The Escapists 2 v1.1.10 - PLAZA

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Again, it is not an easy task to get out of the most protected prison. In the game The Escapists 2, compared to the first part of the game, the prisons have become even stricter, the guards are smarter, but there are even more ways to escape. Of course, you, as before, need to create a character, tools for changing it now even more, change facial features, hair style, character traits and much more, and then go to jail, because you are a criminal. And every criminal wants to be released, and you want to do it in the shortest possible time, but remember that you can not devote all your time to developing a plan, you have to do everything secretly: go out to the construction, work, visit the dining room, gym.

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The Caligula Effect Overdose v20190314 - CODEX

The Caligula Effect Overdose Game Free Download Torrent
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The Caligula Effect Overdose is a remake of a popular RPG project released in 2016. The remake is somewhat different from the original, as it has gained better graphics and increased the campaign, which has become almost twice as large. Actions will send a player to Möbius. The plot tells that in the real world it became difficult for people to live, so they massively became hostages of a virtual prison. The past is left behind, so people are looking for a new refuge in the virtual world. Now the high school has become infinite, and the cycle of learning in it is repetitive.

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Flower Update 1 - SKIDROW

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In the game Flower, nature, which usually serves as a background for the development of the plot, comes to the fore, becoming, in some way, the main character of the game. The player is given the opportunity to escape from the stresses and excitements of everyday life and go on a journey through the colorful and picturesque world, admire its beauty and solve secrets. You are offered the role of wind. By controlling the flow of air, you can play flower petals. The objectives and route of travel vary with each stage, but they are all associated with flight and interaction with nature. Using the SIXAXIS wireless controller, the player directs the flight of petals and changes the world around them. Flower allows players to experience unique feelings and choose their rhythm of life. Sometimes calm and pastoral, and at times chaotic Flower game for the PS3 system takes you to an incredible interactive world, an equal to which you have not yet seen.

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Dungeons 3 Clash of Gods v1.5.7 - CODEX

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After the fall of Thanos in game Dungeons 3 Clash of Gods, the Absolute Evil finally triumphed. Players managed to fill the world with an atmosphere of horror, with which, however, the Goddess of Light disagreed to put up. The last battle is coming, which once and for all will determine the fate of the eternal confrontation. In the DLC Clash of Gods, gamers will discover a story campaign consisting of eight missions, a new mode for the cooperative, previously unprecedented enemies, even more deadly traps and more. This time, Evil and Good have reached maximum strength, so you need to find out which of them is steeper.

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F1 2018 v1.16 (upd.13.03.2019)

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F1 2018 is the official game of the championship of the same name, a racing simulator in which you can become a real racer, riding one of the high-speed race cars, famous throughout the world. Do you like speed, drive and adrenaline? Want to try your driving skills in the fastest sport? Then this game is created just for you. This is exactly what you need: speed, a huge number of cars, realism, tracks, in which racing legends set world records in 2018, drive, and adrenaline flowing in the river. The developers have done everything possible in order to create a really cool atmosphere. Here you and realistic race cars, and tracks, such as Hockenheim and Paul Ricard, and the spirit of rivalry, and championship races, and moreover, the developers have added even the opportunity to give interviews to journalists.

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SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy v1.02 - CODEX

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SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy — it is worth going through history just for the sake of virtual currency, which is used to buy cosmetic items. All the heroines have three suits standard is given for free, as well as a huge number of various accessories. Hats, coloring for faces, decorations on the back, trinkets for arms and legs — lovers of customizing the appearance of the characters can spend the whole evening to create the perfect version of all the heroines. Using this currency, you can unlock all sorts of images, and for the «plot» they will give unlimited access to all videos and sound files, but this is completely stupid content.

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Dont Escape 4 Days in a Wasteland v1.0.1

Dont Escape 4 Days in a Wasteland Game Free Download Torrent
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In Don’t Escape 4 Days in a Wasteland you witnessed a cataclysm that broke the moon. Now the Earth is no longer home to many. Most of the population died. You are left alone. What will you do in this situation? Go through the locations in search of life. Each time you will be disturbed, but you must not give up and, on the contrary, move towards your goal. Your future fate will depend on how you act. Try to make the right choice and reach the final. Moving further and further, it will seem to you that nothing can strike you. However, very soon you will realize that you were wrong, then hard times will come. After some time, you will realize that you are cornered and you have basically nowhere to run.

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Sonic Mania v1.06.0503 - CPY

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Sonic Mania is a return to the origins of one of the most iconic games. Before you, many loved Sonic with HD graphics in retro style. One of the best two-dimensional platformers of the company SEGA. You are waiting for the classic levels and, of course, most importantly, the spirit and drive of that Sonic, for which many spent their childhood. Run as fast as you have ever run! Sonic Mania is a return to the roots, this is exactly the Sonic that we loved. The company finally listened to the fans and created a quality product.

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39 Days to Mars v1.1.10.0

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39 Days to Mars is a cooperative adventure puzzle in the genre of steam-punk. Then you have to go on a very unusual journey to Mars, but not in modern times, but in the past, at the beginning of the nineteenth century. And first of all it would be worthwhile to say that the game process of this game is aimed primarily at the interaction of two players. By the way, there is also a single-player campaign, which would also be worth going through, but it will not demonstrate all the merits that the game as a whole is endowed with. Playing together, you can understand that everything that happens in this game, everything happens solely due to the interaction of two characters. By the way, we are talking in 39 Days to Mars about Sir Albert Weeks and Clarence Baxter, the researchers who were selected by her Majesty for an experimental flight to Mars.

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I hate this game - ALI213

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I hate this game — a logic game where you need attention and concentration to complete all the prepared tests. Each new level will be unique in its performance, and also a little more complicated than the previous one. This suggests that you will not be bored, but you should not forget to raise the level of skills. The tests will be difficult, but the second time is very exciting. You will take on the role of the real loser. He decides to spend time interesting and installs this game on his computer. He still does not know what difficulties he will face in the future. You will go to the unusual world of crazy puzzles that are able to bring any player to mind.

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