Holstin v0.93 (upd.01.09.2023)

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Holstin — try to survive in this traditional horror game, the plot of which will unfold in a creepy town somewhere in Poland. Where you will go in search of answers, but something sinister will constantly haunt. So is it worth diving deeper into research or is it better to stop before. It’s 1992. There is terrible poverty in a small Polish town. She consumes everyone she touches. In addition, it is there that the trail of your friend ends, and after which he simply disappears in an unknown direction. Rather go in search of him and try to uncover the terrible secrets of this place.

This game has been updated 1-09-2023, 10:35 to the latest version v0.93 (upd.01.09.2023).

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  • Horizons Gate v1.5.944 (upd.01.09.2023)

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    Horizons Gate — the gameplay here is not so complicated, but it combines the mechanics of several genres at once. On the one hand, this is a typical role-playing game with a top view, in which you, managing a company of characters, travel through a partially open world and survive, fight monsters and other enemies, complete tasks and explore dungeons, and more. On the other hand, this is a strategy with turn-based battles, in which it is important not only to press the hit button, but also to calculate the moves of the enemy, and predict the tactics of opponents, and conduct a smart tactical battle.

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  • AEW Fight Forever v1.04 (upd.01.09.2023) + DLC - RUNE

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    AEW Fight Forever — Wrestling is the direction that attracts a significant number of men. And in this game you will enter the world of wrestling, where you can become both an advanced champion who has already earned more than one victory, and a beginner. The right decision, the battle without rules, all this provokes the possibility of obtaining new skills, which later form the basis of your skills. Has multiple modes in which you can get incredible emotions. There are many types in the match, an in-depth career mode, numerous customization options.

    This game has been updated 1-09-2023, 07:03 to the latest version v1.04 (upd.01.09.2023) + DLC.

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  • Saints Row v1.6.1.4735700 (upd.01.09.2023)

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    Saints Row 2022 — is a scandalous and bloody action game that will take place in the fictional city of Santo Illeso, where one group is trying to create a criminal empire. The main character will be accompanied by 3 more characters who will support him in his difficult missions. You will meet the tactician Elei, the self-confident DJ Kevin and the experienced mechanic and driver Nina, with whom you can build your kingdom. Also, you will take part in exciting battles, with enemy factions flooding the streets and deal with the company of Dos Panteros and Marshall. Players will engage in bloody, epic battles against street thugs to compete for dominance. The heroes will face sandy roads and crazy wingsuit races, and not only fierce firefights with unique weapons and unusual outfits.

    This game has been updated 1-09-2023, 16:54 to the latest version v1.6.1.4735700 (upd.01.09.2023).

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  • Grisaia Chronos Rebellion Build 11855616 (upd.01.09.2023)

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    Grisaia Chronos Rebellion, you’ll step into the shoes of a protagonist thrust into a complex narrative filled with choices and consequences. As you navigate the game’s compelling storyline, your decisions will shape the course of events and lead to various outcomes, keeping you engaged at every turn. Dive into the immersive world of Grisaia Chronos Rebellion, a captivating adventure game that seamlessly blends elements of adventure and casual gameplay. Developed by the talented team at Frontwing and published by Frontwing USA, this game marks a significant release in 2023, promising players a thrilling journey through a world filled with intrigue, mystery, and unique characters.

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  • DAY 10909 Build 11963816 (upd.01.09.2023) - TENOKE

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    DAY 10909, you’ll find yourself in a world filled with mystery and wonder. Explore captivating landscapes, solve intriguing puzzles, and encounter a variety of characters as you journey through this extraordinary adventure. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned explorer, DAY 10909 offers an experience that will captivate and entertain. Prepare to embark on a unique and unforgettable adventure in DAY 10909, a captivating game from the talented developers at Green Onion Games. Set in the year 2023, this game promises to deliver an immersive blend of adventure and casual gameplay that will keep players enthralled. With Green Onion Games both developing and publishing this title, players can expect a level of quality and creativity that is sure to make DAY 10909 a standout addition to the gaming world. Prepare to dive into this remarkable adventure and uncover the secrets that await in the year 10909.

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  • MEGA MAN X DiVE Offline Build 11846221 (upd.01.09.2023) - TENOKE

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    Prepare to dive into the thrilling world of MEGA MAN X DiVE Offline, an action-packed RPG experience brought to you by CAPCOM Co. In this eagerly awaited release of 2023, immerse yourself in the epic adventures of the legendary Mega Man X series, all while enjoying the convenience of offline play. Set out on a journey to save the world as the iconic Mega Man X, battling formidable foes, uncovering powerful upgrades, and mastering your unique abilities. With captivating action and deep RPG elements, this game offers an immersive experience that will keep you engaged for hours on end. Venture forth into a dynamic and engaging world, where your decisions and combat skills will shape the fate of humanity. Discover the secrets of MEGA MAN X DiVE Offline and experience the future of offline gaming like never before.

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  • SGS Taipings Build 12056589 (upd.01.09.2023) - TENOKE

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    The game SGS Taipings recreates the Taiping Rebellion of 1851-1864. it was one of China’s deadliest and most horrific civil wars, claiming millions of lives. Play as the Taiping rebels and their allies fighting to establish their own state, or become the Emperor of Qing and crush the rebellion and its foreign devil allies before they overthrow your dynasty. Between 1851 and 1864, China was engulfed in a horrific and deadly civil war, the Taiping Rebellion, which claimed the lives of millions of Chinese.

    This game has been updated 1-09-2023, 05:23 to the latest version Build 12056589 (upd.01.09.2023).

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  • 10MINUTES Build 12077563 (upd.01.09.2023) - TENOKE

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    10MINUTES — Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping solo adventure in Zombie Survival Challenge, a first-person shooter (FPS) where you’ve got a mere 10 minutes to fend off hordes of zombies across diverse locations. It’s a game that will put your zombie survival skills to the test while vying for the top position on the high score leaderboard. Do you possess the real-deal zombie survival skills? Are you tired of dragging your friends into co-op play or being pampered by predictable, lethargic zombies? It’s high time you showcase your true grit. With a meager arsenal and twelve deadly stages, the mission is straightforward: endure for a mere ten minutes. The rules are uncomplicated, but the challenge is fierce.

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  • OU Build 11880824 (upd.01.09.2023) - TENOKE

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    OU is an atmospheric adventure game for fans of story-driven projects, where you will find an unusual and slightly surreal universe in the center of which is the main character. The boy wakes up in the so-called U-chronia, an otherworldly reality where memories are stored in bizarre forms. You have to find a way to get out of this place, and along the way get to know the colorful characters who will accompany you along the way. First of all, the game catches the eye due to the pleasant visual style.

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