Helvetii Build 10471943 (upd.04.02.2023)

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Helvetii is a fast-paced 2D action roguelike with an original storyline based on Celtic mythology. The story originates in Gaul, but not the one that was captured by the Roman Empire, but a hundred years before the well-known events. At that time, mythological creatures wandered the earth, and the world was in serious danger due to the rot spreading across the continent. In the role of three brave heroes, you have to go on a long and exhausting journey through dangerous lands in an attempt to find a way to deal with corruption once and for all.

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  • Abandoned drive-in Build 10463828 (upd.04.02.2023)

    Abandoned drive-in Game Free Download Torrent
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    Abandoned drive-in — the main character, Kaori, is on a date with her first boyfriend, who invites her to go to a haunted place to test her bravery. She is told that this is a haunted place known only to those in the know. She reluctantly agrees and heads down the mountain road to an abandoned Seva-era inn. On my way to the entrance of the house, I heard a noise behind me and stopped. I wonder if there was a visitor in the ruins. This is a short story with several endings. The game contains elements of a walking simulator in which you move around the map while checking items. The game is a fictional story that has nothing to do with any real events or accidents.

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  • The Crust v0.80.470 (upd.04.02.2023)

    The Crust Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Crust game invites you to look into the distant future and imagine what kind of technology humanity can get. In this case, players are offered to act as a manager for the construction of the first colony on the moon. We’ll have to deal with the arrangement of everything necessary that a person may need. There is no atmosphere on this satellite, and therefore it is necessary to build multifunctional bases where the first colonists will carry out their activities, and then their followers. The project is a real-time strategy with survival elements. It is necessary to operate with available resources, therefore, in order for the mission to succeed, it is necessary to properly distribute the materials received.

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  • OPEN DOOR Build 10472106 (upd.04.02.2023)

    OPEN DOOR Game Free Download Torrent
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    The plot unfolds inside the huge complex of the OPEN DOOR organization, which uses people for biotechnical purposes, due to which people began to disappear inside the organization, these disappearances are accompanied by paranormal events, in which the main character has to find out what happened and how he got to this place. The game has classic mechanics such as — solving puzzles, finding items, combining some items with others, as well as finding passages and keys. The game also has a stealth mechanic. First, it is a game about walking, finding objects and revealing the plot during the game, as well as solving puzzles. Secondly, there are screamers, but there are not so many of them.

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  • Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures Build 10472292 (upd.04.02.2023)

    Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures Game Free Download Torrent
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    Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures — Embark on an exciting enigmatic adventure. Solve original puzzles, explore many worlds and fully enjoy the smooth movement of the platform. First, it is worth noting the incredible mechanics developed on the whip, which will definitely allow you to have a great time. Secondly, the game will have a lot of unusual platforms, puzzles and difficult tests. Walk through 4 atmospheric worlds and collect a lot of interesting treasures there. Immerse yourself in an incredible atmosphere and go through amazing levels. Start the best enigmatic adventure of your life. Solve mind-bending puzzles, explore different worlds with smooth platform movement, and enjoy beautiful scenery in the mysterious world of Joe Wander.

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  • IDIOTIC The Game Build 10470958 (upd.04.02.2023)

    IDIOTIC The Game Game Free Download Torrent
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    IDIOTIC — is a dynamic single-player first-person shooter in which you can switch between alternate dimensions at will. Wreak havoc and upgrade your character as you move at breakneck speed. Switch between alternate dimensions at will While you are torn between the rifts of reality, you can switch between The Top and The Alt. The Vertex has your «normal» reality with deadly flying robots and people in suits trying to kill you, but there are also rewards and objectives. The alternative is a darker and deadlier version of the top with corrupted zombies and a neon stringler trying to kill you, but you can regenerate health and reposition from the top there.

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  • The Classrooms v0.2.4.129 (upd.04.02.2023)

    The Classrooms Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Classrooms is a found-footage liminal survival horror procedural game. In 1996, Robert Chen took his VHS camcorder to a recently condemned local public school to investigate the disappearance of several students, including his younger sister. However, shortly after entering the premises, he gets lost in a senseless and seemingly endless labyrinth of halls and offices. Open the contents of the tape he left behind. Explore the classes and find the various anomalies they contain from harmful entities to innocent ones, see And remember, every time you play, everything is different, so the found footage is unique to you.

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  • TombStar Build 9639825 (upd.04.02.2023)

    TombStar Game Free Download Torrent
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    TombStar — is a roguelike shooter with a western feel. The main events will unfold at the edge of the galaxy, where a cruel gang called the Gloomy Heart has firmly established itself. Its supporters forced all local residents to leave the star system, after which they established their complete control over it. Attempts by the authorities to eliminate the criminals were unsuccessful, so brave mercenaries will take up the matter. You have to take on the role of one of these adventurers, who, together with the group, must fly out to eliminate the gang.

    This game has been updated 4-02-2023, 04:12 to the latest version Build 9639825 (upd.04.02.2023).

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