills, each profession has a powerful nirvana. Monsters who dodge on foot prefer to fight relatively freely. Equipped with a synthesis system to make the game more interesting.

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  • Baldis Basics Plus v0.3.7 upd.18.06.2022

    Baldis Basics Plus Game Free Download Torrent
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    Baldis Basics Plus — is an insane horror parody game. The project is a little strange. With each new beginning, not only tasks and tests change, but also the situation itself. Thus, repeating the level again will not work, it will be completely different. The game includes many features that the player can take advantage of. As you progress through them, there will be more and more. It is impossible to predict the next actions, since each new level is generated randomly. But it makes the game much more interesting. The player will have to go through several levels, including mini-games, which will allow you to earn even more bonuses and additional chips.

    This game has been updated 18-06-2022, 17:16 to the latest version v0.3.7 upd.18.06.2022.

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  • Deadlink v1.11797 upd.18.06.2022

    Deadlink Game Free Download Torrent
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    Deadlink — is a dynamic first-person shooter that invites you to go on an exciting adventure and try to achieve the desired result. This time you have to become a powerful weapon of a large corporation and try to complete all the assigned tasks. You have to play as a universal soldier who knows how to handle a variety of weapons and has no doubts about his actions. It will be enough just to try a little and effectively use any of your opportunities to achieve a good result. To discover a large number of new opportunities and provide your pastime with charged and sought-after activities. Once you decide to start playing this adventure, it is worth noting.

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  • Demon Sword Incubus v1.16_2 Build 8962462 - DARKSiDERS

    Demon Sword Incubus Game Free Download Torrent

    Demon Sword Incubus — use combinations of swords and spells to hack and blow up hordes of attacking enemies. The guard will break the boss’s defense, find a loophole, and then destroy it forever with a well-aimed super-deadly attack. Exciting 3D action with side-scrolling and gameplay elements inspired by fighting weapons. The capital of her native kingdom fell before the demonic invasion. Amila, the daughter of a feudal lord, now faces an imminent attack as evil forces advance into her father’s territory.

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  • GTFO Rundown 7.0 Rise

    GTFO Game Free Download Torrent
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    The desire to conquer the universe and face unpredictable moments — perhaps for this it is worth trying your luck in the legendary and exciting game of GTFO. It is here that the player, together with his friends, will try to demonstrate real feelings, face new and unpredictable moments, break into a fight with historical secrets, which means that no one will find any correct sequence.

    This game has been updated 18-06-2022, 03:48 to the latest version Rundown 7.0 Rise.

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  • Lost Alone Episode 3 Nonnina Build 8942929 upd.18.06.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Lost Alone Episode 3 Nonnina Game Free Download Torrent

    Lost Alone Episode 3 Nonnina — freeing him from the noose of pain, the four demons lead George to the ultimate goal of his journey of his youth. For the third time, George wakes up in a house he knows. Childhood memories spent with the paternal grandmother take shape. George is about to get answers to his life questions. The end of the nightmare begins. Explore George mind in three sections divided into three different games. A few hours of nightmares await you. Psychological horror in the main character playing the role of George Tellaselva and insult the spiral incubus in the person of the first. George, haunted by his past, becomes a lazy spectator of the tragedies he has tarnished. Solve puzzles to help you understand Herods thoughts. Discover the traumas that led you to this spiral of fear and try to change the situation. Your choice will lead you to 4 different limbs.

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