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The main character of Farmers Life is Kashmir, a middle-aged bachelor living in the outback of Eastern Europe. It contains a small farm and is often applied to the bottle. The realism of what is happening does not end there. The character’s life is influenced by the changing seasons and wild animals. Help Kashmir cultivate the land and survive in the harsh environment. Fulfill the natural needs of the hero, making sure that he is always fed, watered and put to bed. Drive him drunk and make sure the alcoholic can get home. Try to stand against the local gopniks to cross your doorstep safe and sound.

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  • Papetura Build 9476393 upd.09.09.2022

    Papetura Game Free Download Torrent
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    Papetura — developers can sometimes surprise not with a large-scale adventure, but with the possibility and ways of creating interactive worlds. Today we want to invite you to pay attention to the world, which consists entirely of paper. The paper people lived freely and did not know any problems until fire came to their homeland. Dangerous demons threaten to destroy this entire world if no one stops them. And in the fight against the main enemy, two heroes decided to go out on a big adventure for the sake of saving, exploring the world and protecting their home. They have to face the real hell, they simply have no other way.

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  • Wolcen Lords of Mayhem v1. Build 9476555

    Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Game Free Download Torrent
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    Wolcen Lords of Mayhem is an action-RPG game that is based on the Diablo principle with inherent advanced features. You will have to explore the world during the completion of the apocalypse, your hero will gradually evolve, he will not be tied to any class, but will be smart enough and unique. The game’s plot will be an adult, you will have the opportunity to destroy the world around you, unexpectedly generate your skills, external effects and weapons, as well as you will build housing for yourself, and many more that suggest interesting game events.

    This game has been updated 9-09-2022, 10:18 to the latest version v1. Build 9476555.

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  • Rogue Tower v1.1.2.0 Build 9471237

    Rogue Tower Game Free Download Torrent
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    Rogue Tower — is a game project developed in the genre called Tower Defense with roguelike elements, where we go on an exciting adventure. The style of the game is well-executed, and the overall atmosphere is complemented by a well-developed pumping system. Go to explore the environment, collect resources and start building. Don’t forget about your protection and constantly modify your weapon, which from a simple pistol can become a real killing machine. The map in the game is constantly expanding as you explore and conquer, so you need to show strategic skills in order to correctly build a plan of action. The main thing is to correctly position the towers so that the attacking enemies cannot get through and destroy them. There will be many enemies and their number is constantly increasing, so develop your skills and combat abilities to cope with any obstacles.

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  • Tiny Combat Arena v0.9.0.7 Build 9480922

    Tiny Combat Arena Game Free Download Torrent
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    Tiny Combat Arena — is a low entry flight simulator. According to the developers, their goal was to find a balance between realistic gameplay and accessibility for ordinary players. The project stands out for its atypical visual style for modern or relatively new games of this genre. The title has three-dimensional low-poly graphics in the spirit of retro. The action takes place during the Cold War. The local plot does not pretend to historical realism. Players are invited to plunge into a fictional military conflict between the US and the USSR.

    This game has been updated 9-09-2022, 10:16 to the latest version v0.9.0.7 Build 9480922.

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  • Little Noah Scion of Paradise Build 9375627 upd.09.09.2022

    Little Noah Scion of Paradise Game Free Download Torrent
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    Little Noah Scion of Paradise — join the genius alchemist Noah and her cat companion Zipper, who explore the ancient ruins to uncover the secrets hidden inside. Create unique teams and combos with more than 40 allies in this easy but addictive game. Port Manclaud is a nation that owes its power and prosperity to its alchemists. Noah, a prodigy alchemist, travels the skies in his airship when he discovers mysterious soaring ruins. When she comes closer to explore, the cat jumps aboard. The cat accuses Noah of stealing the tombs and causes a storm that destroys her ship. In need of spare parts to repair his ship, Noah, driven by curiosity, enters the ruins.

    This game has been updated 9-09-2022, 10:05 to the latest version Build 9375627 upd.09.09.2022.

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  • Titanium Hound v1.0.1 upd.09.09.2022

    Titanium Hound Game Free Download Torrent
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    Titanium Hound — action game with retro style, developed by one person. The plot is that in the distant dystopian future, a scientific breakthrough has led to the creation of colonies of microbes as energy sources. The corporations that control their development have become a powerful political force. Under their influence, crime has reached a new level, causing widespread chaos. The government reorganized the police units, providing them with high-quality equipment.

    This game has been updated 9-09-2022, 09:59 to the latest version v1.0.1 upd.09.09.2022.

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  • Steelrising v7596 (Bastille Edition) - GOG

    Steelrising Game Free Download Torrent
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    Steelrising — is an interesting action-RPG, the main events of which will take you to an alternative universe. Here history took a different path, as a result of which the French Revolution received a slightly different development. King Louis XVI has taken control of a whole army of the most dangerous robots, with the help of which he intends to conquer the country. Together with his henchmen, he is engaged in the most severe terror of the population, trying to seize power. Queen Antoinette could not leave this situation unattended, but she is not strong enough to openly confront her enemy. You must take on the role of the brave bodyguard Aegis, who receives the hidden order. You have to deal with the mechanized army of King Louis to try to stop his attempts to get to power.

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  • Portal Build 9410544 upd.29.08.2022

    Portal Game Free Download Torrent
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    Portal is a cool computer game in its performance that will allow you to plunge into a rather unusual world where all actions take place in the first person. It is immediately necessary to clarify that here you will have to apply a lot of effort and turn on your full ingenuity and logical thinking. The whole world where your main character enters is based on puzzles, which will not be so easy to solve. The three of us will have a special hand-held device that will perfectly help you in passing. It is this device that will help you open numerous portals and teleport both yourself and all kinds of objects. You will play the role of a girl named Chell. She is the experimental subject of a certain laboratory, located in a powerful corporation, from which it is very difficult to get out.

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  • Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 v0.9.07.0 upd.09.09.2022

    Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 — is designed for all fishing lovers. Realistic graphics, excellent gameplay, many geolocations for quests. Each map is unique, you can take part in summer and winter fishing. Ice lakes, shallow rivers or stormy autumn seas all await in an exciting game. Perfect detail adds realism. Each user enters a fascinating world. The choice of water transport is given. You will find yourself in the most picturesque places, enjoy nature and be able to fish for your own pleasure. Improve your fishing techniques, watch the behavior of the fish, hook in time to catch a big catch. Cameras help you choose a convenient view and follow the victim. The catch promises to be big. Become a real fisherman with Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2. In the game you can compete with other professionals and hone your skills.

    This game has been updated 23-09-2022, 12:13 to the latest version v0.9.07.0 upd.09.09.2022.

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