COCKHEAD v1.0 (upd.27.11.2020) - DARKSiDERS

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The COCKHEAD project is an indie adventure game with action, simulation and platform elements. In this very trashy and strange adult game, you take on the role of a real penis who needs to go on a long journey. Get ready to plunge into an unforgettable style created by the handwork of talented artists and animators. All this is complemented by an unsurpassed musical accompaniment that will definitely please fans of jazz or just good music. The plot campaign will tell you a story that could have happened to each of us. As you know, from the first days of life, none of us has steel genitals with us, but in the course of life, various tests appear that temper the character and give those same steel personal belongings.

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DayZ v1.10.153576 (upd.26.11.2020) + Multiplayer

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The network game of survival in the framework of the post-apocalypse world. Tens of thousands of players from around the world take part in the unabating battles in the open spaces of numerous DayZ Standalone servers. Unlike the original game, this modification brings with it the story that the world was infected with some unknown disease that could not be cured. That is why many characters have now become real zombies and the living dead. The task of the player remains — to live another day and not to allow his transformation into a zombie.

Version of the game v1.10.153576 loaded 26.11.2020 + Multiplayer, completely identical to the activated licensed copy of the game on Steam.

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Factorio v1.0 + ModPack - CODEX

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Recently, it has become fashionable to call games with the freedom of action sandbox, and so, Factorio is a huge 2D sandbox in which you need to explore a whole planet. Arrange a new planet for settling earthly inhabitants. In the game you need to extract resources, produce the necessary components and supply them for war with the aliens. Your task is to equip the base, establish logistics and, on the whole, organize the invasion of a new planet faster than your enemies. If you like games in which the emphasis is on skillful economic management, then the Factorio game should be exactly installed on your computer.

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Paw Paw Paw upd.21.11.2020

Paw Paw Paw Game Free Download Torrent
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Paw Paw Paw — is an unusual adventure action game in which you have to plunge into an unpredictable world and try to cope with evil once and for all. Take on the role of the main character a brave and fearless warrior who stands on the path of revenge and will do everything possible to destroy the main opponent an evil and tyrannical king. The storyline is as simple as possible, but at the same time it retains a lot of secrets, which are not so easy to solve. We go to the vastness of a small kingdom, where, until recently, the inhabitants enjoyed life.

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House Flipper Cyberpunk Build 5852459 (upd.20.11.2020)

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House Flipper Cyberpunk — even the construction sim has gone cyberpunk. The inevitable theme of 2020 was cyberpunk, and now it’s here to expand the relevance of House Flipper. A simulator about cleaning and repairing dirty houses for selling them for a profit. The House Flipper Cyberpunk DLC is free and lets you clean up and flip an apartment that used to be owned by a hacker in the grim city of Neo Tokyo. It contains over 60 cyberpunk items such as a dataprince’s chair, a variety of netrun cabinets, and a neon sign that reinforces the genre’s most important theme. There is also cybernetic leather for your hands, so while you wash, paint or whatever, you can pretend to be a cyborg.

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Football Tactics and Glory upd.20.11.2020 - Goldberg

Football Tactics and Glory Game Free Download Torrent
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Football Tactics and Glory — game with a view from above, performed in the genre of football simulator. This project is designed for step-by-step passage, where your success will depend on the success of the football team. Try to choose the right tactics to become the best in your business. SchA every player you need to carefully monitor, improving his skills and abilities in the game. If something goes wrong, you can easily replace the unsatisfying player with a more professional one. You are waiting for a lot of different teams, one of which you must spend up the career ladder. You must think about all aspects of the activity, including the whole season, correctly distributing the duties and training of your athletes. Always think about the benefits and benefits of the team. Try first how to train newcomers, and only then release them on the field for the game.

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American Truck Simulator Colorado v1.39.2.0 - CODEX

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An add-on for American Truck Simulator that adds a new territory to Colorado. This is a huge area with mountains and picturesque national parks. For heavy haul fans, routes and missions await in the Colorado State of Colorado, also called American Switzerland. Territories here are diverse high dunes, dense forests, rivers and lakes, desert valleys and many rocky mountains. Work on the Colorado expansion is going on at the same time as the Idaho DLC. And both add-ons will be released with a gap of several months: first «Idaho», then «Colorado».

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SnowRunner v10.1 (upd.16.11.2020) - CODEX

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Get ready to plunge into a new chapter of adventures on powerful SUVs. The SnowRunner — game project, is ready to give you a unique opportunity to drive a powerful truck and go to conquer places with severe climatic conditions. You will be able to use more than forty types of equipment, ranging from Ford and Freightliner models to Chevrolet. Make your contribution to this unbridled and open world. Here you will encounter mud, heavy rains, heavy snowfalls and icy lakes. And all this will need to be overcome in order to fulfill the assigned tasks.

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SnowRunner Season 2 Explore and Expand v10.1 - CODEX

SnowRunner Season 2 Explore and Expand Game Free Download Torrent
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SnowRunner Season 2 Explore and Expand — update available for download. Start your motors, gentlemen. Now you can decorate your favorite truck with stickers and install a figurine on the hood. The novelty appears in the garage of Season Pass holders. The second phase of the update contains the new Canadian region Yukon, where snow-capped valleys, dangerous mountain rivers, treacherous mud pits and exciting new tasks await us. We have to work on this frontier, and be engaged in the extraction of raw materials and use the new mechanics of collecting cargo for the construction of the largest processing plant. In addition, new vehicles will be added, including the CAT 770G, one of the largest trucks in the game at the moment. There will also be new accessories to modify existing vehicles, including exclusive skins, hood ornaments and exterior decals.

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Farming Simulator 19 Alpine Farming v1.7.1.0 (upd.14.11.2020) - CODEX

Farming Simulator 19 Alpine Farming Game Free Download Torrent

Farming Simulator 19 Alpine Farming — The main innovations of the DLC will be a map called Erlengrat, inspired by the Alpine region, as well as more than 30 types of real agricultural equipment and tools from various brands. Dive into the vast mountain meadows of the Alps. The Alpine Farming extension for Farming Simulator 19 allows you to set up your farm on a completely new map, inspired by the idyllic landscape of the Alpine region in Europe. Welcome to Erlengrath. New brands and over 30 new cars are also presented. Including Rigitrac SKH 150, Aebi CC 66 and Aebi TT 281+, Lindner Unitrac 122 LDrive, Pöttinger IMPRESS 125 °F PRO and more. See the full content overview below.

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