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Super Hoopers is a basketball themed game featuring three playable characters whose goal is to carefully aim and shoot the ball to make awesome basketball shots and tricky shots. Aim at the target and score in all possible ways, happy jumping no problem, find your own way to throw that ball into the ring. Use springs, power cushions, walls or the floor, it all makes a difference. Watch out for obstacles and enemies that might get in your way. Some red evil mannequins are everywhere preventing you from scoring, setting traps for you to fail if you can defeat them. Three awesome characters: Cameron, Ryan and Rachel are waiting for you. each with their own themed scenarios and cute short endings. Choose between journeys and explore each level.

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  • Blood Bay Card History v1.0 Build 10161497

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    Blood Bay Card History — Ballad-tale in the genre of card games. In ancient times, when dragons burned villages and pirates burned ships. When unruly magic roamed the earth and every person’s life hung in the balance. There was at that time a kingdom called the Archipelago, because it stood on a handful of islands in the Shark Sea. Hard times overtook the kingdom after the death of the war king, famine, disease. The young, excited prince decided to put an end to this and went to the mysterious northern lands in search of treasures. And by chance he met a demon there and made a contract with him. Now the life of the kingdom depended on him alone. Follow the path of the prince, choosing the options of actions.

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  • Raft v1.09 (upd.22.12.2022)

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    The developers of the studio Raft created the project with the same name, in which you will have to experience all the hardships that have fallen to a man who was wrecked in the boundless ocean waters. Just imagine, you are in the middle of the ocean on an extremely unreliable raft. The user, who ventured to choose the Raft project, will receive an iron hook as an armament, which is very functional. He will allow the winner to emerge from various woes and unexpected twists of fate. In the water floats a variety of debris that tourists leave after themselves.

    This game has been updated 22-12-2022, 12:49 to the latest version v1.09 (upd.22.12.2022).

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  • Nightmare Reaper v2.31.6 (upd.22.12.2022)

    Nightmare Reaper Game Free Download Torrent
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    Nightmare Reaper is a game project in the genre of action, where you have to cope with a huge number of rivals. You will assume the role of a brave warrior who descends into dark dungeons to save them from the adherents of evil forces. You will not resist on equal terms, but you will be able to take up with the help of your wit and wit. All actions in the game take place with a first-person view, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the gameplay as much as possible.

    This game has been updated 22-12-2022, 12:53 to the latest version v2.31.6 (upd.22.12.2022).

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  • Wobbledogs v1.04 (upd.22.12.2022)

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    Wobbledogs — a fun physical simulator for breeding weird dogs, whose offspring will evolve and mutate depending on what you feed them. Key features are a detailed simulation of bodies including even what is going on in the animal’s stomach and a genetic system that sometimes yields amazing results. Mutations depend on what your pets eat, you can learn what is happening inside the dog. To make you aware of the local humor, dogs hatch from cocoons, and genetics can deduce something that will haunt you in nightmares.

    This game has been updated 22-12-2022, 12:02 to the latest version v1.04 (upd.22.12.2022).

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