No Captain Allowed Build 9086783 (upd.14.12.2022)

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In the project No Captain Allowed — you will have to take control of the ship and go through dozens of trials on it. The game is made in the action roguelike genre and takes place on the deck, from where you will have to control a little man to perform various actions, such as firing cannons and machine guns at the enemy, repairing the consequences of monster attacks, and defending yourself from attacking minions. The roguelike is made in three-dimensional graphics with a view at some distance from the protagonist. On the way of the ship, which, by the way, not only floats on water, but can move on land, there are giant monsters that you need to try to destroy.

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  • Dishonored v334700 (Definitive Edition) - GOG

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    Dishonored Complete Collection — in the story, you will control a character named Corvo Attano, an unjustly convicted lord protector accused of killing the empress. In his role, you will have to go to a city called Danwall, recreated following the example of London in the Victorian era, and become a real hit man. You are waiting for adventure, murder. intrigue, betrayal and all that the game needs in order to become truly interesting. Playing for Corvo, you will perform unique tasks, each of which is somehow related to the elimination of a specific goal. The main feature is that you have to kill in different ways one victim can be killed openly using a sword or dart, and the other will have to be eliminated so that no one can guess that it was a murder.

    This game has been updated 14-12-2022, 12:56 to the latest version v334700 (Definitive Edition).

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  • Mythargia upd.14.12.2022

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    Mythargia is a chance to go on a 2D retro adventure. The plot of the game is based on a story about a unique island. The player assumes the role of a journalist in search of a sensation. To this end, he will have to go to the mysterious island of Mitargia. In this place, the hero will spend time studying the mysterious history, and also try to understand a couple of completely different dimensions. The feeling of constant surveillance will not leave the player throughout the gameplay. In order to advance through the game, you should find a variety of tools. Unique puzzles to solve which you need to find clues. Travel to another dimension. Acquaintance with the inhabitants of the island. The presence of a diary in which you can make notes and post pictures.

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  • Subsistence Build 10139820 (Build 2022.12.14)

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    The Subsistence Project is a sandbox game. Users will be able to enjoy not only high-quality graphics, but also a lot of opportunities in the vast open world. It is worth noting and the need for survival in an environment that is welcoming or vice versa, very dangerous. To do this, you will need to build your own base, equip it, search for useful resources and items, arm yourself and secure your existence in a hostile environment. It will be necessary to protect ourselves not only from wild animals, but also from not very friendly neighbors, who seem to be distraught from the atmosphere of rivalry. Will be able to carry out various activities to ensure a decent life.

    This game has been updated 14-12-2022, 13:05 to the latest version Build 10139820 (Build 2022.12.14).

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  • The Forest Quartet Build 10056781 (upd.14.12.2022)

    The Forest Quartet Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Forest Quartet — is a three-dimensional puzzle about a dead but not forgotten soloist. Go through 3 performances, unique for the members of her group, for the final farewell concert. Meet their emotions, solve puzzles and fight the damage that poisons their souls. The city is fueled by anger and frustration. People always strive for more, for themselves. Their goals are finally achieved when they become arrogant and paranoid. There are trees in the forest. And while they are quiet, they are the best psychologists you can imagine. A fun game with pretty good graphics that will take you to a beautiful forest.

    This game has been updated 14-12-2022, 13:37 to the latest version Build 10056781 (upd.14.12.2022).

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  • Pentiment v1.1 (upd.14.12.2022)

    Pentiment Game Free Download Torrent
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    Pentiment — is a detective adventure game with a twisted plot and an original medieval setting. Events unfold in Bavaria of the XVI century. Apprentice Andreas Mahler travels around Europe and gains experience in order to one day become a great master of pictorial art. Suddenly, murders are committed in the district and a small town is sure that a friend of the protagonist is involved in this. Unable to come to terms with such injustice, the man decides to investigate with his own hands and find the real culprit.

    This game has been updated 14-12-2022, 02:58 to the latest version v1.1 (upd.14.12.2022).

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  • WWE 2K22 v1.20 (upd.14.12.2022)

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    WWE 2K22 is the next installment in the WWE 2K sports game series. It was developed by Visual Concepts, best known for the NBA 2K series, and published by 2K Sports, which has been responsible for it since 2013. In the ring, we meet numerous sports stars such as The Rock, Sasha Banks or Brock Lesnar whose bodies have been faithfully recreated. In the game you can find game modes that were in the previous parts, as well as completely new ones. The main entertainment is, of course, participation in fights in the ring, using spectacular blows, grabs, throws and wrestling special attacks. In these fights, we can take control of famous wrestlers.

    This game has been updated 14-12-2022, 02:25 to the latest version v1.20 (upd.14.12.2022).

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  • South of the Circle v1.0.3 (upd.14.12.2022) - GOG

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    South of the Circle — an adventure game that takes us to the middle of the Cold War. The protagonist of South of the Circle is Peter, a climatologist who, after a crash in Antarctica, seeks salvation, reflects on his past and analyzes his chosen life path. South of the Circle takes us back to the 1960s, at the height of the Cold War. The protagonist of the game is Peter, a climatologist and university lecturer whose journey ends in a hard landing in Antarctica. In search of salvation and in the struggle for survival, the protagonist recalls his past from childhood, career growth, romance with Clara, whom he met at the university and with whom he became involved in a political conflict and analyzes his current, crisis situation.

    This game has been updated 14-12-2022, 13:02 to the latest version v1.0.3 (upd.14.12.2022).

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