Nevaeh Build 5556663 (upd.20.09.2020) - Goldberg

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Nevaeh — is an indie action adventure game with puzzle, platforming and 2D elements. Take on the role of a little heroine who must return the light to her world, and for this she needs to get to the high tower. The story begins in a bright and calm village, in which all the lights go out one day. To help her fellow citizens, a brave girl decides to go to the Tower outside the city and sort out this situation. The problem turned out to be in the butterfly, which is the light of the whole environment. Now the paramount task of the heroine is to return this butterfly to its place and defeat the Queen of the Night.

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WWE 2K Battlegrounds Build 5558992 (upd.18.09.2020)

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Game Free Download Torrent
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WWE 2K Battlegrounds — is a cool WWE-inspired arcade fighting game. Here you will find crazy fights, fierce battles, legends of the ring, competitions and championships. Now battles are taking place all over the world, a global competition has begun, and you can take full part in it. Take a legendary fighter, one of many, and go to the arena, crush your opponents, destroy their reputations by kicking or knocking over the ring, and just have fun the way you want. Everything is possible in this game, there are no rules or restrictions, there are no special instructions or instructions you decide what to do, what techniques to use, how to create chaos in the arena.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 11:32 to the latest version Build 5558992 (upd.18.09.2020).

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Hot Lava Build 5564664 + Lord Sludge and Poizone - Goldberg

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Present to you an amazing and interesting novelty of the virtual world of entertainment — the game Hot Lava. In this development, you should never step on the surface, since the flow of red-hot lava will easily blow you. You have to constantly monitor the level of health of your character. We can say that health is the main element of this game. It will be extremely difficult to overcome the corridors, so you have to master new skills, as soon as in this way, you can successfully overcome all obstacles.

This game has been updated 19-09-2020, 13:38 to the latest version Build 5564664 + Lord Sludge and Poizone.

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Horizon Zero Dawn v1.05 (upd.18.09.2020) - CODEX

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The main character of Horizon Zero Dawn — is a girl named Aloy, a skilled hunter in a colorful and forested world inhabited by mechanized creatures. The plot invites you to learn more about this post-apocalyptic world and get answers to questions about what happened to a previously flourishing civilization and where dinosaur-like robots came from. Horizon Zero Dawn offers a colorful, huge open world with changing times of day and weather conditions that directly affect the gameplay. Fights with huge enemies are built on the dexterity and cunning of the heroine, because a fragile girl cannot compete in strength with multi-ton robots armed with futuristic guns.

This game has been updated 18-09-2020, 12:56 to the latest version v1.05 (upd.18.09.2020).

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Wingspan Build 5559459 (upd.18.09.2020) - Goldberg

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Wingspan — a pleasant and atmospheric card strategy in which you have to deal with the creation of a nature reserve and search for rare species of birds that live in different regions and in different conditions. In the story, you will play the role of an ornithologist, a person who studies birds, a collector and an observer, and you will have to start creating a real reserve. You can collect different birds in your reserve, learn more about how they behave, what they do, what they are special and stand out from other birds, and not only. Of course, everything sounds simple enough, but in reality you will have to face a bunch of different problems, each of which will make you nervous, think, and plunge into a series of tests. In general, it will be interesting.

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UnderMine v1.0.2.9 - Goldberg

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UnderMine is an adventure action game with RPG elements. Demonstrate your craving for wealth and a better life that can last forever and survive for generations. Act as an ordinary peasant who wants to get out of poverty and gain countless wealth. You have to survive the earthly path of your hero, after which all accumulated objects and skills will be transferred to the heir. Experience an exciting adventure again and again, gradually approaching the cherished goal. Overcome a lot of difficulties on the path to prosperity, make new discoveries and get ready to transfer the acquired skills further by inheritance.

This game has been updated 17-09-2020, 16:00 to the latest version v1.0.2.9.

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Vaporum Lockdown Build 5547810 (upd.16.09.2020)

Vaporum Lockdown Game Free Download Torrent
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Vaporum Lockdown — is a web-based Dungeon Crawler RPG in which you’ll have to descend into horrific dungeons, face multiple enemies, and immerse yourself in a series of horrific challenges and battles. The plot of the game revolves around a scientist named Ellie Teller, who is trying to survive in horrific conditions, getting into a series of battles, trials, and bloody events. Finding yourself in the middle of the ocean in the Arx Vaporum tower, which goes underground and into the sky, you will need to survive, along the way to solve the mystery of this tower and defeat Evil, but it will not be so easy. You will have to fight a lot, think, act, and more.

This game has been updated 17-09-2020, 16:47 to the latest version Build 5547810 (upd.16.09.2020).

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Dark Light upd.16.09.2020 - Goldberg

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Dark Light — is an action-platformer made in a sci-fi setting where you will be presented with an unusual and unique gameplay. Your hero embarks on an exciting and dangerous journey through the world of cyberpunk to face inexplicable phenomena and insidious monsters of post-apocalypse. Pick the right weapon and hit the road to demonstrate your valor and courage.

This game has been updated 16-09-2020, 03:50 to the latest version upd.16.09.2020.

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The Old House Build 5528488 (upd.15.09.2020) - Goldberg

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The Old House — is an interesting casual quest that will appeal to all lovers of quality puzzles and hidden objects. You need to complete all tasks in a small and cozy house to complete the level. The number of tasks is many and they are very diverse starting from ordinary actions and uploading to cunning riddles. But the main thing for you will be to find the keys to all the locked doors and restore electricity. It will not be very easy, as you have to strain your brains and apply logic to solve local puzzles, open combination locks and much more.

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Liege Dragon Build 5486716 (upd.15.09.2020) - Goldberg

Liege Dragon Game Free Download Torrent
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Liege Dragon — the most incredible adventures await you, while you will have to somehow find the tools of the Dragon of the Three Heroes, as well as resist the most powerful evil on the continent. Our main characters are a young guy and a princess, whose father was killed by the force of evil. The guy also suffered and lost his memory, now they will have to go on an exciting journey to find the tools of the Three Heroes. They will be needed in order to resist real evil and destroy it in a variety of ways. You have every opportunity to cope with hordes of enemies, take part in turn-based battles and solve more serious tasks.

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