Gravewood High v1.0 (upd.07.05.2023)

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Gravewood High — tells about students who were locked up in high school, where very strange things are happening. Heroes have to confront a crazy teacher who will change, gain new abilities and adapt to the actions of the players. With each new passage, the school is rebuilt, and the environment can be destroyed, using this mechanics for survival. Here is a fun adventure horror game reminiscent of the popular «Hello Neighbor».

This game has been updated 7-05-2023, 14:43 to the latest version v1.0 (upd.07.05.2023).

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  • Swarm Grinder Build 11165601 (upd.07.05.2023)

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    Swarm Grinder is an action-packed casual indie RPG developed by Last Bite Games, currently in Early Access. The game is set in a world overrun by swarms of dangerous creatures, and the player must take on the role of a brave hero and fight their way through hordes of enemies. The game’s combat system is fast and frenetic, with a wide range of attacks, skills, and abilities at the player’s disposal. Players can choose to focus on ranged or melee combat, and can customize their character’s abilities and equipment to suit their playstyle.

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  • Undeadly Build 11169385 (upd.07.05.2023)

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    Undeadly is an action-strategy game developed by Irreflex Studios and currently available in Early Access. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by hordes of undead creatures, and the player must use their strategic skills to survive and thrive in this harsh new reality. The gameplay of Undeadly is a unique combination of action and strategy elements. Players must fight off waves of zombies and other undead enemies, utilizing a wide range of weapons and tools at their disposal. Combat is only part of the equation players must also manage their resources, build and fortify their base, and make strategic decisions that will impact the survival of their community.

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  • Maveus Build 11174373 (upd.07.05.2023) - DOGE

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    Maveus is a simulation game developed by Metaverse Entertainment that allows players to create and manage their own virtual world. The game is set in a vast and immersive universe, where players can design and customize everything from the terrain and weather to the creatures that inhabit it. In Maveus, players can build and customize their own avatars and explore the game world, interacting with other players and forming communities. The game also features a deep crafting system, allowing players to create their own items and tools.

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  • Potion Tycoon v0.9.41 (upd.07.05.2023)

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    Potion Tycoon — an economic simulator where you have to open your own shop with potions and become the main merchant of elixirs of all the magical lands of this world. Upgrade production, build additional premises in the shop and hire new workers — do your best to create a potions empire, because everything is in your hands. Experiment and try different combinations of ingredients. Learn how to mix them in the witch’s cauldron using the four-element mechanic, each with a unique effect on the potion’s ingredients. Research new ingredients on your own by trading with wizards or sending workers to far-flung corners of the world in search of unusual mushrooms and herbs. Send the resulting recipe for production to the hired goblins, who will make the necessary batch and send it to the store shelves.

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  • Total Tank Generals v1.2 (upd.07.05.2023)

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    Total Tank Generals is a thrilling strategy game developed by Noobz From Poland that puts players in command of their own army of tanks. Set in a fictional world, players must strategically navigate the battlefield, taking control of territory and engaging in epic tank battles against other players or the computer. The game offers a range of different tanks to choose from, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Players can upgrade and customize their tanks, adding new weapons, and modifications to improve their performance on the battlefield.

    This game has been updated 16-05-2023, 09:25 to the latest version v1.2 (upd.07.05.2023).

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  • Kingdom Wars 4 Sultans and Kings v1.28 (upd.07.05.2023)

    Kingdom Wars 4 Sultans and Kings Game Free Download Torrent

    Kingdom Wars 4 Sultans and Kings is a multi-genre indie game developed by Reverie World Studios and Bad Logic Studios. The game combines elements of action, RPG, simulation, and strategy games to create a unique and engaging experience. The game takes place in a medieval world where players can choose to play as either a Sultan or a King. The player must manage their kingdom, build armies, and engage in battles against rival kingdoms and enemy forces. The game also features a rich storyline with quests and missions that the player can complete to advance their kingdom and unlock new abilities.

    3.05 GB
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  • A Heros Rest v0.450.27 (upd.07.05.2023)

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    A Heros Rest — in the fantasy world of Felonia, both people and monsters live here. The king instructs the hero to organize the defense of the territory and equip the settlement where the defenders of the fatherland could rest. Therefore, the main character becomes a local mayor and a merchant at the same time, providing visitors with little things. Basically, fighters against evil wander here, they are ready to fulfill the instructions of the mayor, for the extraction of resources, for example. It is necessary to carefully study which warrior and which task is capable of performing so as not to lose him. With the accumulation of experience, the fighters will become masters of their craft and perform tasks more efficiently and quickly.

    This game has been updated 7-05-2023, 12:00 to the latest version v0.450.27 (upd.07.05.2023).

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  • Carrier Command 2 Build 11154089 (upd.07.05.2023)

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    Carrier Command 2 — is an interesting military strategy where you will conduct large-scale military actions. You are tasked with capturing a well-defended archipelago, and you must decide how to complete your mission with minimal losses. You will control a huge aircraft carrier where the communication point is located. At your command, dozens of aircraft will be able to rise into the air together with landing units ready to land on the archipelago. You also get a whole network of radars at your disposal, from which information about the deployment of enemy units will come. Gather information and draw your own map to determine where the troops are weak.

    This game has been updated 7-05-2023, 12:27 to the latest version Build 11154089 (upd.07.05.2023).

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  • SpacePod Build 11143123 (upd.07.05.2023)

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    SpacePod is an action-packed indie game developed by Robusta Gameworks that takes place in outer space. The player takes on the role of a skilled space pilot who must navigate through a dangerous and treacherous universe filled with enemies and obstacles. The gameplay of SpacePod is fast-paced and intense, with the player piloting their spacecraft through a variety of different levels, each with their own unique challenges. The game features a range of different enemy types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, that the player must defeat in order to progress. With its fast-paced action, intense combat, and responsive controls, SpacePod is sure to provide players with hours of exciting and engaging gameplay.

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