City Massacre v1.1.6 (upd.19.11.2022)

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City Massacre — is a fast paced multiplayer first person shooter. The night changed the noisy metropolis beyond recognition, because due to the leak of the secret development of a local pharmaceutical company, the virus flooded the streets and turned almost the entire population into terrible zombies. Only a small group of people turn out to be immune, but the military does not care, because they cordoned off the city and the only evacuation point is at the other end of the village. You have to collect more weapons and get ready for a difficult test, because the risen dead are many times more than your cartridges.

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  • Nemesis Lockdown Build 9961766 (upd.19.11.2022)

    Nemesis Lockdown Game Free Download Torrent
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    Nemesis Lockdown — is a multiplayer turn-based strategy board game based on sci-fi horror films. The game takes place on Mars, where scientists are conducting research on the local fauna and suddenly encounter particularly aggressive specimens that have captured the research base. Among the monsters we can meet the legendary Alien from the movie of the same name.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2022, 13:06 to the latest version Build 9961766 (upd.19.11.2022).

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  • Cepheus Protocol v1.1.18.4 (upd.19.11.2022)

    Cepheus Protocol Game Free Download Torrent
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    Cepheus Protocol — is a strategic game project in which actions will take place in real time. The world of the game you are going to is completely open for conquest and is ready to give you a great pastime, solving secrets and passing through exciting locations. Events will tell about a virus that suddenly appeared on planet Earth, brought by alien beings. You will play a very responsible role the role of the commander-in-chief of a detachment who intends to stop the spread of a terrible disease, thereby saving the world from total destruction.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2022, 09:42 to the latest version v1.1.18.4 (upd.19.11.2022).

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  • Knock on the Coffin Lid v0.4.24.2 (upd.19.11.2022)

    Knock on the Coffin Lid Game Free Download Torrent
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    Knock on the Coffin Lid — rain is knocking on the coffin lid, the wagon bounces on the bumps of a village road, a gloomy charioteer spurs horses to catch it before dark before the ghouls go hunting, and looks displeasedly at the edge of the visible forest, hearing a wolf howl. An unremarkable wooden coffin, like the three others before it, remains in a cold crypt and a gray-haired middle-aged man in a dark mantle passes a bag of coins into the driver’s hand, which the latter hides grumbling in his bosom and, with his free hand, makes a protection gesture from the evil eye and rushes to the wagon in a hurry to leave home.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2022, 13:00 to the latest version v0.4.24.2 (upd.19.11.2022).

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  • PC Building Simulator 2 v1.00.30 (upd.19.11.2022)

    PC Building Simulator 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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    PC Building Simulator 2 — is the second installment of a fairly popular sandbox simulation game in which you will once again play the role of a computer assembler. First of all, it is worth noting the updated career mode, where you will have more opportunities to develop your business and yourself as a professional in the computer field. There is also a specialized store in the game where you can purchase all the necessary components, and then skillfully implement them into your build system.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2022, 13:02 to the latest version v1.00.30 (upd.19.11.2022).

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  • Touhou Monster TD v1.353 (upd.19.11.2022)

    Touhou Monster TD Game Free Download Torrent
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    Touhou Monster TD — is the latest doujon game Touhou Project Tower Defense, which is easy to master, but difficult to master Game Defense Tower with a controlled character. The classic Tower Defense game as a strategy, in my opinion, lacks immersion. It’s boring that you can only press a button, but you can’t walk the map and feel the world. In Touhou Monster TD you can not only control a character so that he can go anywhere in the world of TD, but also jump everywhere, build everywhere and carry a combat unit. You can even use the skill at an important moment to complete an additional mission for a reward.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2022, 09:26 to the latest version v1.353 (upd.19.11.2022).

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  • Spirit of the Island v1.1.3.2 upd.19.11.2022

    Spirit of the Island Game Free Download Torrent
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    Spirit of the Island — is a life simulator with RPG elements set on a tropical island. Explore the once-thriving resort, help the locals, care for the animals, grow crops, and do whatever it takes to restore the island to its former glory. Don’t forget your history too. Go through various tests and discover long-forgotten memories. The creators of Spirit of the Island focus on the plot. In the game we have to turn a small abandoned tropical island into a popular resort, at the same time revealing the secrets of the past of both the city and the hero.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2022, 09:37 to the latest version v1.1.3.2 upd.19.11.2022.

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  • Assetto Corsa v1.16.4 + 11 DLC

    Assetto Corsa Game Free Download Torrent
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    Assetto Corsa is a car simulator with good graphics and physics of car behavior from the Kunos Simulazioni studio. The game at this time is still being finalized, new models of cars and new interesting tracks are produced. Although the full pleasure of the game you will get playing with the help of the steering wheel, but still the control with the help of the keyboard or the gamepad is made at the highest level. Assetto Corsa at the moment is one of the best racing simulators, which gives players the opportunity to evaluate the most famous and expensive cars on various routes. Each car has its own characteristics, which exactly correspond to the real ones. You are waiting for the famous routes of many countries, which adds to the game even more realism.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2022, 04:03 to the latest version v1.16.4 + 11 DLC.

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    Fabled Lands v1.0.13c (upd.19.11.2022)

    Fabled Lands Game Free Download Torrent
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    Fabled Lands — is an addicting old-school RPG that is sure to please all hardcore fans. An open world with many locations, interesting tasks, artifacts and characters with completely different attitudes towards your hero will be waiting for you. Choose your character from several offered classes and go on a journey across the vast kingdom. Explore the fairy lands surrounding you, fight the armies of darkness and survive in hostile territories. Meet other characters and complete numerous quests that will allow you to find new allies or opponents.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2022, 04:31 to the latest version v1.0.13c (upd.19.11.2022).

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  • Tyrants Blessing v1.0.601 (upd.19.11.2022)

    Tyrants Blessing Game Free Download Torrent
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    Tyrants Blessing is a great game for those who are used to thinking through their every move. The plot takes you to a place called Tiberias. Here comes the Tyrant. He promised everyone salvation, prosperity, a world in which there would be no death, eternal life for all. To do this, the inhabitants are voluntarily obliged to give themselves up to be torn to pieces by the Army of the Dead, to let them kill themselves. Thousands of warriors went for it, becoming immortal slaves of the ruler. Of the survivors are now scattered at a considerable distance, their forces scattered, but they all have one goal to start a great Rebellion and defeat the usurper. This is a task for gamers.

    This game has been updated 19-11-2022, 09:40 to the latest version v1.0.601 (upd.19.11.2022).

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