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Aragami 2 — is an exciting survival project in which you play the role of an unusual warrior. Your hero is the last representative of a kind of Aragami, all of whose fighters possessed all known military skills. Your character’s body is afflicted with a supernatural affliction that eats away at the flesh and poisons the mind. You don’t have much time left to protect your people one last time and try to ensure a prosperous future for them. Along with the disease, your hero also received a fantastic skill the ability to control a certain Essence of the Shadow.

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  • Realms of Magic v1.1.0 Build 9302013

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    Realms of Magic is a very interesting pixel role-playing game with a touch of survival. Then you have to survive, travel the vast two-dimensional world, gather resources, survive and do much more. But at the very beginning of the game you will have to create your character. All in all, you will be available 10 game races, and each with its own unique features and benefits. Create a hero, adjust his characteristics and go on the most dangerous and long journey in your life. And remember, in this world, no mistake will go unpunished — think about every action you take, make only thoughtful decisions, look to the future and fight as if you have only one life, as in reality.

    This game has been updated 13-08-2022, 12:15 to the latest version v1.1.0 Build 9302013.

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  • Terraformers v0.8.51 upd.13.08.2022

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    A project called Terraformers, which you will soon be able to torrent for free, is a space city-building simulator with turn-based strategy and roguelike elements. Go to Mars and get ready to explore every corner of it in order to extract all the most important resources there and prepare the planet for future colonization. Engage not only in expanding your territories to found cities, but also in terraforming so that the planet is heated, has oceans and all the conditions for the spread of life.

    This game has been updated 13-08-2022, 12:13 to the latest version v0.8.51 upd.13.08.2022.

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  • Miners Mettle v1.2.0 upd.13.08.2022 - Goldberg

    Miners Mettle Game Free Download Torrent
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    Miners Mettle — is a science fiction strategy game. It has a very unusual plot and a very unique narrative that you cannot find in any other game in the gaming industry market. You should rather install it before it becomes mainstream. And with all of its storytelling and gameplay, this could very well happen. The game will have to fight against other opponents who will act the same way as you do. Only you still need to try to replay them. Only 4 factions are fighting for survival, and you need to become the character who will just achieve victory.

    This game has been updated 13-08-2022, 11:43 to the latest version v1.2.0 upd.13.08.2022.

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  • Zelter v0.6.4.10535 upd.13.08.2022

    Zelter Game Free Download Torrent
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    Zelter — is a top-down survival toy in which you have to travel to a world that has survived the zombie apocalypse and try to survive in it, creating weapons, surviving, building a house. The events of the game begin to take place some time after the zombie apocalypse began. Now the world is on fire, there are practically no ordinary people left, the hungry dead are wandering around and there is no hope that life will get better. Well, you will have to play the role of another survivor, who now has to learn to survive, build, create, grow, and do much more.

    This game has been updated 13-08-2022, 13:45 to the latest version v0.6.4.10535 upd.13.08.2022.

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  • Rad Rodgers Radical Edition v1.1.4480 (18638) - GOG

    Rad Rodgers Radical Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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    Rad Rodgers Radical Edition — a game in the genre of platformer, which can boast of its dynamism and fascination. Here you will go to a seamless and colorful world, where you will walk through an interesting story with many branches and tasks. Embark on an adventure with your hero an ordinary and absolutely nothing unremarkable guy whose name is Red. Our main character differs from his peers in that he is very keen on virtual reality, even ready to spend all his free time there.

    This game has been updated 13-08-2022, 04:05 to the latest version v1.1.4480 (18638).

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  • The Spirit of Europe Origins v1.2.0 upd.13.08.2022

    The Spirit of Europe Origins Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Spirit of Europe Origins — is an educational and entertaining turn-based tactical jRPG developed on the Unreal Engine 4 engine. Find yourself in one of the fragments of mythical Europe and embark on a journey through history from ancient times to the Renaissance, through the realm of thoughts and emotions, where spirits fight for dominance over human consciousness. Experience the humanistic metaphor of historical events as we know them, master over a hundred characters, witness their consequences in key events of Europes past.

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  • Kick Bastards upd.13.08.2022 (demo)

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    Kick Bastards — is a lightning-fast parkour game where you kick everything in your path! Push the bad guys, push and kick the doors, push the walls and push everything you can. You will race through beautiful and diverse worlds trying to escape from the devil using your epic parkour skills. Race through different worlds in your quest to become the fastest in the universe through a variety of unique stages, each with its own set of levels and mechanics.

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  • 7 Days To Die Alpha 20.6 (b9)

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    One of the main human nightmares was realized in the game 7 Days To DieIn 2034, a nuclear war took place that claimed the lives of millions of people, and survivors contracted a terrible disease that killed in 7 days and turned a person into a bloodthirsty zombie. When it seemed that humanity is doomed, you appear in the person of the protagonist. Perhaps you are the only survivor among the hordes of terrible zombies, now you survive as you can and, besides, do not lose the hope to rid the planet of this terrible virus. 7 Days To Die is a huge sandbox with a randomly generated world, combining such genres as: first-person shooter, survival horror and role-playing game.

    This game has been updated 13-08-2022, 13:51 to the latest version Alpha 20.6 (b9).

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  • My Destiny Build 9296845 upd.13.08.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    My Destiny Game Free Download Torrent

    My Destiny — In front of you lies the wild north, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and rocks. Play as a polar bear and learn his touching story. Discover new memories that the Northern Spirit will give you about a lost bear in this big and harsh world. Enjoy the atmosphere of cold nature to the soulful music and go all the way to the end to learn about the fate of the bear. The focus is on the plot, the secret of which you have to reveal after completing the game to the end. It also has some puzzles and platform gameplay. This is an emotional and unique story that will not leave you indifferent. The game has beautiful scenery and soulful music, which will allow you to immerse yourself in what is happening and enjoy the atmosphere. The game features a great soundtrack by the famous artist Message to Bears.

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