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EDENGATE The Edge of Life is a project developed in the horror genre, where all actions will take place from a third-person perspective. Play the role of a young girl who devoted most of her life to science. For a long time, she was very involved in the study of all kinds of technologies and her own developments, so much so that she completely did not notice the strange events taking place around her. This led to the fact that you were kidnapped and now you find yourself in the vastness of an abandoned hospital, from which it is not possible to get out.

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  • Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Expansion v1.8.2.0

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    Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Expansion — enjoy a large selection of new machines from the famous Swedish manufacturer, which marks its debut in the Farming Simulator series, and add to your fleet John Deere, Komatsu, Pfanzelt, Koller, Schwarzmüller, IMPEX and many other brands. The expansion includes over 40 authentic vehicles and tools to enrich and expand your farming and forestry experience with logging and tree planting. Expand your farming business in the new and vibrant environment of Silverran Forest and bring your new machines and tools from Volvo and other manufacturers to the forest. The massive expansion includes a new map inspired by the Pacific Northwest with its forested landscapes, abundant landmarks and production chains that evolve based on your log delivery. Grab your tree tokens to complete new forest missions and build boats at the dock.

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  • Monuments Flipper Build 9933255 upd.15.11.2022

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    Monuments Flipper will let you feel like a restorer of the most famous monuments. In this first-person virtual simulation, you can explore buildings that are listed buildings and give them new life. In the process, you will have to visit various parts of the planet, restoring old houses, temples and arches, getting useful information about what they are and what events have taken place in them from the moment of creation to the present day. In fact, the hero reincarnates not as a millet into a master, but as a real historian, who, with all delicacy, tries to preserve the architecture of the next building that has the status of historical heritage.

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  • Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator Build 9931971 upd.15.11.2022

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    Fresh Start Cleaning Simulator is a cleaner simulator in the truest sense of the word. You have to go on an exciting adventure in which you need to make every effort to achieve a good result. Armed with a large set of tools, the protagonist sets off on a journey through his world in order to completely clean up dirt and restore a pleasant environment. At first it may seem that it is rather strange, but gradually you will immerse yourself in this environment and get a lot of pleasure from what is happening.

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  • Song of Farca v1.0.2.18 upd.15.11.2022 - GOG

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    Song of Farca — is a fun simulator and adventure in which the participants will tenderly tackle the case of robbop theft, playing the role of a cyber detective named Isabella Song. The main events of the game take place in the near future, where technologies are familiar and irreplaceable binders in everyday life. IT corporations over time have more attention and are turning into a modern aristocracy, going against the law and humanity. The city will soon turn into cyberpunk, despite the fact that the criminal structures are trying to resist the corporation.

    This game has been updated 15-11-2022, 17:34 to the latest version v1.0.2.18 upd.15.11.2022.

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  • Trigon Space Story v1.0.9 upd.15.11.2022

    Trigon Space Story Game Free Download Torrent
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    Trigon Space Story — players will be able to try themselves as a ship captain, take part in tactical space battles and unravel the mysteries of the galaxy. Sernur.tech studio presented its new project to the gaming community, a space adventure in the rougelike genre Trigon Space Story. The plot of the game will take users into space, where they have to manage the crew as the captain of the ship, fight, explore the galaxy and try to unravel the mystery of the incomprehensible star Trigon. The game resembles the Corsairs, but only in a space setting. Players will be able to buy different ships, work for a variety of factions, be pirates or respectable captains. It will be possible to hire a team, as well as monitor the parameters of the wards.

    This game has been updated 15-11-2022, 04:41 to the latest version v1.0.9 upd.15.11.2022.

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