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Trappist — Trappist-1 awaits you, which is located far from Earth. Here you can control your ark and mobile base at the same time. Explore every corner of the Solar System, engage in colonization and learn all the secrets of the Trappists in this exciting simulator. Once at your destination, you will immediately begin managing a mobile colony and a large shopping center. After all, this is a traditional story-driven colony in which you need to use resources efficiently and constantly build something. Of course, you won’t adapt right away, but that’s not a problem! But then you will have the opportunity to create and make several colonies prosper, meet alien creatures and learn all the secrets of the Trappist.

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  • The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria v1.2.0 (upd.06.04.2024)

    The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria is an exciting survival adventure game based on the universe of the English writer John Tolkien. The Misty Mountains posed a great danger with the onset of darkness, but as soon as the great evil retreated, the dwarves immediately returned to their abode in the hope of restoring Moria. Gimli has called on you and your brave brothers to return to the mountain system and find the long-abandoned habitats of your relatives. You have to prepare not only for a long wandering among the intricate underground cities, but also to face enemies entrenched in the depths, who, although they have lost the ability to see, have sensitive hearing and will not allow uninvited guests to easily enter their kingdom.

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  • Dark Age Build 13912907 (upd.06.04.2024) - TENOKE

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    Dark Age is the only online game about conflict immortal Vampires and ferocious Werewolves. Bloody and merciless confrontation between dark forces in a huge world full of challenges and incredible opportunities, will show your true essence. In Dark Age, the supernatural reigns supreme, and mysticism, Mysteries and blood magic permeated everything around. The time has come for darkness and only you and your friends will be able to change the fate of the entire universe by taking one of the dark sides. Werewolves Almost invulnerable, fast and fearless, sensitive to nature and do not fight off the Pack. Transformations are painful for them, but through suffering werewolves come to wisdom and unimaginable strength with which they opponents are very difficult to cope with. Vampires are incredibly powerful, but also beautiful and sophisticated.

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  • Bug Heroes Tower Defense Build 13940163 (upd.06.04.2024) - TENOKE

    Bug Heroes Tower Defense Game Free Download Torrent
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    Bug Heroes Tower Defense — control powerful heroes, unlock dozens of tower types, and build your perfect defense in an exciting mix of action, strategy, and tower defense. Own 10 insect heroes, each with their own playstyle, skills and weapons from the Assassin Spider to the Engineer Ant to the Worm Dismantling Expert and many more! Collect food and trash, build towers, level up your heroes and towers, install upgrades, and defend against enemies. Play in third person or from a higher perspective. An exciting mix of action, tower defense and pumping in RPG style. Stylized 3D graphics. A large single-player campaign covering an entire block of houses. Dozens of towers to unlock and experiment with build your defense as you see fit. Discover a unique world with interesting characters, each with their own play style, skills and personalities. RPG-style leveling with leveling up, upgrades, weapons and more. Huge variety of enemies to keep the gameplay intense. Take direct control of your heroes from a third-person camera or play like a traditional tower defense game with a classic top-down camera.

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  • Death Noodle Delivery Build 13938075 (upd.06.04.2024) - TENOKE

    Death Noodle Delivery Game Free Download Torrent
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    Death Noodle Delivery takes the concept further. You play as Jimmy, who is trying to make ends meet. The world around him is turning to shit, he can’t afford his own method of escapism, and the people around him can’t help because they’re in almost the same situation as him. Finally, the temp agency he signed up for gives him a job as a noodle boy, and if he can make it to the end of the week, he’ll finally get paid. Perhaps then he could buy more medicine to cope with the pain of existence. Making it to the end of the week is a difficult task. This is not only because delivering noodles is a thankless and dangerous job, but also because the world is throwing up the last few drops of vomit before she topples over and dies an ignominious death on the bathroom floor. war, financial crisis, disease, robot uprising every day it becomes more and more terrible.

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  • IRREVERSIBLE Build 13934341 (upd.06.04.2024)

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    In the depths of the digital abyss lies IRREVERSIBLE, a groundbreaking indie game that challenges players to confront the consequences of their actions in a world where every decision carries weight. Crafted by the visionary developer Viktor Mosenkov, «IRREVERSIBLE» plunges players into a mesmerizing labyrinth of moral ambiguity and existential quandaries, where the line between right and wrong blurs with each passing moment. Set in a dystopian future where society teeters on the brink of collapse, «IRREVERSIBLE» immerses players in a world ravaged by corruption, oppression, and unchecked technological advancement. As they navigate through the dark alleys and neon-lit streets of the city, they must grapple with the ethical dilemmas that arise at every turn, forced to confront the consequences of their choices in a world.

    This game has been updated 6-04-2024, 09:44 to the latest version Build 13934341 (upd.06.04.2024).

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  • Beyond Terra Build 13970402 (upd.06.04.2024) - TENOKE

    Beyond Terra Game Free Download Torrent
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    Beyond Terra — You and your crew crash land on an alien planet. Finding yourself in unknown territory with no guarantee of rescue, you must gather supplies to try to escape. Beyond Terra includes elements of survival gameplay and also gives players an end goal to work towards. To escape an alien planet, you must find a way to infiltrate a tall tower called a citadel and steal a spaceship to return to base.

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  • Horror of Victim Build 13966902 (upd.06.04.2024) - TENOKE

    Horror of Victim Game Free Download Torrent
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    Horror of Victim — a psychological horror game inspired by real events, in which players will go into the dark world of a kidnapper’s family. The main character wakes up in a house where her hijacker considers her part of his family. As she tries to escape the trap she finds herself in, she encounters various difficulties, as well as members of her captor’s family who may help her or become an obstacle on her path to freedom. Players can interact with family members as they try to unravel the mysteries of the house and uncover the family’s mysterious history.

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  • Feudums v0.5.3320 (upd.06.04.2024)

    Feudums Game Free Download Torrent
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    Feudums is a very unusual simulator, made like an exciting medieval strategy game. Featuring a unique «vassalage» system, full mod support, and compelling community-driven storytelling. Try to use diplomacy, economics and military in equal parts to eventually ascend the throne. In this rather diverse game, you can manage your own subjects, build entire cities, and even create a special banner-bearer alliance. Will you spend some money on professional warriors, or will you call on serfs from the fields? The choice is yours!

    This game has been updated 6-04-2024, 13:13 to the latest version v0.5.3320 (upd.06.04.2024).

    553 MB
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  • Purpose 1951 Build 13781257 (upd.06.04.2024) - TENOKE

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    Purpose 1951 is an almost pure walking simulator set in the United States in 1951. You play as a retired doctor whose life is falling apart. Prepare to embark on a journey through the wild and beyond, guided by narration and accompanied by enchanting music. Thanks to the use of Lumen and Virtual Shadow Maps technologies implemented in Unreal Engine 5, the game boasts stunning graphics. If you have an hour to step into the shoes of the dispossessed protagonist, immerse yourself in the visual and auditory feast.

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