ZCREW Build 9505811 upd.14.09.2022

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ZCREW — you got into a world almost destroyed by the plague, monsters became the masters of the earth. The weapon in your hands is the last hope of human civilization. To you right here and now to kill means to save. Exciting post-apocalyptic gameplay. Zombies, giant insects and mutated monsters. Can you survive their relentless onslaught. Choose your character and make your way using your weapons and skills. Unlock combat support and use turrets/laser/traps to make your battle easier. Various improvements and a unique play style.

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  • NBA 2K23 Build 9443638 - Razor1911

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    NBA 2k23 — is the twenty-fourth game in a series of basketball sports games licensed by the NBA American League. The Visual Concepts team, with the support of Take-Two Interactive, is once again responsible for the creation of the new part. NBA 2K23 follows the direction set by the previous entries in the series. Thus, it is a sports game in which we play basketball games. We can lead real teams to victory or our own dream teams, made up of both contemporary NBA stars and legendary players like Michael Jordan pictured on the games cover.

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  • VGA Golf v1.9.1 upd.14.09.2022

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    VGA Golf — is a local or network multiplayer golf simulator modeled after the console and DOS games of the 90s. The game supports 4 players locally on one computer using 4 controllers, a keyboard or a mixture of both. A maximum of 4 computers can connect to a single game over the Internet or over a local network, allowing up to 16 players in a single match. Playing VGA Golf over the network requires a host on one computer, who must first create the game and then log in to the lobby. When a host is in Lobby mode, other computers can join it by selecting Join Game, setting up local players, and then entering the IP address or hostname of the computer to connect to.

    This game has been updated 14-09-2022, 11:31 to the latest version v1.9.1 upd.14.09.2022.

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  • RPG Time The Legend of Wright v1.0 Build 9423885

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    RPG Time The Legend of Wright — is a non-standard role-playing game. Which shows a completely new look at games of this genre. You have to play for a company of teenagers who gather in a cozy basement and dream of creating their own computer game. To do this, they create sketches of locations, characters, gameplay mechanics and much more. The gamer will be able to influence this, everything that will eventually come out will depend only on him. The game captivates with its atmosphere of a real creator in a cozy room, where there is only a table and tools to create your creation.

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  • MEGA Build 9334193 upd.14.09.2022

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    MEGA — this is a short story about humanity’s last attempt against nature. Cities lie in ruins, everywhere there are traces of huge claws, once disturbed by humans, the giants began to wreak havoc around the world. But is there a solution. This is a survival horror game in which you have to secretly move through a ruined city, planning your route in search of the necessary keys to complete the mission. Everything is complicated by the presence of a huge monster hunting you.

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  • Catch Them If You Can v1.0 Build 9394222

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    Catch Them If You Can — this is a 3D platform control game. The gameplay uses an amazing method of controlling a spaceship that sucks animals on the platform to complete the level’s tasks. You have a mission to carry the animals to the zoo. However, a sleepy thought slipped into your mind as you discovered that all the animals had fled down the road. There’s one catch: you’re driving something that looks like a spaceship. And you saw your green hands, it doesn’t look like a person at all. Catching animals. This PC game has more than 20 levels of varying difficulty and dizzying controls.

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