Alien Shooter TD v1.3.0 - SKIDROW

Alien Shooter TD Game Free Download Torrent

Save the earth from the invasion of alien invaders. You are the commander of an elite unit of soldiers. Your task — to properly place the defense and stop the attack of enemy forces. Alien Shooter TD is a Tower Defense game based on the legendary Alien Shooter series. You are waiting for bloody and large-scale battles, where the corpses of enemies do not disappear, and by the end of the task they simply fill the map, giving the game realism. Train your soldiers, modify weapons, think through tactics — become invincible commander-in-chief and save the Earth!

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Evolution The Video Game v1.0 - PLAZA

Evolution The Video Game Game Free Download Torrent

Evolution The Video Game — nowadays, popular board games are becoming increasingly popular to switch to digital technology in order to attract more players and create a new way of playing. But instead of looking for a reputable developer to transfer their game, the guys from the North Star Games themselves decided to adapt their popular board game Evolution. They hired Scott Rencher, built the development department and started everything with Kickstarter. Creating a digital product with a new team can be a bit slow and risky, as the team can be rather inexperienced. Even if they have experience in games, it takes time to build cohesion in a team.

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Voidship The Long Journey v1.0.0.5 (upd.12.02.2019)

Voidship The Long Journey Game Free Download Torrent
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Voidship The Long Journey is an adventure game in the genre of action with bagel elements, where you have to go to conquer outer space. Here you need to show your strategic abilities, as it is very important to think out your plan of action in advance. You will create your own battleship, and then try to overcome all the tests. The game has its own history, which is associated with the ship. You will take on the role of captain, who will make very important decisions and carry out all sorts of missions to achieve this goal. Go on an exciting, but at the same time very dangerous journey, where you will meet with opponents and lead battles with rivals.

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Train Manager v20190212 - DARKSiDERS

Train Manager Game Free Download Torrent

Train Manager — an exciting strategy about the train, in which you will have to take the traffic interchange in your hands. It is necessary to apply a lot of forces so that the trains do not go as they please, because the system should work smoothly. Have you ever wondered why trains do not go as they want. Well, there is a good reason for this. You will need to view the station and prevent accidents. The main task of the player in this game is to avoid global accidents at the stations, in the process of moving trains from one point to another. Navigation Trains to success. The next thing you know, they are dying out because they all bumped into each other.

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Ancient Frontier The Crew v1.17

Ancient Frontier The Crew Game Free Download Torrent
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Ancient Frontier The Crew — this is another representative of this kind of video games, like turn-based strategies in a sci-fi setting. The user will go into the deep space of the distant future, where humanity has already with might and main mastered quantum leaps, teleports and more than a dozen planets colonized. As you progress through the game, the gamer will fully explore the worlds around him, explore the planets, meet representatives of different civilizations, make profitable alliances or make enemies, plunder space caravans, fight pirates and defend the borders belonging to his factions.

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Euclidean Skies v08.02.2019

Euclidean Skies Game Free Download Torrent
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Euclidean Skies — a game in the style of turn-based puzzle, where you have to go more than five dozen levels. The complexity of each stage will increase, which will make the game more interesting. Each level will introduce you to the main character, who is stuck and can not find a way out of this ill-fated place. You must help him in this difficult task, because the further he goes, the harder it will be to cope with the task. You will be engaged in a variety of actions that are closely related to the solution of secrets and puzzles.

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Insane Robots v1.14.00

Insane Robots Game Free Download Torrent
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Insane Robots is a step-by-step card game in the universe of robots. You will be waiting for an exciting campaign, designed for more than 15 hours of gameplay. At your choice, almost 50 different robots, which, moreover, can still be pumped. Your deck of cards can consist of 22 different cards, and during the battle you can use cunning and meanness, using burglary and malfunctioning. Your opponents are robots, and most of them are usual buggy pieces of iron — use this.

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SteamWorld Heist v2.1 Build + DLC

SteamWorld Heist Game Free Download Torrent
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SteamWorld Heist is a cool RPG game with strategy elements. Here you have to go to the conquest of justice with your team of brave warriors. Terrible cataclysms began to occur on your home planet, which forced the inhabitants to go on a space ship to a distant and very dangerous space, with the goal of finding a better life. The times are very hard and not everyone copes with a huge number of threats to life, therefore, very few people are left alive. You will be at the head of the pirates-robots who work on steam steam. Together with your team you will go to conquest, gradually destroying all rivals on your way. Your main task will be the robbery of all kinds of vessels that carry valuable cargo. As soon as production is in your hands, you can immediately sell it, in return for receiving good amounts of money.​

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Evil Bank Manager upd.09.12.2018 - PLAZA

Evil Bank Manager Game Free Download Torrent
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Evil Bank Manager is a game executed in the style of strategic modeling, where the development of events will completely depend on your actions. Here you have to gain authority in any way, and with it complete control over world money. You will take control of the Federal Monetary System reserve, and then you will dispose of the funds as you wish and see fit. Here you can make your dreams come true with regard to power and large sums of money. The game is presented to us as an exciting and most dynamic economic simulator, where you will enter into a fierce struggle for financial domination.

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The Settlers History Collection v31.01.2019 - Razor1911

The Settlers History Collection Game Free Download Torrent
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In honor of the 25th anniversary of the series, Ubisoft on November 15 released The Settlers History Collection for PC. The collection was prepared by the studio Ubisoft Blue Byte. It includes the History Edition of the seven games in the series, which include the content of the Gold versions with all the additions and improvements. Games are fully optimized for modern PC. Also, all seven games can be purchased separately. The Settlers History Collection is digitally available exclusively in Uplay.

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