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Tactics Ogre Reborn — is a tactical RPG adventure with jRPG elements that invites you to go to the expanses of the kingdom of Valeria. It was in this fairy-tale kingdom that an ethnic confrontation took place, which caused constant hostility. You have to take on the role of humans or wizards to help them succeed. Just do not rush too much, as battles take place all the time and the one who knows the battlefield well wins. The main advantage of a gaming adventure is that several interesting stories are closely intertwined in it.

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  • Isonzo v357.40523 upd.12.11.2022

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    Isonzo — is a World War I battle game simulator. The action takes place in Italy, in the region of the Isonzo River, where heated battles were in full swing between the forces of Italy, Britain and France on the one hand, and Germany with Austria-Hungary on the other. Users are given the opportunity to play the role of a soldier of one of the factions and cut their way to victory but it will not be easy. First of all, due to the fact that most of the battles take place on mountain paths and in gorges. A war in the mountains is not the same as a confrontation in the plains, and Isonzo clearly demonstrates this. The narrow space will not allow soldiers to dodge and maneuver only run forward, trying not to get hit by bullets.

    This game has been updated 12-11-2022, 16:23 to the latest version v357.40523 upd.12.11.2022.

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  • Police Simulator Patrol Officers v7.4.0 upd.12.11.2022

    Police Simulator Patrol Officers Game Free Download Torrent
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    Police Simulator Patrol Officers — is a computer simulation game created by Aesir Interactive. Whether you are looking for a dynamic or a supporter of quiet patrolling through the streets in Brighton, the protagonist joins the police to experience the real life and everyday life of a police officer. You will have the opportunity to identify violations on the road and fine for incorrect parking, each time increasing responsibility in your business. Your main mission will be to get to know the Brighton community and take a conscientious approach to police duty in the war on illegality. But you must take into account the rule, be strict, the same time fair and of course respect the law.

    This game has been updated 12-11-2022, 16:04 to the latest version v7.4.0 upd.12.11.2022.

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  • Chenso Club Build 9641190 upd.12.11.2022

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    Chenso Club — is an exciting action and arcade game with the participation of female fighters. Once when the aliens were destroyed, after themselves, they left a unique life energy that can revive various objects. In order to defeat the aliens in the game they planned, a group of brave girls from the Chenso club who have turned into warriors will use their life force to fight them. Players will meet the android Blue, who woke up when the aliens took over her laboratory. Perfectly manages a vile chainsaw. Get acquainted with the royal guard Carmine.

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  • Atari 50 The Anniversary Celebration v1.02 upd.12.11.2022 - GOG

    Atari 50 The Anniversary Celebration Game Free Download Torrent
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    Atari 50 The Anniversary Celebration is a collection of arcade adventures that can pierce the nostalgia of people who caught this game console in its time. Dozens of various entertainments are waiting for you, which will provide an opportunity not only to have a good time, but also to enjoy completely new and interesting entertainments. You have to closely monitor the ongoing events and try to get not only the maximum pleasure from the game, but also achieve success. This time you will have the opportunity to succeed in various challenges, from the usual arkanoid to racing and other similar entertainment. It will be enough just to actively use all your capabilities and gradually achieve success.

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  • MX vs ATV Legends Build 9843064 upd.12.11.2022

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    MX vs ATV Legends — motorcycle racing. Ride your motorcycle, SUV or ATV to victory in MX vs ATV Legends! A variety of tracks and a career mode await you, where all the risks pay off with interest because you can become a star in international competitions. MX vs ATV Legends is an arcade racing game that starts an exciting journey and tries to succeed in terms of driving certain traffic. But if you’re looking for a typical adventure, don’t jump to conclusions, because this time you’ll have to race motorcycles, buggies and quad bikes. As you probably already guessed, the race takes place on tracks with a lot of mud, water and obstacles. The game includes several types of vehicles race in rallycross, try to fly off the track in off-road racing and go on dangerous roads where every driver’s move is a surprise. Enter story mode and work your way up from anonymous rookie to international racing star. Take turns racing and prove that you are worthy to take this title and start it right now.

    This game has been updated 12-11-2022, 15:19 to the latest version Build 9843064 upd.12.11.2022.

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  • Observo v1.1.2 upd.12.11.2022

    Observo Game Free Download Torrent
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    Observo is a love letter to the classic survival horror games of the early 2000s, with an emphasis on atmospheric horror, puzzle solving, and light combat. You play as Edgar, a man on business in a small town who needs to find a last minute place to stay. He stumbles upon a roadside hotel that, although it looks a bit shabby, has a friendly manager, clean sheets and warm water, so he doesn’t think much of her. However, when strange things begin to happen around him and Edgar suddenly finds himself in real danger, his next goal is to escape from this place while he can. Explore the mysterious hotel trying to find a way out, but be careful what you might encounter. If it comes to a fight, you’ll need to fight your way to safety using improvised weapons, or you can opt for a run and dodge approach to deal with any enemy figures you may encounter.

    This game has been updated 12-11-2022, 16:08 to the latest version v1.1.2 upd.12.11.2022.

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  • KeyWe v20221110 (The 100th Grand Ol Telepost Tournament) - DOGE

    KeyWe Game Free Download Torrent
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    KeyWe — is the most original co-op puzzle game in which two birds work in the post office. Their duties include timely delivery of mail, but this is a very difficult task, because our heroes have no arms or legs, and the only tool is the beak. Feathered laborers will have to press the levers, answer the bells and properly distribute the correspondence. The chaotic gameplay is quite varied and is expressed in the need to complete this or that action at the post office as quickly as possible. For example, two chicks must simultaneously open the valve of a pneumatic delivery system and dump a letter into it. An interesting fact the seasons change in the game, and the birds will have to think about heating or air conditioning.

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  • Hell is Others v1.1.10 upd.12.11.2022

    Hell is Others Game Free Download Torrent
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    Hell is Others — leave your safe haven to become a member of a society in which the economy will be completely soaked in blood. Try to survive at all costs, find various items, explore, hunt and of course survive in this very gloomy place. Our hero’s name is Adam Smithson, and he, like all people, works, comes home and works again. His only entertainment is the same old gramophone song and precious plants. But, here is only one single thing at one fine moment interrupts this cycle. She will make you experience genuine horror.

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  • Blue Fire v6.3.1 upd.12.11.2022

    Blue Fire Game Free Download Torrent
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    Blue Fire — is an action-adventure platformer that takes you on a thrilling journey through the forgotten kingdom of Penumbra. Many years ago, these lands were brutally attacked by terrible monsters who completely devastated the once rich territories. Only a few managed to survive the attack, and now they sacredly keep the secrets and secrets of long-forgotten castles. Go to explore the surrounding locations, fight monsters and upgrade your skills. Collect suitable weapons and equipment, improve the strength of your armor and the power of weapons to be able to challenge the most powerful enemies.

    This game has been updated 12-11-2022, 15:40 to the latest version v6.3.1 upd.12.11.2022.

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