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Hells Little Story 2 is a platformer at its best. A mixture of different game mechanics, shooting, trying to escape from monsters and achievements — this game has it all. The main character is trying to get out of hell, and then from even more terrible places, and his faithful bow, a lot of gold coins and merchants will help him. But do not think that everything will be so easy, monsters, traps and intricate corridors will not give a moment’s peace.

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Rumu v2.0 - PLAZA

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Adventure puzzle Rumu on their own experience will show you that robots are also characterized by certain feelings, including uncomplaining love. The main hero of this game is a high-tech robot vacuum cleaner, programmed to maintain perfect cleanliness. Our hero moves freely in an ego-centric, cluttered up smart home, which is owned by a pair of David and Cecil. A robotic vacuum cleaner can move freely around a huge house consisting of several dozen rooms, including hiding places. Smart home is almost always empty, because the owners are busy at work. However, there is life in it, though not in a literal sense. During the absence of David and Cecily, Sabrina’s artificial intelligence runs the house, and a cat named Augustus and many other technological devices live in it.

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Wormster Dash - ALI213

Wormster Dash Game Free Download Torrent
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Custom solutions are able to turn even the most ordinary game into a small virtual masterpiece. So, from the genre of arcade games, no one usually expects big surprises. However, the creators of the new unusual game Wormster Dash, it seems, managed to pleasantly surprise users of mobile devices. The main trump card of this game is, of course, graphics: unusual, stylish and memorable, which allowed the game in the shortest possible time to acquire thousands of fans around the world.

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Sword Art Online Re Hollow Fragment - SKIDROW

Sword Art Online Re Hollow Fragment Game Free Download Torrent

The PC version of the popular game Sword Art Online Re Hollow Fragment, which until that moment was available only to owners of PS4 and Vita, was released. If you are an avid fan of a literary work of the same name, or rather an entire series of it, and closely followed the events that developed in the anime series, then in no case should you miss this game. It would not sound strange, but the events described in the plot unfold in a game that is inside the game. In other words, the main characters appear in the virtual universe of one very popular MMORPG in their world. One can get out of the virtual world only in one way: it is necessary to overcome all 100 levels of the maze tower, stuffed with traps and enemies of all kinds and types.

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Magicka v1.9.1.10 (Complete Collection) - SiMPLEX

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​Are you ready to dive into the fantasy world and save its inhabitants? The main character of the game Magicka is to fight with the evil sorcerer and his creatures-bloodthirsty monsters. Cleanse the once prosperous land from vile creatures, and for this, develop your magical abilities and look for allies. The game supports a cooperative mode for up to 4 people, but also there will be fun and solitary passage. Game Magicka is a kind of a parody of fantasy games, here are collected the most common cliches, as well as the presentation of the story is filled with fervent satire. A lot of attention is paid to creating various spells that help a lot when you are attacked by hordes of different monsters. In addition to the storyline in Magicka, there are other game modes, so that the player will definitely have something to do.​

This game has been updated 9-11-2018, 09:07 to the latest version v1.9.1.10 (Complete Collection).

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Absolver v1.24.478 (upd.29.09.2018) - CODEX

Absolver Game Free Download Torrent
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Absolver — a multiplayer role-playing game, dedicated to battles without weapons and with cold weapons, allowing you to use a variety of styles. The action takes place on the ruins of a fictional state Adal. The protagonist, and others, not just wanders through these lands, but is looking for opportunities to prove himself and become Absolver, or a member of the best squad under the command of those who now rule Adal. They have already given the challenger something extremely valuable — a mask that suppresses hunger, thirst and generally makes it almost immortal. But enough words — it’s time to fight! However, we got excited with the «time» — you can download the Absolver torrent not earlier than 2017.

This game has been updated 14-07-2019, 04:56 to the latest version v1.24.478 (upd.29.09.2018).

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Claybook v1.0 (upd.29.09.2018) - SKIDROW

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Claybook — quite unusual in its performance game in the genre of adventure. This project was presented in the form of a sandbox with physical elements. You get into a huge open world, which is completely made up of clay and is filled with a variety of puzzles, which are not so easy to solve. You will take over the offices of a few brave children who will solve all obstacles with the help of pieces of clay. The shape of such pieces can be changed the way you want, keeping the most diverse and unusual figures. All forms will have their strengths and weaknesses, and many of them will even have a special power. You will pass at once several chapters, each of which is endowed with rather complicated, and sometimes, impassable obstacles.

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Prodigy Tactics - CODEX

Prodigy Tactics Game Free Download Torrent

Prodigy Tactics — a fantastic computer game in the genre of tactics, which is gaining popularity among users. You get into a huge and endless world called TACIS, where there are a lot of races. Each of these races has a special mana that helps maintain their livelihoods. But the whole point is that the magical energy began to slowly disappear, and soon it will disappear completely, which will lead the whole planet to destruction. On the whole planet, fierce wars began for the remnants of the resource, everyone tries, whatever it takes, to get as much of this life-giving force as possible.

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Wildlife Park 3 Amazonas - PLAZA

Wildlife Park 3 Amazonas Game Free Download Torrent
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Cars, kitchen, space research — all this is good, but how about our smaller brothers? After all, when we are not there they are bored, and some representatives even starve. Someone has to take care of them while we are surfing the expanse of the universe. That’s why the game Wildlife Park 3 Amazonas is looking for the director and caretakers of the zoo, who will lovingly care for a variety of animals. You will plan a strategy for the development of the zoo. And with the latest game add-on you can also enter your dinosaur park! This complicates your management a little, because dinosaurs are always hungry and if you do not follow other animals, you risk losing them. Make sure that all wildlife representatives are happy.

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Catastronauts - HOODLUM

Catastronauts Game Free Download Torrent

Catastronauts is a cooperative arcade simulator of a spaceship. In the game, you and your friends will manage the crew of the spacecraft, consisting of four people, and coordinate the actions of team members to successfully shoot back from the enemies, extinguish fires, restore the work of generators and do much more. In Catastronauts, the inspiration from the modular spacecraft design in Heat Signature is felt, and the gameplay itself painfully resembles Overcooked.

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