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URBO is not just a game, it is a journey into consciousness and ingenuity. As you delve deeper into this relaxing city-building puzzle game, you’ll be completely immersed in a setting of endless possibilities. At the very beginning, an empty landscape opens up in front of you, ready to turn into a bustling city according to your imagination. The project provides a choice of different architectural styles to create a city that combines both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The needs of the residents and your creative flair combine harmoniously to determine the fate of your urban paradise. And that’s not all — the title brings a charming twist to the game, allowing you to build cities on floating islands. Each island has its own unique dimensions, which poses the challenge of optimally placing houses, as well as seamlessly connecting them with bridges and roads.

240 MB
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  • Starfield Premium Edition v1.7.29.0 (upd.13.09.2023)

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    Starfield Premium Edition is an RPG game set in space developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The action takes place in a single-player open world environment and features an original and detailed storyline. Users take on the role of an astronaut who becomes humanity’s last hope after their spaceship crashes on a mysterious alien world. The player will have to explore the expanses of space and unravel the mysteries of the alien world in order to find a way to return home. Gameplay in Starfield involves both combat and exploration as the player travels across various planets and celestial bodies, encountering hostile alien creatures and discovering ancient ruins.

    This game has been updated 13-09-2023, 16:24 to the latest version v1.7.29.0 (upd.13.09.2023).

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  • Axis Football 2024 Build 12177684 (upd.13.09.2023) - DOGE

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    Axis Football 2024 stands as the pinnacle of indie sports simulation, developed by the passionate team at Axis Games and slated to kick off in 2023. This title is a testament to the dedication of indie developers in delivering an immersive, strategy-driven football experience that rivals even the biggest franchises. In Axis Football 2024, you’ll take the reins as a football coach and general manager, steering your team to gridiron glory. The game places a strong emphasis on strategic gameplay, allowing you to craft offensive and defensive schemes, make crucial decisions during matches, and build your dream team from the ground up. What sets this indie gem apart is its attention to detail. Every aspect of the game, from player animations to stadium atmospheres, is meticulously crafted to create an authentic football experience. You’ll feel the adrenaline rush as you orchestrate precision plays, call audibles on the fly, and lead your team to victory.

    1.60 GB
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  • Mary Skelter Finale Build 12078002 (upd.13.09.2023) - RUNE

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    Mary Skelter Finale is the epic culmination of a captivating RPG saga that combines immersive storytelling with strategic gameplay. Developed by the collaborative efforts of Compile Heart, Idea Factory, and Ghostlight LTD, this highly anticipated release in 2023 marks the thrilling conclusion to a beloved series that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. In Mary Skelter Finale, players are thrust into a dark and fantastical world where the boundaries between reality and the surreal are blurred. The game’s narrative, which has been carefully woven across previous installments, takes center stage, immersing players in a rich and emotionally charged tale of hope, despair, and the enduring human spirit.

    13.2 GB
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  • Fort Solis v1.2 (upd.13.09.2023)

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    Fort Solis is a gripping thriller set on the surface of Mars, surrounded by intense action, claustrophobic locations and a deep storyline. The story begins when Jack receives an unusual alarm from a remote mining base and decides to travel to the dark and deserted Fort Solis. With a storm warning in the air, he rushes in, desperate to re-establish contact with the outside world. With each passing hour, the night grows longer, events spiral out of control, and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the crew begins to unravel. Surrounded by a storm and limited in his abilities, Jack tries to survive until morning.

    16.62 GB
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  • Hauma A Detective Noir Story Build 12159290 (upd.13.09.2023) - TENOKE

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    Hauma A Detective Noir Story is a deductive visual novel set in the beautiful city of Munich. In this game, you will work with former detective Judith to uncover a mysterious conspiracy hiding among the city’s elite. With stunning comic-inspired graphics, you’ll explore real-life locations like the Art House and other historical sites, where unexpected pieces of history await you. As you progress through the game, you’ll have to use your wits and cunning to collect important items, solve challenging puzzles, and overcome difficult dialogue riddles. Use your detective skills to draw your own conclusions and piece together clues that will lead you closer to the truth.

    2.16 GB
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  • Heavy Burden Build 12160805 (upd.13.09.2023) - TENOKE

    Heavy Burden Game Free Download Torrent
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    Heavy Burden — Albert Camus once wrote, Beginning to think is beginning to be undermined, a sentiment that’s hard to refute. Reflecting on one’s life involves a process of self-examination, a pause to review experiences, shedding the superfluous and unnecessary, dismantling the old in the hopes of constructing the new essentially, it’s a form of self-undermining. It’s crucial to acknowledge the gravity of this notion because this journey is synonymous with pain, loss, the necessity of choosing challenging paths, and at times, taking risks to avoid repeating past mistakes and straying from the established course. But is enduring this pain worthwhile? What if we simply go with the flow? How would our lives unfold then?

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  • Hotel Renovator Build 12155547 (upd.13.09.2023) - TENOKE

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    In Hotel Renovator, the user will have the opportunity to become the owner of the hotel. In such an institution, a gamer will be able to independently shape the interior, create their own unique style, or even combine styles. One way or another, everything will be evaluated by the guest, and success will largely depend on their feedback. But in order to achieve the optimal appearance, you will have to try hard, and you won’t be able to get rid of the rough work. From the very beginning in Hotel Renovator, the player will have an old and somewhat abandoned room at his disposal. There will be a lot of garbage and dust, and the appearance of the rooms does not at all correspond to the usual hotels.

    This game has been updated 19-09-2023, 05:03 to the latest version Build 12155547 (upd.13.09.2023).

    41.15 GB
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  • Die After Sunset v1.0.4 (upd.13.09.2023) - TENOKE

    Die After Sunset Game Free Download Torrent
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    Die After Sunset takes place in an alternate world. In it, the planet is inhabited not only by people and familiar creatures. Together with humanity, fabulous creatures and aliens from other universes live here. Of particular danger are the inhabitants of the planet Murkor. The fact is that during the day they look harmless, and sometimes even cute. Soon as the night begins, the aliens turn into evil monsters. Preying on ordinary citizens. The main character of the story is a young red-haired girl. She periodically rises to the surface, into the darkness, and destroys monsters. After all, she set a goal herself to clear all the settlements of the Earth from aggressive guests.

    This game has been updated 18-09-2023, 06:54 to the latest version v1.0.4 (upd.13.09.2023).

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  • Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 v1.0.31

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    Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 — for those who like to tinker in the garage. However, the authors will not limit you to technical work only. In the vastness of this project, you can engage in the development of your small enterprise, show creativity and much more. Auto Mechanic Simulator 2021 pleases with a rich toolkit, a lot of interesting finds. Beginners will also be interested, there are tips and explanations. CMS 2021 pleases with a great attention to detail. Professionals will surely appreciate it. Have you thought how interesting it is to repair cars, look for faults, restore what was destroyed by time and man.

    This game has been updated 13-09-2023, 05:46 to the latest version v1.0.31.

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