Asylum Nightmares Build 14910540 (upd.03.08.2024) - TENOKE

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In the game Asylum Nightmares, you find yourself in the role of a private detective who is assigned to investigate the disappearance of people in an old, abandoned mental asylum. Legends tell about the terrible experiments that were carried out in this place many years ago. As night falls, the building comes alive, revealing its dark secrets. You must survive among the ghosts of the past, solve numerous mysteries and uncover the truth about what really happened in this terrible place. With every step, new horrors open up to you, making you question your own sanity.

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The Colonists v1.9.2.1a

The Colonists Game Free Download Torrent
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The Colonists is an adventure dynamic game that was developed based on the popular board game. Here you have to take on the role of a professional colonizer, who in the future will create a multifunctional empire from scratch. You will face a number of problems, challenges and difficult tasks, the correct solution of which will lead you to success. You will become part of an incredible urban planning adventure, where you need to take control of a group of robots. It is your charges that will help you recreate your plans many times faster.

This game has been updated 3-07-2024, 10:44 to the latest version v1.9.2.1a.

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Backpack Battles v0.9.12b (upd.03.07.2024)

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Backpack Battles introduces players to a unique blend of strategy and adventure in the dynamic world of early access gaming. Developed by PlayWithFurcifer and published by PlayWithFurcifer in collaboration with IndieArk, this game is set to embark on its journey in 2024. In Backpack Battles, players dive into a strategic playground where they must navigate through challenging landscapes, utilizing their wits and tactical prowess to overcome various obstacles. The game’s early access status invites players to actively participate in its development, providing feedback and suggestions to shape the game’s evolution. As players embark on their journey, they must carefully manage their resources, plan their moves, and adapt to ever-changing environments. With each decision, players will experience the consequences of their choices, making each playthrough a unique.

This game has been updated 3-07-2024, 10:40 to the latest version v0.9.12b (upd.03.07.2024).

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IXION v1.0.7.0g (upd.03.07.2024)

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IXION puts the player in control of a space station as it travels through the stars. The background is that the Earth has ceased to fully support the life of mankind. In this regard, the remnants of the population are sent to the Tiqqun complex in search of a new home. The gamer will need strategic skills and the ability to see the whole picture without losing sight of anything. For the normal functioning of the station, it will be necessary to maintain the operability of all systems, control the distribution of energy and look for resources. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain a favorable attitude of the inhabitants. Newly awakened from cryosleep will require jobs and cabins.

This game has been updated 3-07-2024, 10:35 to the latest version v1.0.7.0g (upd.03.07.2024).

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The Wandering Village v0.7.9a (upd.03.07.2024)

The Wandering Village Game Free Download Torrent
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The Wandering Village — is an interesting city-building strategy game with an unusual plot. You have to find yourself in a world that is gradually dying under the influence of poisonous spores of unknown plants. The only salvation left for people is to settle on the back of a huge creature named Onbu, constantly wandering across the continents. It is here that you have to equip the settlement, taking the place of the leader. You will open the expanses of the post-apocalyptic world, which you will have to conquer for the sake of your own survival. People fleeing from the poisoned earth flock to Onbu.

This game has been updated 3-07-2024, 10:26 to the latest version v0.7.9a (upd.03.07.2024).

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Hero Siege v6.3.11.0 + all DLC

Hero Siege Game Free Download Torrent
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Hero Siege is a pixal bagel in which you select a hero and you go to free the kingdom of Tarethiel from creepy creatures getting out of hell. Only on you depends the fate of the whole kingdom and its inhabitants. Choose the type of hero for your fighting style, whether it’s a knight, a magician, a samurai, an assassin, an archer or whatever. From the chosen hero depends abilities that you can pump. If you like bloody battles at close range, choose, for example, the Viking, and if you like to act at a distance from the enemy, then take an archer or a magician. Your kingdom is plunged into darkness, it just teems with terrible creatures. Try to kill them as much as possible and do not forget to save forces on the bosses.

This game has been updated 3-07-2024, 10:24 to the latest version v6.3.11.0 + all DLC.

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Ladder it Up Build 14908495 (upd.03.08.2024) - TENOKE

Ladder it Up Game Free Download Torrent

In Ladder it Up, you play as an ambitious builder named Alex, who dreams of building the tallest building in the world. The story begins in a small town, where Alex receives the first task of building a simple house. With each new project and challenge, you rise higher and higher, literally and figuratively, in your career. Along the way, you’ll meet a variety of characters, each of whom add their own part to your adventure, from fellow builders to customers with unique requests. All of them help or, on the contrary, complicate your path to glory. Ladder it Up offers casual yet addictive gameplay with an emphasis on creativity, strategy and adventure.

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Tropico 6 El Prez Edition v1.22.1199 (upd.03.08.2024)

Tropico 6 El Prez Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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Tropico 6 El Prez Edition — is a strategy game that will give you the opportunity to become the wise ruler of your vast state. It will need to be developed and watched over every factor, every development. One of the main directions of this kind will be precisely the dictatorship on your part, where you will control absolutely everything that concerns your beautiful country. You have to plunge into the incredible world of strategy, and, of course, the development of events in the game will depend on what actions you take and what decisions you make. You need to do everything possible to ensure that your country becomes one of the most powerful in the whole world.

This game has been updated 3-07-2024, 11:11 to the latest version v1.22.1199 (upd.03.08.2024).

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