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Omitted — is a psychological horror from the first person. The action of the game takes place in an old abandoned hospital. A run-down hospital in 1917 filled with missed patients. The player will have to go through dark corridors and walk next to the sick to regain his memory of why he is here and what is really happening. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this abandoned hospital where the players find themselves. Understanding and uncovering history will be the key to defeating it. There will be dark events, insights and many discoveries. There are puzzles and situations that players will need to solve and maneuver to achieve their goals. Epileptic seizures associated with increased sensitivity to light are possible. Some people may experience convulsions during the flashes of light and flashing images that appear in a video game. People who have not experienced such attacks before may be unaware of their illness. A reasonable limitation of the game audience is recommended.

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  • The Dancer Definitive Edition Build 9235482 upd.02.08.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    The Dancer Definitive Edition Game Free Download Torrent

    The Dancer Definitive Edition — contains all 3 chapters of the Dancer saga with new features, even improved visuals and more. The Dancer is a comedy spoof of horror games with incredible enemies, a ridiculous plot and crazy chase scenes. Your task is to escape from the Dancer, a strange creature that seems to only be able to dance to free music, while finding the items you need to escape in different environments. The game consists of 3 unique chapters Chapter 1, Chapter 2 Retribution and Chapter 3 Uprising. Each chapter featured in the game includes at least 10-30 minutes of gameplay, with each chapter including at least 1 Steam achievement.

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  • Dreadful Hours v1.0 upd.02.08.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Dreadful Hours Game Free Download Torrent

    Dreadful Hours — is a dynamic survival horror game where your main priority is to survive the night as creatures try to stop you at every turn. Try to survive using cameras, locks and stealth. You have limited power to use your devices, use it carefully. And you won’t get there. Dreadful Hours is a first-person survival horror game. Upstairs is a monster that the player must scare off with a flashlight before it breaks loose in the house. The player must monitor the cameras to track where the monsters are attacking his house from and then use the padlocks, the equipment requires electricity. The energy lasts until you can’t use any devices without it.

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  • BloodWatch v1.0 Build 9126179 - SKIDROW

    BloodWatch Game Free Download Torrent

    BloodWatch — is a short survival horror game developed by Gamingscape. As you set out on a solo adventure, your ship sinks due to an unexpected storm. You were thrown ashore by a wave. When you woke up, you realized that you were stuck on an unknown island. You look around to see if there are any animals or people here. After a while, you see a group of people torturing and beating one person to death. They caught you watching them. You run away as fast as you can, hiding behind the lighthouse. You can hear the cult leader ordering all his soldiers to find and kill you. You open your backpack, equipping the night vision device.

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  • HordounD Build 9232286 upd.02.08.2022 - TiNYiSO

    HordounD Game Free Download Torrent
    TiNYiSO Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    HordounD — is a mysterious and prosperous city, full of mysteries and mysteries. But darkness broke out and enveloped the city, hiding it under water. Explore a mysterious continent and interact with the environment. Make your way through the ancient ruins and solve the many puzzles that will come your way. Dispel the darkness and breathe new life into HordounD. Fight ghosts and bandits who will become a real threat to you. Find hidden places and secrets that are hidden from your eyes. Find the legendary sword and fight the ghostly lord who defeated you in the past.

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  • Mars Horizon v1.4.2.1

    Mars Horizon Game Free Download Torrent
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    In game Mars Horizon, you operate a large space agency leading it from the dawn of the space age and transforming humanity into a multi-planetary form, landing astronauts on Mars. Will you strive to be ahead of other agencies or focus on testing and research? There are several ways to make sure that the first man on Mars is under your command. Any choice matters: will you invest in the most advanced technologies or take risks in the rapid movement to the red planet? Using real events and missions as inspiration, can you deal with the challenges that real space agencies face? Management is a vital aspect of the Mars Horizon.

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  • Undergrave upd.02.08.2022

    Undergrave Game Free Download Torrent
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    Undergrave — crosses turn-based tactics with a simplistic roguelike. The indie title uses 2D pixel art graphics and a third-person perspective. The camera is located at the top and at an angle. Maps are puzzle levels that fit within the screen. The plot tells about the adventures of the hero in the Kingdom of the Void. The protagonist went there to complete the Trial of Resurrection. His goal is to bring his loved one back to life. The character fights with enemies in arenas, which are divided into cells. Monsters don’t stand still. They move or make attacks after the swordsman moves. The point of the game is to use each move as efficiently as possible.

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  • Vault of the Void v1.4.71 upd.02.08.2022

    Vault of the Void Game Free Download Torrent
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    Vault of the Void — is a card game developed by Spider Nest Games for the PC platform. Surely you will also be pleased with the variety of everything that this project offers. For example, take even the cards themselves. You will have more than several hundred cards at your disposal, and each will suggest a character, artifact, ability, and much more. You also have to collect a unique deck of cards, and even improve all the cards in it along the way. To do this, you only need artifacts, the variety presented in this game, reaching several hundred varieties.

    This game has been updated 2-08-2022, 05:11 to the latest version v1.4.71 upd.02.08.2022.

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  • Remnant Records v1.1.0 Build 9194859

    Remnant Records Game Free Download Torrent

    Remnant Records — is a horror investigation game for 1-4 players in which you are a new employee of an agency dealing with these paranormal phenomena. You will be sent to places that have been reported to be haunted and your task will be to clear them of the undead presence with the help of your team. People who have had a tragic life or death can sometimes remain trapped in the mortal world. They become creatures of pure hatred who only want others to suffer the same fate as themselves. Only the one who can understand them can release them. To cast out a spirit, you must first understand it. Find the place and find the evidence left behind diaries, newspaper clippings, unusual objects. Find out who this spirit was and collect as many items as possible that are closely related to it. When you are ready, all you have to do is start the exorcism and pray you all get it right and survive until the ghost is released from this world.

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  • Supernova Tactics Build 9233220 upd.02.08.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Supernova Tactics Game Free Download Torrent

    Supernova Tactics — a sci-fi strategy game. In Supernova Tactics, the entire universe is a battlefield, and players can join human or alien forces. The greatest commanders in all of the universe are joining their ranks, including mercenaries, powerful mechs, cyborgs and various alien species for whom the struggle for survival is a common thing. The gameplay is based on competition between two teams of 5 people. They fight each other in arenas divided into three zones with AI controlled units that attack automatically. The key to victory is the use of the character’s special abilities and cooperation between formations. Each commander has a unique technology tree and unit production system. As he gains new levels, he gets points that allow him to develop not only his own skills, but also his minions. In this title, the entire universe serves as a battlefield. Players join human or alien forces.

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