Indies Lies v1.0.0 (upd.16.01.2023)

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Indies Lies — is an interesting card strategy that successfully combines elements of the roguelike genre. We plunge into the unusual atmosphere of a two-dimensional world, where we will try to do everything possible to get rid of the supporters of evil. The gameplay is based on collecting various types of cards, studying runes, which will become a powerful combat arsenal for fighting insidious opponents.

This game has been updated 16-01-2023, 13:06 to the latest version v1.0.0 (upd.16.01.2023).

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  • The Spirit and the Mouse v1.2c - GOG

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    The Spirit and the Mouse — is a kind and pleasant story about the friendship of a mouse and an electric spirit. The story begins with the fact that their native village was caught in a terrible thunderstorm and is now in danger, and in order to restore balance, you have to solve a large number of different tasks, help the villagers and try to free the electric spirit from imprisonment in this place. Go on an exciting adventure and gradually move towards the intended goal. There will be many adventures, so do not rush, the main thing is to feel the whole atmosphere. The main advantage of your adventure will be the opportunity not only to have a good time.

    This game has been updated 17-01-2023, 03:58 to the latest version v1.2c.

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  • Rising Front Build 10324353 (upd.16.01.2023)

    Rising Front Game Free Download Torrent
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    Rising Front is a unique military strategy with maximum approximation to real historical events. The player will have to lead into battle the most ordinary soldiers who are poorly trained in military affairs, but took up arms to save their families and expel the invaders from their native lands. A lot of losses, pain and suffering await them, but the bright future of the whole world depends on them. Actions taking place during the First World War. A detachment of fighters from an unknown country will be given under the control of the user, and in general this does not matter much. Since in heavy battles everyone is his own, regardless of country of origin or religion.

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  • Stolen Realm Build 9945381 (upd.15.01.2023)

    Stolen Realm Game Free Download Torrent
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    Stolen Realm — is a turn-based tactical role-playing game that raises the bar for the genre. Master deep and interesting tactical battles. Embark on a journey as a single champion or with a group of up to four people. Play a single or multiplayer game in a shared online game. Return the stolen kingdom. Simultaneous command system to accelerate the pace of combat. Fixed camera with hex-based grid for easy navigation and aiming. Fun, useful activities and research, where all members of the group always have something to do. A fascinating story that will captivate you with your group.

    This game has been updated 16-01-2023, 05:52 to the latest version Build 9945381 (upd.15.01.2023).

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  • Super Robot Wars 30 v1.3.0.3 (upd.16.01.2023)

    Super Robot Wars 30 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Super Robot Wars 30 — is a simulation RPG game in which robots with different animations come together to fight a common enemy. In this original story, robots from various animated films go beyond the boundaries of their work and gather in one place for the final battle. The battles themselves are not too difficult and are built on the basis of the simplest scheme, when first the player himself plans the moves and walks, and then looks at the opponent’s retaliatory steps. But at the same time, in this game it will not be possible to simply attack the enemy over and over again and at the same time win. It is important here to plan moves and attacks, to think over all the blows, to act as smartly as possible. And in Super Robot Wars 30 game for pc you will find a huge number of interesting exciting anime scenes with dialogues, a sea of special effects, beautiful screensavers and characters with their unique roles. Give battle to the enemy and try to save our world.

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  • Escape From School FELIK v1.2.0 (upd.16.01.2023)

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    Escape From School FELIK — you were locked up at night in a school in Chernobyl. You can only get out by blowing up the reactor, but to get access to the reactor control panel, you need to open the armored door. To do this, we collect all the components and insert them into it. But beware of the monsters and mutants inhabiting this creepy place, each of them will track you down. Solve all the secrets of the Soviet school, some of them are scary, some of them are creepy. Also be careful, radiation exposure can cause hallucinations, so pay attention to every creak you hear. The camera is introduced only in the first case. carried in hands.

    760.0 MB
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  • Dyztopia Post Human RPG v1.0 (Build 10329003)

    Dyztopia Post Human RPG Game Free Download Torrent
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    Dyztopia Post Human RPG is a cute but challenging RPG. Discover the world after the end of the world. Play as an agent turned rogue trying to make the world a better place. Free yourself. The world has collapsed due to a demonic invasion. Now new humanoids walk the earth, dealing with the remains of our present. The President, the last man alive, seeks to exploit the world and resurrect humanity. Use a variety of different elements to quickly defeat your enemies in turn-based combat. The game rewards you for smart plays with the Hype system. Exploit the enemy’s weaknesses, but be careful, they can do the same to you. Meet an interesting cast of characters! Let them join your group and use their unique skills. Spend time with them to learn more about their backstory and help them become stronger in battle. Don’t forget your bulletproof vest.

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  • Lawnmower Game Ufo Chase v1.0 (upd.16.01.2023)

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    Lawnmower Game Ufo Chase — The lawnmower is back. New pursuit, new times. The player’s mission is to avoid UFOs and mow the grass. The UFO, unfortunately, is very well armed. The UFO has 3 types of weapons: laser, missiles and laser barrier. The more grass you mow in each level, the more stars you earn. If you just drive and don’t cut, you earn 0-1 star, and if you cut well, you earn 2-3 stars. The player needs stars to unlock new levels. If a UFO hits you. You need to restart the level.

    1.03 GB
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  • Spellz v6.6 (upd.16.01.2023)

    Spellz Game Free Download Torrent
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    Spellz — is a role-playing game from a 16-year-old developer, which he has been working on for over a year. Become a mage, arm yourself with your favorite spells and fight. This is a new development in the RPG genre, with a view of the camera from above, which allows you to immerse yourself as much as possible in the process of playing and destroying the enemy. Enemies will be enough to spend several hours in the gameplay. The game is still not completely finished, this means that there may be some glitches and errors, but at the moment it can have a pre-release state. There are regular updates that bring many changes and improvements. Stay motivated and discover all the Spellz universes and their secrets. A true hero never gives up.

    This game has been updated 16-01-2023, 13:18 to the latest version v6.6 (upd.16.01.2023).

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  • Force of Nature 2 Ghost Keeper v1.1.9 (upd.16.01.2023)

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    Force of Nature 2 Ghost Keeper — is an action-adventure survival role-playing simulator in which a procedurally-generated fantasy world awaits you with many different locations. You will find yourself in an amazing and mysterious place, inhabited by unseen creatures and filled with numerous dangers. To survive, you will need to extract resources, build structures, tame animals, grow plants, craft weapons, and fight enemies and bosses. Unravel the mysteries of the mysterious Force of Nature stone to restore the balance of power.

    This game has been updated 16-01-2023, 13:02 to the latest version v1.1.9 (upd.16.01.2023).

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