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End State is a strategy game with elements of tactical management and role-playing game. In it, users will become the owners of a large company of mercenaries who provide troop supply services to destroy criminal and terrorist groups. You have to complete various missions, supply mercenaries with equipment, look for new clients and engage in military business. First of all, the game offers a realistic system for managing battle groups and using the environment. Will be possible to complete missions in a variety of ways, use fences and other shelters for protection, use stealth or assault skills. You can use all the surrounding objects both as protection. Special attention was given to the ballistics system, which will give out more shooting options for a more accurate hit.

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  • Remoteness v1.90 (upd.04.12.2022)

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    Remoteness — is a fast-paced shooter set in the aftermath of an anomalous disaster. A real rain of meteorites hit our planet. Here is a realistic three-dimensional graphic design carefully prescribed engine. The year is 2034. You are in New York and wake up from a terrible nightmare, which in the end turned out to be quite plausible. The area of ​​the metropolis was completely evacuated, and then the military surrounded it. It happened after strange precipitation from cosmic bodies. You must enter into confrontations, conduct studies and try to survive.

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  • Severed Steel Build 10032371 (upd.04.12.2022)

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    Severed Steel — is a new first-person shooter with frozen time effects and stylish gunfights. Unique feature of Severed Steel is the main character named Steel. Steel lost her hand shortly before the events of the game began. The huge corporation EdenSys, responsible for her injury, did not give her any help and just left her. The plot of the game campaign is built on two points of Steel’s thirst to take revenge on the guilty and the release of other victims of EdenSys. The idea of the lost hand was formed after a long reflection on the game mechanics. The one-armed hero who cannot recharge anything has allowed the creation of many unique game mechanics. To shoot, players will have to literally rip weapons out of the hands of their enemies.

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  • The Valiant v1.07 (upd.04.12.2022)

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    The Valiant — is a real-time strategy game where you have to go to the Middle Ages and immerse yourself in the abyss of various events related to the crusade. Despite the fact that the whole point of the game will be focused on religion, you will encounter a variety of artifacts, events and other interesting moments. You have to play for Theodoric of Akenburg, a former crusader who is tired of all the warriors and now intends to organize the last campaign. The main distinguishing point will be the search for an artifact, the seizure of power and the rise of everyone who does not agree with the established world.

    This game has been updated 4-12-2022, 03:37 to the latest version v1.07 (upd.04.12.2022).

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  • Beach Invasion 1944 Build 10063377 (upd.04.12.2022)

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    Shooter Beach Invasion 1944 takes the player during the Second World War. In the campaign, you will have to fight against waves of enemies storming the beach fortified by the Allied Forces. The player will become a participant in a large-scale battle and will confront tanks, aircraft, artillery, ships and many other opponents. The arsenal includes authentic weapons of the time, such as Panzers, Flak88, MG42 and others. Before the start of the invasion or the next wave, the user has a short period of time to better prepare for defense. You will need to install explosives, infantry and vehicle mines and set other traps.

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  • EDENGATE The Edge of Life Build 10037347 (upd.04.12.2022)

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    EDENGATE The Edge of Life is a project developed in the horror genre, where all actions will take place from a third-person perspective. Play the role of a young girl who devoted most of her life to science. For a long time, she was very involved in the study of all kinds of technologies and her own developments, so much so that she completely did not notice the strange events taking place around her. This led to the fact that you were kidnapped and now you find yourself in the vastness of an abandoned hospital, from which it is not possible to get out.

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  • Into the Nightmare v2 (60504) upd.04.12.2022

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    Into the Nightmare — is under attack, besieged by nightmares, creatures crawling out of dream worlds parallel to ours. It’s up to Yatsuha and her new allies at Yamanashi Energy Labs to fend off the intruders, seal the Dream Worlds, and keep the city at peace. Fight nightmares in classic turn-based combat. Your team of Dreamworld explorers use skills ranging from martial artist to shrine priestess, and augment their natural abilities with the powers bestowed by mystical Guardian Stones. Equip guardian stones to gain new skills, passive abilities, and elemental affinities. There is no need to build a build replace your guardian stone depending on the situation. Each detective has their own unique set of gems to collect and use, so no two characters are the same. Explore the city of Mangetsu. Yatsuha’s hometown is a hotbed of supernatural activity, with plenty of secrets and rumors. Research and exploration will lead you to both powerful new equipment and vicious new enemies.

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  • Silent Sector Build 10060859 (upd.04.12.2022)

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    Silent Sector — is an old-school RPG project that takes you to outer space, where you will fight aliens and other people. The game differs from many projects in the use of black humor, non-standard moral principles and licentiousness. The action takes place at the edge of the galaxy, where several factions are in conflict due to a new gold rush that began as a result of the emergence of a material called Eldorite. You find yourself in this Wild West universe and very quickly lose your ship and all your property, so you must find a way to pay back the debt and take revenge on Admiral Zed. This truly pathetic corner of the universe gives you the chance to try your luck and become a successful merchant, a wealthy prospector, a feared mercenary, or a famous adventurer.

    This game has been updated 4-12-2022, 04:59 to the latest version Build 10060859 (upd.04.12.2022).

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  • APICO v2.1.1 (upd.04.12.2022)

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    APICO — is a mix of bee breeding simulator, farm building, and production. You will find many different challenges, different types of bees, a sea of interesting mini-games, and much, much more. Now you can do the most real beekeeping, a business that, in reality, many are very much afraid of. But now you have nothing to fear, and you will be able to prove yourself in this difficult business to the fullest. start breeding bees, collect a variety of resources, build your own farm the way you want it to be, and just have fun with a leisurely game and a variety of mini-games in which you can participate.

    This game has been updated 4-12-2022, 10:32 to the latest version v2.1.1 (upd.04.12.2022).

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