Banishers Ghosts of New Eden v1.3.1.0 (upd.12.02.2024)

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Banishers Ghosts of New Eden is an exciting Action-RPG that will take you on an exciting journey through a mystical world full of supernatural creatures and ancient secrets. In this game, you will take on the roles of Anthea Duarte and Red Mac Raith, two Banishers who are determined to protect the living from the terrible threat of ghosts and ghosts. Set in 1695 in the North American wilderness, you will follow the story of two lovers who must fight against all odds to defeat the supernatural forces that threaten their world. As you progress through the game, youll be tasked with solving ghost cases and battling the souls that plague the living, using Antheas spiritual abilities and Reds impressive arsenal of weapons.

This game has been updated 12-02-2024, 15:18 to the latest version v1.3.1.0 (upd.12.02.2024).

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  • Vigil The Longest Night Build 13364428 (upd.12.02.2024)

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    Vigil The Longest Night — promises a dark and atmospheric journey through a world plagued by darkness and mystery. Developed by Glass Heart Games and published by Another Indie, this action-indie game is set to captivate players when it releases in 2024. In Vigil The Longest Night, players assume the role of Leila, a skilled vigilante tasked with uncovering the secrets behind the mysterious disappearance of her sister and the spreading darkness that threatens their homeland. As Leila, players will traverse haunting landscapes, battle terrifying creatures, and unravel the enigmatic lore surrounding the Longest Night. The game’s action-oriented gameplay features intricate combat mechanics, allowing players to utilize a variety of weapons and abilities to overcome the many challenges they encounter. From fast-paced swordplay to strategic spellcasting, players must master their skills to survive the perilous journey ahead.

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  • SYNTHALGIA Retro Arcade Racing upd.12.02.2024

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    SYNTHALGIA Retro Arcade Racing is a thrilling blend of action, adventure, casual, indie, racing, simulation, and sports game developed and published by CASPIAN SKY. Set for an early access release in 2024, this game promises to take players on a nostalgic journey back to the golden era of arcade racing games while infusing modern elements for an exhilarating experience. Players will immerse themselves in the neon-soaked world of SYNTHALGIA, where they’ll race through a variety of retro-inspired tracks filled with twists, turns, and adrenaline-pumping action. With its dynamic gameplay and vibrant visuals, the game captures the essence of classic arcade racing games while offering a fresh and exciting twist. As players progress through the game, they’ll have the opportunity to customize their vehicles, unlock new tracks, and compete in thrilling races against AI opponents or friends in multiplayer mode.

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  • Train Sim World 4 v1.0.1505.0 (upd.12.02.2024)

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    Train Sim World 4, the newest addition to the acclaimed series, offers both enthusiasts and newbies a compelling train simulation experience. This title puts all the power of the sim right at your fingertips, allowing you to immerse yourself in high-speed adventures and unleash your creativity on a variety of iconic routes and trains. Control a majestic steam locomotive, a formidable diesel locomotive or a modern electric train the project will satisfy your preferences. One of the features is its role as an educational platform. The training center serves as a valuable starting point to gain the fundamental skills needed to master a variety of deadlifts, Class 323, Class 66 and 8 °F.

    This game has been updated 12-02-2024, 15:58 to the latest version v1.0.1505.0 (upd.12.02.2024).

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  • TerraTech v1.6 + all DLC

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    TerraTech is a new sandbox-constructor in which you can create different machines, explore planets, gather resources and fight against your competitors and hostile inhabitants of the planet. In the game, just a huge amount of various details for the creation of transport, including various weapons. This all reveals almost limitless possibilities for creativity, which will be very appealing to all the amateurs of the designer. In the game you fly to the planet, collect useful resources and send to Earth. But the struggle for resources is tough, the corporations GSO and GeoCorp will interfere with you, and you have to fight. Destroying the opponent’s car, you can use its details and, thus, improve your car. Battles and mechanics in the game at a high level, that’s why, even before the final version, the game is so popular.

    This game has been updated 12-02-2024, 15:14 to the latest version v1.6 + all DLC.

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  • DEATH STRANDING DIRECTORS CUT v1.004 (upd.12.02.2024) - TENOKE

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    DEATH STRANDING DIRECTORS CUT is an exceptional and innovative addition to the world of gaming. Developed by the acclaimed KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS and published by 505 Games, this 2022 release takes the original game to new heights and immerses players in a captivating fusion of action and adventure. The game builds upon the foundation of the original DEATH STRANDING, an unconventional and genre-defying title that received widespread acclaim for its unique gameplay and compelling narrative. In DEATH STRANDING DIRECTORS CUT, players are once again thrust into a post-apocalyptic world fraught with supernatural phenomena and fragmented societies.

    This game has been updated 20-02-2024, 03:15 to the latest version v1.004 (upd.12.02.2024).

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  • DEAD END Build 13410658 (upd.12.02.2024) - TiNYiSO

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    DEAD END is a captivating adventure-indie simulation game developed and published by PHANTOM PIXEL, set for release in 2024. In this immersive title, players find themselves in a dystopian world where they must navigate through a series of challenges and mysteries to uncover the truth behind their existence. Set against the backdrop of a desolate urban landscape, «DEAD END» invites players to embark on a journey of self-discovery and survival. As they explore the hauntingly beautiful environments, players will encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own stories and motivations. The game seamlessly blends elements of adventure, indie, and simulation gameplay, offering players a unique and engaging experience.

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  • Blood West v3.0.4 (upd.12.02.2024)

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    Blood West — is a fast-paced, retro western-style shooter where you take on the role of a ghost. The soul of an untimely deceased cowboy is cursed and doomed to wander through the most nightmarish lands. Once in a small mining town, you find that all the demons of hell have moved here. You must deal with them in order to be able to move on and someday reach the final goal of this endless journey. An exciting shootout with all sorts of monsters, demons and other creatures awaits you. One of their appearance inspires fear.

    This game has been updated 12-02-2024, 04:40 to the latest version v3.0.4 (upd.12.02.2024).

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  • Forever Skies v1.4.2 (upd.12.02.2024)

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    Forever Skies is a project where the player will have to survive in the conditions of the Earth after a global environmental catastrophe. Now everything around is covered with a dense layer of dust, consisting almost entirely of toxic substances. More than one hundred years have passed, the planet has changed a lot. A new, unexplored land lurks under dense dust clouds. Plants and animals have changed, undergoing mutations, and most of the people who arrived were struck by a new disease, a cure for which must be found. Forever Skies offers to build your own airship to explore the surface. In it, the hero will find a new home, protection and a place for experiments. When studying the remains of human civilization and all kinds of anomalous manifestations of nature, it is important to monitor the integrity and serviceability of technology.

    This game has been updated 12-02-2024, 04:35 to the latest version v1.4.2 (upd.12.02.2024).

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  • Ready or Not v41630 (upd.12.02.2024) - RUNE

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    Ready or Not is an interesting game in the tactical shooter genre, telling about the difficult fate of professional special forces. When creating this project, the developers managed to achieve an incredible level of shooting realism and ballistic characteristics of the weapon, including bullet momentum and ricochet dynamics. As for the gameplay itself, you have to take control of a group of elite fighters and begin carrying out dangerous operations. Develop a plan and select the necessary equipment in the form of shields, rams, ladders, and in case of urgent need, you can always turn to other professionals for help, such as snipers and negotiators. Lead the best team of special forces and fight in multiplayer mode, honing your tactical skills and earning achievements. In total, the game offers about sixty pieces of equipment. If speed of movement is not as important to you as protection, then at any time you can load your fighters with heavy armor that can withstand a cartridge of any caliber. Also here you can create cool uniforms and distinctive stripes that will set your guys apart from all other fighters.

    This game has been updated 12-02-2024, 06:04 to the latest version v41630 (upd.12.02.2024).

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