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Just Die Already — is able to amuse and philosophize. The main characters of the game are the elderly. It is difficult to live in a world where you are a hindrance. It is worth going out the door, everything as if shouting «Just Die Already». You have to play for the old and evil main character. Most recently, he was expelled from a nursing home and now he is forced to survive on the street on his own. The reason was that society prefers a carefree life and entertainment. No one wants to work and pay taxes, from which pensions are later accrued.

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  • Rise of Industry v2.3.3 Build 9064059

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    If you like games like Factorio and Transport Tycoon, then you definitely should try download Rise of Industry torrent game for PC. Before you is a strategy-management simulator, in which you try to create an industrial empire. For all its complexity, the game is quite simple in mastering. Your task is to build factories and establish ways of supplying and trading with other cities. Under your supervision, the entire product creation cycle: build a factory, establish efficient supply routes, transport goods and establish trade. The state of the market is changeable, like the success of your competitors — be prepared for everything, be one step ahead.

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  • Hell Pie v1.1.3 upd.12.09.2022

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    Hell Pie — is cool and fast paced. In the company of an angel and a demon, you will have a difficult journey. They are a rather strange couple with a very responsible mission. You need to prepare all the ingredients for Satan’s Hell Pie. We’re moving to the other side. All this looks very comical and a little creepy. There is one important nuance. This little angel, although endowed with divine power, is now captive and chained to a demon. It would be foolish not to use his abilities.

    This game has been updated 12-09-2022, 04:15 to the latest version v1.1.3 upd.12.09.2022.

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  • Animal Shelter v1.1.12 Build 9469276

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    The Animal Shelter player is busy rescuing four-legged friends. In the animal shelter simulator, the user will not only help furry comrades, but also clean, protect and walk them, as well as expand the territory of their possessions. Here it is necessary to create a real refuge for our smaller brothers, so that they feel needed and in complete safety. The user will have to make every effort to help the abandoned and injured fluffies, performing a variety of tasks, thanks to which the player maintains the health of his institution and its smooth operation. Animal shelter simulator, you need to wash and clean the rescued animal, because cleanliness is the first step to health.

    This game has been updated 11-09-2022, 08:34 to the latest version v1.1.12 Build 9469276.

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  • BIGFOOT v4.4 HotFix 4 upd.11.09.2022

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    BIGFOOT — is a game that will allow you to personally become the center of dynamically developing events filled with strange circumstances. You have to embark on the path of exploring a completely strange situation, when a huge number of people began to disappear in the thicket of the forest. Our protagonist is one hundred percent sure that Bigfoot is to blame for this whole situation, and it is not possible to catch him even for the government. First, you need to find like-minded people and together with them go on a thorough exploration of every corner of this dangerous forest. Go on a dangerous expedition, find various clues and try to do everything possible to not only solve this terrible case, but also not to fall into the treacherous clutches of this terrible creature.

    This game has been updated 11-09-2022, 08:05 to the latest version v4.4 HotFix 4 upd.11.09.2022.

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  • The Shattering v1.1.9 (58674) - GOG

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    GOG version for pc game The Shattering — is a psychological thriller, a game in which you have to make your way through the «jungle of memories» to the truth, trying to unravel the true nature of psychological disorder and lack of memories. Events of the game take place in a certain snow-white limb, a place, where was the main character. It is executed in snow-white tones, overwhelms you with peace and serenity. But all this is really just an illusion, behind which lies the truth that his own consciousness hides from the main character. In fact, you will find yourself in the consciousness of John Evans, a man who does not remember anything in the past and wants to deal with what happened in his life earlier. It sounds complicated, everything falls into place after a couple of minutes after the start of the game.

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  • Escape from Tarkov v0.

    Escape from Tarkov Game Free Download Torrent
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    Escape from Tarkov — an exciting multiplayer first-person shooter game in which you will find a realistic military atmosphere, a sea of weapons, challenging missions and battles with numerous enemies. The games plot tells of an alternative future in which the city of Tarkov was isolated by UN peacekeepers and Russian military through the fault of the TerraGroup Corporation, which is engaged in not entirely legal activities in the territory of this city. The player is also invited to play the role of a fighter who fights for one of the corporations at war with each other in the city. The goal is simple — get out of the city. But it will be very difficult to do this, because, firstly, this will have to work hard and make war, and secondly, it needs money, which is not so easy to earn here.

    This game has been updated 11-09-2022, 06:59 to the latest version v0.

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  • Machina Blade Build 9462587 upd.11.09.2022

    Machina Blade Game Free Download Torrent
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    Machina Blade — is an action adventure game designed for up to 4 players in local multiplayer. The developers promise you a lot of enemies and great action. The game itself will not take you much time, which is perfect for one evening. If we talk about what the project is like, then the developers call it Dead Cells, Risk of Rain and Devil May Cry. Speaking of content, there are more than 50 different items, 4 unique bosses, and three characters with different play styles.

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  • Warlord Britannia v2.01 upd.11.09.2022

    Warlord Britannia Game Free Download Torrent
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    Warlord Britannia — stand at the head of a Roman expedition somewhere in the territory of Ancient Britain, hire real legionnaires and improve their abilities. And, don’t forget about your camps and of course the development of a working strategy. Immersive strategy allows you to plunge into incredible adventures. Where you will manage your own army, build bases, capture settlements and defeat enemies. Explore a rather large and at the same time unusual world, which is visually divided into three zones dense forests, green hills and countryside in the form of farms. But, at the same time, travel more carefully, because after the next turn you can be attacked by bandits.

    This game has been updated 11-09-2022, 06:24 to the latest version v2.01 upd.11.09.2022.

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  • RAILROADS Online v220907 upd.11.09.2022

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    RAILROADS Online — Build and operate the railway of your dreams in a huge open world. Play exciting online multiplayer sessions with friends or create your own single player mode. Build paths, switches, turntables, overpasses and more to cross forests, planes, rivers and canyons. Build stations, yards and other infrastructure along your routes to supply trains with fuel, water and sand. Interact with regulators, valves, brakes, couplings and many other first-person functions to control your vehicles. Transport goods, such as logs, ore, coal, oil, and other goods, to a variety of industries to earn capital. Invest, upgrade and customize your rolling stock and routes. Enjoy a realistic rail physics system RAILROADS Online uses UnrealEngine advanced physics system to get a very realistic rail experience. Suitable for both arcades and friends-simulators.

    This game has been updated 11-09-2022, 06:08 to the latest version v220907 upd.11.09.2022.

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