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PERISH is an epic first-person shooter with an original visual style and rich co-op gameplay. You were doomed to wander between the human and other worlds halfway to Purgatory. Everything would be fine, but terrible creatures live among the ruins of the black sands, which have never reached the end point. You have to not only break through the crowds of opponents, but also prove your skills in practice. Take on difficult challenges, participate in life-or-death trials and become stronger with each battle. Demonstrate outstanding abilities and make your way to Elysium, because everything you have ever had is at stake.

This game has been updated 4-05-2024, 04:02 to the latest version v7430 (upd.04.05.2024).

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  • Escape From Mystwood Mansion v1.1.1 (upd.04.05.2024) - TENOKE

    Escape From Mystwood Mansion Game Free Download Torrent
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    Escape From Mystwood Mansion is a gripping and immersive gaming experience that beckons players into a mysterious world of intrigue and puzzles. Developed and published by Lost Sock Studio, this Adventure and Casual genre title emerged onto the gaming scene in 2023, promising an unforgettable journey filled with secrets, challenges, and the allure of escaping from a mansion shrouded in enigma. At its core, the game plunges players into the heart of Mystwood Mansion, an imposing and seemingly deserted estate with a dark history. As the protagonist, your objective is clear: unravel the mysteries that surround the mansion’s past and find a way to escape its clutches. The Adventure aspect of the game comes to life as players explore the mansion’s eerie halls, uncover hidden chambers, and solve a myriad of puzzles that guard the secrets within.

    This game has been updated 4-05-2024, 03:29 to the latest version v1.1.1 (upd.04.05.2024).

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  • Eresys v0.8.2 (upd.04.05.2024) - TENOKE

    Eresys Game Free Download Torrent
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    Eresys is a cooperative survival horror game inspired by the works of Lovecraft. Settled in the forest, the cultist camp has been performing rituals for many years in an attempt to open the Void Portal. After hundreds of attempts, they managed to do this, but such a rash act led to certain consequences, because all the participants in the event died, as did the inhabitants of the surrounding villages. You, along with your comrades, miraculously managed to survive amid the erupted chaos, and it seems that only you are able to stop the madness. Achieve common goals, otherwise you risk saying goodbye to life, and finally become witnesses to the destruction of all mankind.

    This game has been updated 4-05-2024, 03:29 to the latest version v0.8.2 (upd.04.05.2024).

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  • Homebody Build 13276009 (upd.04.05.2024) - TENOKE

    Homebody Game Free Download Torrent
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    Homebody, developed by the renowned Game Grumps, is an exhilarating action-adventure game that takes players on an unforgettable journey through a captivating and immersive world. In this indie gem, players assume the role of a courageous protagonist who finds themselves trapped in a mysterious realm and must overcome various challenges to uncover the truth and find their way back home. As a Homebody, players will delve into a beautifully crafted universe filled with secrets, danger, and awe-inspiring landscapes. The game seamlessly blends action-packed combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving, creating a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

    This game has been updated 4-05-2024, 03:22 to the latest version Build 13276009 (upd.04.05.2024).

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  • Zipps Cafe Build 13505336 (upd.04.05.2024) - TENOKE

    Zipps Cafe Game Free Download Torrent
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    Zipps Cafe is a story about a cafe in a city of animals, insects, and what you have to sacrifice to truly change your life. You will manage a coffee shop, which has become a real breeding ground for cops and criminals eager to drink a cup of aromatic coffee. Zipp’s Café offers you endless opportunities for growth. You will be able to improve your cafe, buy new equipment and a variety of ingredients for making coffee. Owning a business will present you with new challenges and opportunities every day.

    This game has been updated 4-05-2024, 03:34 to the latest version Build 13505336 (upd.04.05.2024).

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  • Roboquest v1.2.1 (upd.04.05.2024) - TENOKE

    Roboquest Game Free Download Torrent
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    Roboquest — is a fast-paced first-person shooter with elements of the roguelike genre. You will plunge into the world of the future, which is on the brink of destruction and will try to prevent the end of the world. Take on the role of a brave robo-warrior, who, after rebooting, decided to stand on the path of revenge and fight back all who dared to take the side of evil. It is worth noting the presence of both single and cooperative modes for two people, which will allow you to spend a great time in the company of a friend.

    This game has been updated 4-05-2024, 03:51 to the latest version v1.2.1 (upd.04.05.2024).

    7.95 GB
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  • ICARUS v2.2.1.122387 (upd.04.05.2024)

    ICARUS Game Free Download Torrent
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    ICARUS — is a cooperative survival game where you will have the opportunity to explore an unfamiliar world rich in resources. The place of action imposes a lot of restrictions, which makes the gameplay even more unpredictable and exciting. You will make landings on the planet in order to capture all kinds of resources and technologies. Each hike comes with a certain risk. The shuttle’s time on the surface is strictly limited, and in case of the slightest delay, the ship will leave the planet without you.

    This game has been updated 4-05-2024, 04:12 to the latest version v2.2.1.122387 (upd.04.05.2024).

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  • Osiris New Dawn v1.5.66 (upd.04.05.2024)

    Osiris New Dawn Game Free Download Torrent
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    The theme of survival is gaining more and more turns. The project called Osiris New Dawn — will take you to a huge cosmic world, where you will be able to keep yourself alive by any available means. The storyline will take you to the distant future, namely to 2046, where humanity has invented a certain technology that can at times surpass the speed of light. Now scientists decide to conquer the entire universe, exploring even the most distant and unexplored planets. You will be part of one of these teams that embarks on a long and very dangerous journey. Your task will go in search of the missing team, which suddenly stopped communicating. On the way to your goal, your intergalactic ship breaks down and you are forced to make an emergency landing. When you refuse on the spot, you understand that there is a huge amount of completely unfriendly life everywhere.

    This game has been updated 4-05-2024, 04:20 to the latest version v1.5.66 (upd.04.05.2024).

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  • Revive and Prosper v0.14.21 (upd.04.05.2024)

    Revive and Prosper Game Free Download Torrent
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    Step into a world of innovation and ingenuity in Revive and Prosper, a genre-defying gem developed by Mystiqular and released in 2023. This game, currently in Early Access, beckons players into a unique realm where casual gameplay, indie creativity, simulation intricacies, and strategic thinking converge for an experience like no other. Revive and Prosper introduces a fresh perspective to the gaming landscape, seamlessly blending genres to create a captivating and dynamic gameplay experience. Developed by Mystiqular, a studio known for its commitment to innovation, this game challenges players to embark on a journey of revival and prosperity in a virtual world teeming with possibilities. Visually, the game is a feast for the eyes, with vibrant and detailed graphics that bring the virtual landscape to life. Mystiqular has crafted an environment that not only showcases the potential for revival but also captures the essence of indie creativity. The art style is both charming and immersive, inviting players to explore and engage with a world ripe for rejuvenation.

    This game has been updated 4-05-2024, 05:42 to the latest version v0.14.21 (upd.04.05.2024).

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  • The Lost Village v1.16 (upd.04.05.2024) - TENOKE

    The Lost Village Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Lost Village is an immersive and captivating adventure game that combines elements of indie, RPG, simulation, strategy, and early access genres. Developed and published by FunYoo Games, this highly anticipated title is set to release in 2023, promising an enthralling experience for players. In The Lost Village, players embark on a thrilling journey to uncover the mysteries of an abandoned and forgotten village nestled deep within a lush and untamed wilderness. As the protagonist, you arrive at the village with the task of restoring it to its former glory and uncovering the secrets that led to its demise.

    This game has been updated 4-05-2024, 03:40 to the latest version v1.16 (upd.04.05.2024).

    3.65 GB
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