Revita v0.1.1 (upd.03.12.2020)

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Revita — is a fast-paced, action-RPG roguelike action platformer in which you must climb a sinister clock tower to reclaim your lost memory. Over time in Revita you will acquire a bunch of useful skills, you can slide along walls, shoot, and more. And the further you go, the more abilities you can unlock. But know your every adventure will be new, unique, because the rooms. monsters, rewards and everything else is procedurally generated every time you die. Hit the road and most importantly, try to get to the top of the tower.

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Drake Hollow v1.0 (upd.02.12.2020) - CODEX

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In game Drake Hollow, the gamer, together with other users, will join forces to defend the peaceful people — Drakes. These creatures, whose numbers are rapidly declining, resemble vegetables and are powerless against the enemy. In survival, the user is engaged in researching the environment, collecting resources, fighting against the enemy monsters, and building villages. The action takes place in Drake Hollow, where a simple and harmless people live. Drakes have lived here for many centuries, but wild beasts appear in the Hollow, wanting to seize territory and capable of tearing everyone in their path. The locals are hungry, thirsty and lacking places to sleep.

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Spelunky 2 v1.19.0a (upd.02.12.2020)

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Spelunky 2 — is a long-awaited sequel to the first part that many liked. A completely unique roguelike platformer will delight you. It was created by the developer Derek. Release confirmed in 2020. At the moment, two platforms are under consideration. It is likely that others will be envisaged. But they will only be usable after the initial release. Players will embark on an exciting journey deep underground. You will be actively exploring various amazing places. They are filled with treasures, cunning traps and secrets. This time you become Anna Spelanki.

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Academia School Simulator v0.4.62c

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Academia School Simulator is an American school building simulator. You must act as a director, designer, architect, and manager at the same time, and your main task is to create an effective and prosperous school. Start from the smallest, build a building and divide it into rooms of different sizes, distribute the rooms and decide in which room and what will happen. At first it will be hard for you, but after a few tens of minutes you will understand that the construction of the school itself is nothing compared to managing it. Here you will have to face new problems, each of which will spoil your life considerably.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 11:51 to the latest version v0.4.62c.

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Project Wingman v1.0 (upd.01.12.2020) - CODEX

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Project Wingman — a new and very realistic fighter flight simulator in which you can ride with the wind and feel the wind under the wings of your fighting bird. It is noteworthy that this game was made by only one person, which means that it has a lot of time, since there is time to sit at the computer for hours. Before you simulator of air battles, which you will conquer alone, fighting with the artificial intelligence of the enemy. Different planes and types of weapons, different missions and air locations. The game is developed and updated regularly, let’s follow its progress together. New exciting battle arch, which was provided by independent developers and the main bias is made directly to the fun and extremely sophisticated gameplay. You have to sit at the helm of a combat aircraft and go to the heroic air battle with opponents in the form of a computer or real players.

This game has been updated 1-12-2020, 16:50 to the latest version v1.0 (upd.01.12.2020).

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Twin Mirror v1.0 (upd.01.12.2020) - CODEX

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Twin Mirror — is a narrative adventure game in which we have to play as a man of about 30 years old, his name is Samuel. His friend had a heart attack, and now we have to return to his hometown of Basswood, on the outskirts of West Virginia, in order to be at the funeral. Only now, not everything is so smooth, at night, in a hotel, he wakes up in someone’s blood, even worse, he cannot remember what happened last night. As with most narrative adventure games, the gameplay focuses on exploration, dialogue, and various mysteries. The city and its inhabitants hide many secrets that are gradually revealed during the game. Interestingly, the game takes place not only in the physical world. As Samuel tries to retrieve his memories, players haunt his mind, his abstract reality offering new challenges for history and exploration. Twin Mirror story is highly non-linear. The player’s decisions form the relationship between him and the other characters.

This game has been updated 1-12-2020, 12:58 to the latest version v1.0 (upd.01.12.2020).

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Nigels Journey A Working Day v1.01c (upd.30.11.2020) - SKIDROW

Nigels Journey A Working Day Game Free Download Torrent

Nigels Journey A Working Day — is a shooter and action game developed by Maestro Creations for the PC platform. A script designed by gamers for gamers. This is why the working day will surprise you. Villains will never appear twice in the same place. However, you will have to be very careful not to get shot or blown up. You also need to be mindful of your surroundings to spot enemies. The environment in the game belongs to the fantasy style, and features include indie action, violence, first person shooter, shootem up, first person.

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Tamarin upd.29.11.2020 - SKIDROW

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Tamarin — is a 3D action game in which the events unfold in a beautiful rainforest with colorful fauna and flora. The cutest monkey from the ancient family of tamarins lives there. After all, it was he who decided to protect his family from insects that storm his house and destroy the family. Due to the constant raids and attacks of an ever-growing army of insects, the world of his ancestors is polluted and collapsed. To protect your family, and to protect the offended and oppressed inhabitants of your world. You need to focus as much as possible on expelling aggressive insects from your world, jump like tamarins, use the delights of the 3D world, let your enemies fight.

This game has been updated 29-11-2020, 16:29 to the latest version upd.29.11.2020.

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This is the Zodiac Speaking upd.28.11.2020 - CODEX

This is the Zodiac Speaking Game Free Download Torrent

This is the Zodiac Speaking — is a dynamic detective adventure that conquers the gaming world and allows you to have a great time in your free time. Events reveal to us about the already popular personality, nicknamed the Zodiac, who is a creepy and merciless serial killer. You will take on the role of the main character a journalist who is faced with a not very pleasant situation. It was the most ordinary day when you get a call on your phone. Having picked up the phone, you realize that a serial killer is waiting for you on the other end of the line, who is now a real threat to life. Our hero does not intend to put up with his fate and is ready to do everything possible to survive.

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Nexomon Extinction upd.28.11.2020 - CODEX

Nexomon Extinction Game Free Download Torrent
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Nexomon Extinction — is a classic game about catching and taming monsters in which you have to go on a crazy adventure, catch monsters, nexomons, train them, and much, much more. The game takes place in an unusual fantasy world in which a tyrant Nexomon is trying to conquer and enslave the world. He longs for dominion not only over monsters, but also over people, and he needs at all costs to prevent the achievement of his goals. Well, you will just play the role of someone who can resist him. You will take control of a boy, an ordinary boy who had to leave his shelter and hit the road. Now the whole world is at his and your disposal.

This game has been updated 28-11-2020, 11:09 to the latest version upd.28.11.2020.

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