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A game project My Friend Peppa Pig is a fun game based on the popular childrens TV series. Here players will be able to form their own hero, plunge into a perky adventure with Peppa the pig. Gamers will visit iconic locations and will be able to talk with their favorite characters from the series. You can also meet the main character’s family, parents and brother George, who will help you in your search for Daddy Pigs lost glasses. Moreover, you will be looking in a variety of places. If little adherents of the cartoon want to jump with the whole family in the puddles or just have fun while passing the time, then go to our game storage.

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  • The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes upd.22.10.2021 - FLT

    The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes — is the third part of the franchise, the events of which will send users to the territory of Iraq during the armed conflict in 2003. A special task force, joined by experienced operative Rachel King, is sent to investigate a distant underground facility. It is located somewhere on the mountain slopes, and according to intelligence data, chemical weapons are being produced here in secret from all observers. The reason for the foreign invasion was the statement about the development of weapons of mass destruction, so the government instructs a special forces detachment to deal with the object.

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  • Agent Intercept v4.1 (upd.22.10.2021) - CODEX

    Agent Intercept Game Free Download Torrent
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    Agent Intercept — take control of the Scepte stylish, upgraded car-transformer, equipped with the latest spy gadgets to control, drift and challenge death by land, air and sea. Feel like a superagent, again and again rescuing the day from threats inspired by the best action movies and spy fiction, and then increase them to 11. The vile criminal organization CLAW is back with a mysterious new leader, armed with an army of vehicles and experimental technology. But a stable agency has a secret weapon. As the driver of the new Scepter, you will break into hidden lairs, fight incredible bosses and reveal the secrets of the devil’s conspiracy before he becomes a threat to the world. Use gadgets, transforms and help your heroic allies from the Agency to save the situation stylishly.

    This game has been updated 22-10-2021, 04:04 to the latest version v4.1 (upd.22.10.2021).

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  • Human Madness v1.0 (upd.22.10.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Human Madness Game Free Download Torrent

    Human Madness — is a shooter and action game developed by The One for the PC platform. Weapons customization is currently in the game 11 weapons, but we are working to add more soon, customizing the character set are different types of fabric. The weapon system can shoot behind walls, bullet damage will be reduced depending on the wall material. System II is very advanced, they can move in sight and sound. Game mode you can choose one of two factions of police and rebels and play in a team match of death. The environment in the game belongs to the stylistics of modernity, and the features can be distinguished as follows: action, role-playing action, battle royale, first person shooter, first person, dark, character customization, combat, adventure for several players, role-playing game, strategy, mmorpg, shooter, action adventure, hero shooter, tactical role playing game, third person shooter, military conflicts.

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  • No Straight Roads Build 7527205 (upd.21.10.2021) - FLT

    No Straight Roads Game Free Download Torrent
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    The developers promise a musical game from No Straight Roads without slipping into a rhythm title. Taking as a basis the mechanics of turning environmental objects into weapons with the help of music, the authors change the gameplay literally on the fly: hard rock quickly changes to popular music, and then abruptly turns into a dance beat. In the story, rock musicians come into conflict with a powerful record company. On the side of the latter are the producers and the signed labels. Our heroes will have to lead the enemy out into the open, showing what power real music has.

    This game has been updated 21-10-2021, 12:24 to the latest version Build 7527205 (upd.21.10.2021).

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  • The Darkest Tales upd.21.10.2021 (Prologue)

    The Darkest Tales Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Darkest Tales — is an action platformer where you enter the land of the darkest and scariest fairy tales. Your hero, cute teddy bear Teddy, must find his mistress here. Little girl Alicia accidentally found herself in this world of nightmares, and now she was captured by terrible monsters. Go in search of your girlfriend, exploring the surrounding locations. You will have to face all your worst dreams. You will see in reality the monsters come to life, who came from nightmares. You will have to fight monsters using any available items as weapons.

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  • Hot Wheels Unleashed Update 2 (upd.20.10.2021) - CODEX

    Hot Wheels Unleashed Game Free Download Torrent
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    Hot Wheels Unleashed — a racing game will become another part of the beloved series of the same name. In the new game, the user will be able to enjoy a wide collection of cars from the Hot Wheels universe, as well as customize them to turn ordinary gameplay into a unique experience. In addition to the multiplayer available in the game with races for up to 12 people, the user will be able to arrange a competition with a friend in a split screen mode. Despite the fact that each track in the game is unique and difficult in its own way, the user will be given the opportunity to create his own. It will be possible to change not only the coverage, but also the environment.

    This game has been updated 20-10-2021, 11:36 to the latest version Update 2 (upd.20.10.2021).

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  • Tinytopia v1.1 (upd.20.10.2021) - CODEX

    Tinytopia Game Free Download Torrent
    CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    The Tinytopia project is an indie city-building simulator combined with casual game, strategy, management, as well as three-dimensional graphics. Just imagine that you have the opportunity to get into a miniature world created by your own hands. Here you can use amazing toy buildings to perfectly design your settlement. Build a quaint town and turn it into a real metropolis. Plan everything well from the very beginning, and only then start to implement it all and create a truly functioning place that can attract hundreds and thousands of potential citizens.

    This game has been updated 20-10-2021, 16:57 to the latest version v1.1 (upd.20.10.2021).

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  • Dual Souls The Last Bearer v1.0 (upd.20.10.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Dual Souls The Last Bearer Game Free Download Torrent

    Dual Souls The Last Bearer — this project provides you with the most complete and fun cycle of adventures that can be spent online and be the best in this topic. Perfectly smooth animation, colorful graphics, and professional fighters along the entire front. Each of them received a unique and completely new style, the course of the battle and, most importantly, the moves. The game will be able to provide you with a large number of crazy features that will help you move forward confidently. All that remains is to create your own fighter, experience a unique travel mode and experience all the most interesting possibilities.

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  • Into the Pit v1.0 (upd.19.10.2021) - DOGE

    Into the Pit Game Free Download Torrent
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    Into the Pit — is a dynamic first-person shooter with roguelike elements set in a fantasy world. The gamer is one of the family members involved in mystical rituals. They constantly go on journeys to find strange anomalies and valuable artifacts. With their help, you can engage in the study of new magical abilities and occultism. One day, our character’s sister discovered a rather strange settlement, from which dark forces escaped. The sky has turned into an unnatural color, and the monsters feel at ease in the city. But it so happened that she disappeared, and the main character comes to the city to figure out what really happened. A rather rich storyline and different gameplay will open before gamers. The main character is a very strong sorcerer, so he can use his magical talents to eliminate a large number of rivals.

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