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Star Trek Resurgence is an unusual blend of point-and-click adventure and visual novel. The plot takes the player aboard the starship Resolute, where the main characters will be a Starfleet officer and a private. The gamer will have to go to explore a little-known corner of the galaxy, where a confrontation between two races of aliens is brewing. The heroes need to uncover their motives, culture, and goals in order to avoid mass bloodshed and advance the ideals of the Federation in this region. To do this, you need to communicate a lot, give orders to subordinates and even engage in fights with opponents.

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  • Jawbreaker upd.24.05.2023 (demo)

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    Jawbreaker is a mesmerizing and captivating action-adventure game that will keep players on the edge of their seats. Developed by the visionary game designer Vincent Lade, this indie gem takes players on a thrilling journey through a vibrant and enigmatic world. In Jawbreaker, players assume the role of a daring and agile protagonist, tasked with an important mission to save their mystical realm from impending doom. As the game unfolds, players will find themselves immersed in a richly detailed environment, teeming with life and filled with secrets waiting to be discovered. The gameplay mechanics of Jawbreaker are a perfect blend of action and adventure, offering a uniquely refreshing experience. Armed with powerful and customizable weapons, players engage in exhilarating battles against hordes of otherworldly creatures and formidable bosses.

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  • Bread and Fred Build 11297673 (upd.24.05.2023)

    Bread and Fred Game Free Download Torrent
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    Bread and Fred is an arcade adventure that invites you to go on an exciting journey with two ambitious penguins. They decided to conquer the far corners of Antarctica and are confident in their actions. You have to manage two penguins at once, which will require some skill and the ability to combine their skills with each other. The penguins will be tied together with a rope, which will be both a test and an important advantage. Using all this, they will have to make their way through various gorges, try to solve puzzles and try to survive in a harsh environment. Trials and new challenges They have to overcome large expanses and try by any means to achieve the desired result, along the way using a variety of solutions. Basically, it will come down to the fact that the penguins will precisely jump, swing and use the edges of the surface to climb onto the desired platform or slope.

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  • Prime Directive Build 11290852 (upd.24.05.2023)

    Prime Directive Game Free Download Torrent
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    Prepare to embark on a thrilling and immersive sci-fi adventure like no other in Prime Directive, a captivating action-adventure game developed by the visionary Jonathan Stoffer and published by KittySoft Studios LLC. Released in 2023, this indie gem pushes the boundaries of the genre, delivering a unique blend of action, adventure, and simulation. In Prime Directive, you find yourself at the helm of a state-of-the-art spacecraft, venturing into the depths of uncharted space. As a brave and resourceful pilot, you’ll navigate through sprawling galaxies, encounter extraterrestrial civilizations, and uncover the secrets of the cosmos. The fate of humanity rests upon your shoulders as you navigate the challenges and dangers that lie ahead.

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  • Fairy Fencer F Refrain Chord Build 11028913 (upd.24.05.2023)

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    Embark on an enchanting journey through a realm of magic and destiny in Fairy Fencer F Refrain Chord a captivating RPG and strategy game developed by the renowned collaboration of IDEA FACTORY, COMPILE HEART, and STING. Published by Idea Factory International in 2023, this immersive adventure invites players to a world where the clash of swords and the power of mystical beings shape the fate of all. Fairy Fencer F Refrain Chord transports you to a beautifully realized fantasy universe where ancient conflicts between legendary warriors and ethereal entities have left an indelible mark. As the chosen protagonist, you wield the power of the Furies, mystical weapons infused with the spirits of fairy-like beings known as Fairies. Your quest unfolds in a meticulously crafted world teeming with vibrant landscapes, bustling towns, and treacherous dungeons waiting to be explored.

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  • Trials of Kokoro Build 11294151 (upd.24.05.2023)

    Trials of Kokoro Game Free Download Torrent
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    Prepare to embark on a captivating journey of the heart and mind with Trials of Kokoro a groundbreaking adventure RPG and strategy game developed and published by TD Games. Released in 2023, this enchanting title seamlessly weaves together compelling storytelling, immersive exploration, and strategic decision-making, offering players an unforgettable gaming experience. Set in a mystical world steeped in ancient lore, Trials of Kokoro introduces you to a realm on the brink of chaos. As a courageous hero, burdened with a forgotten past, you find yourself at the center of a conflict that threatens to consume the land. The fate of Kokoro rests in your hands, as you must navigate treacherous landscapes, face daunting challenges, and uncover the truth about your identity.

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  • The Lone Blade Build 11292356 (upd.24.05.2023)

    The Lone Blade Game Free Download Torrent
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    In the vast and mystical world of The Lone Blade, an immersive adventure awaits you, crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Opia Games. Step into the shoes of a solitary warrior, driven by an ancient prophecy and armed with a legendary blade, as you embark on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and perilous exploration. Set in a beautifully rendered landscape brimming with untold wonders and treacherous challenges, The Lone Blade invites you to traverse lush forests, towering mountains, and hauntingly desolate ruins. The game’s rich and diverse environments seamlessly blend together, forming a seamless tapestry of breathtaking vistas that will leave you in awe.

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  • Birds Arent Real Build 11284002 (upd.24.05.2023)

    Birds Arent Real Game Free Download Torrent
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    Birds Arent Real is an intriguing adventure game developed by JOX Studio, known for their creative and unique titles. In this indie game, players are immersed in a captivating world where a secret conspiracy theory takes center stage. The game unfolds in a dystopian future where birds have been replaced by surveillance drones. As the protagonist, you find yourself in a quest to uncover the truth behind this unusual phenomenon. Equipped with only your wits and a few essential tools, you must navigate through a variety of intriguing environments, ranging from bustling cities to remote wilderness areas.

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  • Supplice v1.01 (upd.24.05.2023)

    Supplice Game Free Download Torrent
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    Immerse yourself in true horror in Supplice, a retro first-person shooter. You have to go to a distant planet, fight terrible monsters and take revenge on the aliens for the invasion. The events of the game themselves take place in the distant future, in which people, with the help of the unique Flux Gate technology, have learned to travel across space over long distances and you can do it. As a result, humanity began to discover new planets, terraform entire worlds and populate them with colonies. In the role of an engineer and specialist in terraforming, you will go to one of the planets found by people. The fact is that in the process of terraforming, the Flux Gate device was captured and began to move terrible bloodthirsty monsters to the surface of the planet. The colony quickly emptied, people died, and the newly arrived creatures captured the planet itself. You are the last survivor, and now you need to do everything possible to stop the invasion, destroy the enemies and survive.

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  • Grounded v1.2.4 (upd.24.05.2023)

    Grounded Game Free Download Torrent
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    Grounded — is a survival game based on an insect simulator. In the center of the plot is a character reduced to the size of an insect and found himself in the backyard, which has become a whole world for him, where he has to fight for survival, make discoveries, fight predators, and also hunt and gather resources. At the disposal of the hero an arsenal of weapons from only two items a spear and a dagger. But in the process of passing the game and collecting resources, it will be possible to create an ax, as well as a bow and arrow. With their help, you will have to fight opponents and get food. In the course of the game, you need to gradually explore and master the backyard.

    This game has been updated 24-05-2023, 04:00 to the latest version v1.2.4 (upd.24.05.2023).

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