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Gu Long Feng Yun Lu set to release in 2024, is an intriguing title that spans the Adventure, RPG, and Strategy genres. Developed by Hong Kong Shangheluo Interactive Entertainment Co and published by heart fire game, this game promises to deliver a rich and immersive experience with elements of adventure, role-playing, and strategic gameplay. The Adventure genre suggests a focus on exploration, storytelling, and potentially puzzle-solving. Players can expect to embark on a journey filled with diverse environments, encounters with unique characters, and the unraveling of a captivating narrative. Adventure games often provide a sense of discovery and immersion in a well-crafted game world.

This game has been updated 1-04-2024, 17:01 to the latest version Build 13868421 (upd.01.04.2024).

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  • Outcast A New Beginning v1.0.3.4 (upd.01.04.2014) - FLT

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    Outcast A New Beginning is a single-player adventure video game set in the fantasy setting of Adelph. Features an immersive open world with vast and varied terrain, from lush forests to arid deserts and towering mountain ranges. Players take on the role of Cutter Slade, a skilled warrior and skilled pilot tasked with uncovering the truth behind a mysterious and powerful artifact known as the Heart of Adelpha. Gamers engage in fast-paced combat, using a variety of weapons and gadgets to destroy a variety of enemies. Cutter Slade is armed with a plasma sword, a powerful melee weapon that can be upgraded with upgrades, and a pistol that can be upgraded with different types of ammunition. Throughout the game, players will collect items such as health potions and energy cells that will help them on their journey.

    This game has been updated 1-04-2024, 13:17 to the latest version v1.0.3.4 (upd.01.04.2014).

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  • Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.10 (upd.01.04.2024) - RUNE

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    Assetto Corsa Competizione is a racing simulation game developed by Kunos Simulazioni. As the name suggests, the game is focused on the GT World Challenge, which is a popular sports car racing championship series that features some of the most iconic GT cars in the world. The game features realistic physics and advanced graphics that aim to provide players with a truly immersive racing experience. The tracks and cars are all meticulously recreated to match their real-life counterparts, with attention to detail on every aspect of the racing experience, from the feel of the car’s handling to the weather conditions on the track.

    This game has been updated 1-04-2024, 13:12 to the latest version v1.10 (upd.01.04.2024).

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  • Portal Revolution v1.6.0 (upd.01.04.2024)

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    Portal Revolution, set to be released in 2024, is an exhilarating new game that blends Action, Adventure, and Casual genres. Developed and published by Second Face Software, this title is poised to offer a unique gaming experience. In Portal Revolution players can expect a dynamic and immersive world that challenges their problem-solving skills and reflexes. The game likely revolves around the innovative use of portals, a mechanic that opens up endless possibilities for creative gameplay. These portals might allow players to traverse challenging environments, solve intricate puzzles, or outmaneuver opponents in thrilling ways. As an Action game, Portal Revolution could feature intense sequences requiring quick thinking and fast-paced decision-making. This might include combat scenarios, time-sensitive challenges, or navigating through rapidly changing environments. The Adventure aspect suggests a strong narrative thread, leading players through a compelling storyline filled with intriguing characters and unexpected twists.

    This game has been updated 1-04-2024, 16:58 to the latest version v1.6.0 (upd.01.04.2024).

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  • Automobilista 2 v1.5.6.1 + All DLC

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    Automobilista 2 game is a continuation of the eponymous series of racing simulators, where you have to take part in exciting competitions on the most difficult tracks of Brazil. You will find an updated list of cars of famous manufacturers and dozens of new tracks with steep turns, sharp ascents and descents. The powerful MADNESS engine used in the new project will demonstrate completely unforgettable graphic quality. Changing weather conditions, the dynamics of the race itself and real tracks will allow you to enjoy the true realism of the game.

    This game has been updated 1-04-2024, 17:03 to the latest version v1.5.6.1 + All DLC.

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  • Monolith v1.1.4 (upd.01.04.2024)

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    Monolith is a dynamic arcade action game that invites you to play as a futuristic warrior and use a large number of weapons to destroy all enemies. The setting will be an area that will invite you to visit a huge tower. It contains evil and many dangerous creatures that must be destroyed. You have to put in a lot of effort and fight against a variety of opponents. All you have to do is try to use all your capabilities correctly and strive for victory. The main advantage will be that you will take part in a variety of confrontations. The dynamics will be extremely high, so you should be extremely careful and try to effectively use various weapons.

    This game has been updated 1-04-2024, 17:09 to the latest version v1.1.4 (upd.01.04.2024).

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  • Way of the Hunter v1.25d (upd.01.04.2024)

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    Way of the Hunter is a simulation game that allows us to experience the profession of a hunter. It was developed by Nine Rocks Games and published by THQ Nordic. In Way of the Hunter, we take on the role of the new owner of a hunting lodge. The story told in the game touches upon issues such as ethical hunting, family hunting, as well as rivalry and friendship between hunters. For good and, accordingly, deadly shots, trophies are awarded, the quality of which depends, among other things, on the physical condition and age of our target.

    This game has been updated 1-04-2024, 17:06 to the latest version v1.25d (upd.01.04.2024).

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  • X-Plane 12 v12.09-rc-5 (upd.01.04.2024)

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    X-Plane 12 — is a realistic flight simulator created by airplane enthusiasts for the same dedicated flying car fans. Try yourself as a pilot of both civil airliners and military fighters. Immerse yourself in the subtleties of control and go through detailed training, and then hone your skills directly in the sky. Show off your talents and experience a range of unforgettable gaming experiences. The developers boldly call their project unique and they do not exaggerate at all, because this is the first game that conveys a realistic experience of flying and controlling an aircraft at the level of flight simulators. The players will have a real dashboard in front of them, not a simplified version of it, and you will need to master it thoroughly.

    This game has been updated 1-04-2024, 09:48 to the latest version v12.09-rc-5 (upd.01.04.2024).

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  • Supermarket Simulator v0.1.2.4 (upd.01.04.2024)

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    Supermarket Simulator puts you in the shoes of a retailer tasked with reviving abandoned grocery stores. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to breathe new life into forgotten stalls. First of all, assess the damage. Broken freezers? Leaky windows? Collapsing shelves? Throw away what’s irreparable and develop a repair strategy for the rest. Imagine a bright future filled with colorful products — this will become the basis of your renovation plan. Discover your inner designer! Design your store layout according to your vision. Bread from the bakery? Electronics next to the cash register? Decide for yourself. Customize your product selection to reflect your unique personality.

    This game has been updated 1-04-2024, 13:22 to the latest version v0.1.2.4 (upd.01.04.2024).

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  • Generation Zero v2725238 (upd.01.04.2024) all DLC - TENOKE

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    The real genius of Generation Zero lies in its sense of exploration and discovery. The world is brimming with hidden treasures, underground bunkers, and cryptic clues that reveal the secrets of this alternate history. The thrill of stumbling upon a cache of rare weapons or uncovering a long-forgotten document that sheds light on the past is a testament to the game’s depth and immersion. Avalanche Studios has also integrated a deep and dynamic progression system, enabling you to tailor your character’s abilities to suit your playstyle. Experiment with different weapons, skill sets, and gear to create a survivor that’s uniquely yours. Whether you prefer to engage in direct combat or take a more stealthy, tactical approach, the game accommodates your choices.

    This game has been updated 1-04-2024, 04:05 to the latest version v2725238 (upd.01.04.2024) all DLC.

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